Apr. 19th, 2009

rowanf: (Road to Hell)
So my laptop is at home in the shop. They gave me a loaner but it was a rather old and small laptop and couldn't run anything but a browser... so instead of bringing it to NYC we brought Russell's laptop. Which has now failed. /headdesk Waaaaaaaaah!

In other disappointments we had bought ahead two New York Passes which paid our way or gave us discounts to various attractions... and was supposed to keep us from standing in line. Russell is quite sure he packed them both (and dear [livejournal.com profile] mr_kurt has checked the drawer at home for us without success). Presumably it was lost with the TSA tossed his bags... but we have only one NY Pass. So lines here we come. *sigh* And $90 wasted.

Today we went up in the Empire State Building which entails almost as many lines as a top Disneyland attraction. There is quite a nice view though and I loved the marble interiors. Imagine having fancy marble on all the floors and not just the lobby.

We went up to the Carnegie Deli for lunch but the line was around the block and we wound up at Lindy's across the street. It was fine but I imagine we will have to brave Carnegie another time.

The production of Avenue Q was great fun and both of us enjoyed our matinee. The seats were tight but not as bad as the Orpheum where I saw it in SF. Yay, Russell got to see Avenue Q! After the play we went to Sardi's and had a drink. Expensive but very New York feeling.

Russell went off to try and catch sunset over the Brooklyn Bridge and I wandered a market that had sprung up near Times Square. There were many booths of ethnic food and I grabbed an empanada, a corn fritter with mozzerella and a fried plantain for dinner. Yum!

Then I came back and found the computer dead. I finished my book and took a nap. When Russell got back we went down the street to a Rosie O'Grady's pub and had a drink. Now we are in the Business Center at the hotel checking our respective email. Did I say waaaaah!?

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