Apr. 12th, 2014

rowanf: (fox woman anime)
It has been a pretty good week or so. I'm not sure why my mood is better but it mostly has been. I started a daily practice of stretching and singing along with music for at least five minutes (2-3 songs) a day. Gah, I really need more exercise in my life. But its a start. Our circle last night was for bringing Jupiter's bounty out of the dreaming of Pluto, jumping on the energy of the blossoming year. It was really lovely. I still can't believe I did something to my other elbow at Ostara. Having tricksy tendons is a bummer.

I continue to apply for jobs that don't ever contact me. I wonder if I'll ever feel employable again. I'm really enjoying my one day a week volunteer stint though. And since this week's jobs are mostly in San Francisco I admit to being conflicted about whether I *want* them to call me.

And I'm watching a tv show called Fringe on Netflix streaming that I'm really enjoying. I had never heard of it but Netflix recommended it and I'm at like season 4 and still totally hooked.

In just a few days I'm off to Santa Barbara for my second tattoo session with Pat Fish. I'm madly excited about it. We'll do the flowing tails of the owl phoenix this time.

Pagansing on Tuesday night before I go. My singing voice just isn't reliable since the thyroid surgery. I'm grateful that my friends still want to sing with me even in my current voice. I really value the singing and community it brings.

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