May. 3rd, 2014

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My week has been pretty good. Still no word on the possible job prospect. I had to skip my volunteer gig because I had to wait for a dishwasher repair guy. Who was supposed to arrive between 8-12 and got here at 1:30... at least I got 15% off the bill for his tardiness.

Most of the week, I beat the heat by sitting under a fan dual-boxing World of Warcraft. I can't say I accomplished anything beyond life maintenance and self-soothing. But hey, I got out of bed, didn't spend a lot of money I don't have and cooked yummy food like pot roast (local grass fed beef) in the crock pot (which puts out amazingly little ambient heat). We're back into the 70s instead of the 90s and the community Beltaine tomorrow may actually be chilly. Crazy weather.

Russell and I decided not to get up early and go to the Baylands for Morris Dancing this year. It is kinda weird not to have gone but we did have a lovely Walpurgasnacht date and were feeling the energy. *grin*

So last year a group I'm in did Trickster Beltaine pledges and I was just looking at mine to see how it manifested in my year... or not. I'm still unemployed but I do think I've been pretty centered. I think I will keep my Manifesto going for the coming year too.

Trickster Beltaine pledge - Manifesto of Dedicated Devotion
I, Rowan/Rosmairta/Rosz, am dedicated to compost past patterns and live in the most open and flexible way. I am open to the possibility of passionate vocation. I acknowledge that I have capabilities, qualities, and skills that can carry me through all my successes, disappointments, delights and traumas with aplomb and a dedication to openness, kindness and harmony.

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