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We got up and took the bus up to Museum Mile and visited the Museum of New York, hoping it would be like the Museum of London or Amsterdam and actually be a city history museum. It wasn't so much, but there was a Henry Hudson exhibit on for the 400th anniversary of New Amsterdam and that was very cool. There was only one mention of New Sweden. It said Peter Stuyvesant took over the "upstart colony"... somehow I doubt that is how my ancestors would have put it! There was a great exhibit on the fashion designer Valentina and a nice collection of someone's series of paintings of wrought iron railings on front porches. That was very much cooler than the description makes it sound. *grin*

Russell took off for his work visit to Popular Photography and I went down to the Met for the 1:45 tour of costume through the ages in art. We looked at everything from Greek statues, to Eskimo parkas to a French princess in panniers to high fashion in several other European eras. The tour guide opined often that there was nothing new in fashion. It was fun and I mentioned the Valentina exhibit in case anyone was into haute couture. I wandered around some but was fairly footsore by now and headed back to the hotel. It is now about 4pm and we will probably go to the Cuban restaurant down the block for dinner in a bit.

All this holiday making is quite wearing!

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