Apr. 28th, 2011

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Two days we went out to Murano. The first we wandered the street shops and the second time we went to the Glass Museum. I also went to a couple factories that make chandeliers but (a) didn't find exactly what I wanted and (b) can't really feature paying 6,000 euroes (or more) on a chandelier. But it would look fine in our dining room! And it makes me want to take a lampwork bead class sometime. I realy do just love glass.

The Glass Museum's collection traces the history of glass from first century Roman glass up to various modern Murano designers. It is pretty cool. There are classic styles since throughout and then contemporary styles that change with time. There were hardly any of the milleflore pieces that we think so characteristic of Murano.

Our last night in Venice I realized that I had been eating lots of parma ham and veal but that I hadn't had a single Adriatic fish. So after a false start to a restaurant that was closed Thursdays (the closing days are very non-uniform in Venice) we asked the concierge and went off looking for his recommendation. After walking around for way to long we just picked a place. The weird thing about Venice is that there are 2-3 restaurants per block and they all have one of two menus. I sincerely hope that once you get out of the city centre that changes or the locals must have a very limited diet. Anyway, we split a bottle of Soave and I had a starter of lovely, garlicy scallops (I think it is the first time I got a scallop that still had its feet on) and a main course of Adriatic sea bass. It was quite lovely and very Venetian.

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