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The day dawned rainy and cold, letting out the moning plan of a walk in the park. So, after breakfast, we took a bus over to the United Nations. We were planning on meeting Michelle later so we didn't do a tour but viewed several exhibits displayed there. I esp. liked Visions of Rwanda Photo Project which featured photographs documenting the lives of genocide survivors and perpetrators alike taken by these individuals. It was very moving and a wonderful project. The other exhibits were one on African drums and one on land mines. I had thought there was an exhibit on the history of WHO but we didn't find that one.

We got a call from Michelle and thought their arrival was imminent so we headed off to catch a bus to the Onassis Center but it turned out they were really just in Queens and figuring out trains. We went to lunch at City Lobster which was quite nice. I had baked oysters and steak and key lime pie (prie fixe) and Russell had corn-encrusted salmon. We eventually joined Michelle and her friends at the wonderful exhibit at the Onassis Ctr on Women in Ritual in classical Greece. They had an amazing collection, mostly of vase paintings but also statues and other artefacts showing women in the religous life of antiquity. It was all very quiet with guards watching over you so we didn't visit alot in our viewing. When we left we talked about going to coffee but Michelle wanted to see St Patrick's Cathedral across the street and by the time we had done that she thought perhaps she and her friends should take off. So much for a visit that we warped our entire day around being available for. *shakes head* Oh well. We were obviously old farts and no draw compared to the handsome young man she had along.

By now the skies were pouring buckets and I decided I had had enough for the moment. I'm soaking wet and on my way up to the room to put my feet up for awhile. Russell went off to look for the transit museum.

The ergonomics (!) of this biz ctr to not encourage long sessions. :)
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