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What a great, whirlwind week it has been. Let's see. Last Wednesday I had lunch with Chris C. Hadn't seen him in ages and it was nice to catch up. Then on to the dentist for teeth cleaning (I don't mind).

Thursday I went to a suicide prevention talk at the SiVIC Religious Leaders Forum. The guest speaker was Elena Tindall, the Suicide Prevention Coordinator for Santa Clara County. They put out an annual report on suicides in the County and they offer training in how to talk to people about suicide and about plans to kill themselves. It was interesting that Ms. Tindall was coming out of a Mexican Catholic background and so saw a lot of stigma around suicide that I don't think exists in our community. I may do their online training and SiVIC will probably sponsor more trainings on this issue.

Friday Nette brought over the various props from Beltaine to store in my basement for the year and then we went out to lunch. Then I picked up Russell and we went to Costco and got salmon for Tuesday dinner. I'm glad to have a Costco membership again.

Saturday was the 11th Annual Pagan Festival and Parade in Berkeley. This year's theme was "Paradigm Shift" and the 2012 Keeper of the Light was T. Thorn Coyle. I worked the info booth from 10 to noon and then marched with the Northern Californai Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess and the Gardnerian Wica contingent in the parade. Ouch, they told me it was going to be shorter than that. My body totally rebelled so I spent the next hour or so flaked out on the grass watching the Keeper of the Light passing of the light ritual and a bunch of fine acts lying down. It was a really sunny day but my SPF 70 sunscreen did the trick again. Russell and Liza went off to ride the merry-go-round and hike in Tilden Park and David and I headed off to Dogwood, David's daughter Lexi's bar in Oakland. She makes a lot of her own charcuterie and is going to open a deli soon nearby. I had one of the best Manhattans I've ever drunk and a very nice plate of sausages, cheeses and pickles/olives to tide us over for dinner. So yummy! And David delivered some condiment boxes he had made for the bar. So good errands run all around. Good cooking runs in the family, for dinner David made a lovely eggplant and sausage and spinach stirfry.

Sunday had most of the usual World of Warcraft madness. Falkenrath Knights ran a dungeon. Then David and I played our baby paladins. Then I went to Jae's Ice Crown Citadel run. The only achievement I still needed was heroic Lady Deathwhisper so Roszfianna got Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25 player) and received her Reins of the Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher. Jae still has to do one more week because she is a shard short for the legendary, so I'm probably not done with ICC but maybe I'll bring another toon.

Monday I did my orientation with Lee Hecht Harrison, the "career transition" company Ricoh contracted with to help us laid off folks. It seems like they have a lot of resources and I look forward to taking some classes. I have a chat with a coach on Wednesday.
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Oss & cookies
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I'm still trying to find a routine. I need time to read blogs, to write my Lj, to keep up on LinkedIn and Facebook and with my email. I have some structure as in "I do this on Mondays" but my daytime structure doesn't really exist. I may even have to break down and do "to do" lists. I really, really hate "to do" lists.

It was a great week though. David came down Friday afternoon and we went to Kubota for dinner. My first dinner there since my return and I have to say miso glazed eggplant is still amazing. I showed David around Japantown, both the historic plaques and the wonderful market where we decided that unagi was perhaps too weird and expensive to take as a potluck item to Beltaine. *grin*

Saturday we headed up to Live Oak Park for the annual NROOGD Beltaine, which Owl Moon was bagholding this year. Chris was stage managing it for his red cord project and he had recruited wonderful folks and everything went just wonderfully. Jack in the Green and the Queen of the May chased off the Hag of Winter and we danced the Maypole and called the 'Obby 'Oss. The wheel was turned. It was a really beautiful day and folks hung out in the park afterward for a couple of hours. David and I followed Gwen & Nette home and we hung out there, hot tubbing and sharing food, for a couple of hours. A great schmoozing day.

Sunday we signed David up for WoW and he watched my dungeon run with Falkenrath Knights. My biggest problem is my character slots on Bronzebeard are full. I may have to transfer someone.

Sunday afternoon was the end of the Silicon Valley Reads program with Authors Willow Wilson and Sumbul Ali-Karamali at Santa Clara Public Library. I had the SiVIC Our Religious Neighbor Next Door display set up and we got a fair bit of interest and gave away about 30 flyers for SiVIC. It was nice to hear the authors one last time too.

Monday was a nice quiet day. Kurt had a migraine still, has had for the better part of a week. But we got our worgens through Old World Children's Week in WoW. I have to say that having a mage around to port one to the capitols makes that waaaay quicker. I miss world portals.

Tuesday we had family dinner at Amber India in Mountain View and I had wonderful tandoori rack of lamb. (Of which I am eating the leftovers as I type.) This is curry week evidently. I had bought curry powder at Ancient Ways on the way home from Beltaine and the bag broke in my purse so my iPhone smells of curry powder and I have been craving curry. So last night I made curried cauliflower and also curried turkey. Thus the tandoori lamb and curried cauliflower for breakfast. There are definitely things I love about my life!

Tonight is Pagansing at my house. We will undoubtedly sing May songs and then tomorrow is Rabbit's Oshun party up in Oakaland at Sacred Well. And At Home on Saturday. And I need to find a new gardener, deal with job search stuff and clean house. And do Children's Week on a few more WoW toons. I'm not sure why I keep thinking I'll have free time in here somewhere.
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Another WoW art commission - My main, Roszfianna, as a Mucha-esque Draenei Goddess of Spring. I am really tickled! Art by PkThunda.
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I want to write about the chalk art class I took today, but I see I haven't written much lately.... so here is a bit of catch up first.

Yes, I am still playing lots of WoW. Thursday Roszgemma hit 85 (my fourth 85, 2nd hunter). Gem has also done most of Ulduar which was fun and Yogg-Saron is still a beast of a fight. I have another lvl 84 hunter soon to follow. And it is WSG weekend so two of my lowbies got to lvl 20 and got their first mounts. Yay.

We had a nice singing group on Thursday. I am so happy to have music in my life and friend who will sing with me. During the day I went to the second webinar of the Edumooc on distance learning I'm doing. I am not sure why I am studying distance learning but you never know when such things might be useful.

Friday I went to the mall... yes, I did. I went into all kinds of clothing stores and tried on size large items. I bought a red miniskirt for Pomba. But I ended up not wearing it to Kat's lovely Pomba dance Saturday night. I couldn't decide on what to wear as a top. I wore a more gypsy outfit. It was a wonderful dance with great music and food and company and lots of lovely Pombas.

Sunday I went over to the local branch library (which was closed but they let the Luna Park folks use a function room) and took a class on Chalk Art. Cheryl & Wayne Renshaw started us off with a history of "Madonnari", chalk painters of Madonna images in front of churchs in Italy. The Renshaws do amazing 3D perspective sidewalk art and showed a slide show of their work and talked about using the Photoshop perspective tool to make regular photos into perspective plans. They did not share the grid they use. *grin* Then we were all given Koss Artist's soft pastels and went out and made the parking lot of the library very colourful. I did sort of a picasso version of Amy Provonost's wonderful icon that I use in my Lj and heart. They are trying to get local folks to be artists at their 4th Annual Luna Park Chalk Art Festival on September 24. You can do a 4x4 or 8x8 foot piece of sidewalk. Proposals are due by August. I am tempted, but it is the same day as the Gender & Earth-based Spirtualities Conferece and is the Saturday of the Desert Dance Days weekend. Otherwise I would totally do it. Check out my photos of the class
. (Oh, and yes, my hands and arms are killing me. Not sure I could do hours of art.)
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Been home for a week, I've mostly overcome the jet lag and gotten back into the routine of work. I love being home and yet I miss traveling too.

Because of the fun of seeing Murano again, and because I have always wanted to work with glass, I took a survey class on Torchworking today. It seemed like such a good idea. the Bay Area Glass Institute, the place [ profile] whitemare blows glass, is less than a mile from my house and I love lampwork beads. What didn't realy occur to me is that this is one of those things that you have to hold thin wires and keep them turning with your fingers. And also that I have nursemaid's elbow from just a couple of days of rolling my bag in Europe. The class was fun... and I am paying for it. And it would probably be way too masochistic of me to take the longer Beadworking 1 class. *sigh*

Today was the sixth anniversary of my WoW Guild, Daughters of the Alliance. We had a fun party on a pirate ship in Faldir's Cove followed by a race through Gnomeregan in teams each of whom had to keep a lvl 20 gnome (one of the officers) alive whilst whacking bosses. It was crazy. I think my team may have come in last... but Roszfianna got the Hydrocane which she always lost the roll on as a lowbie.

And it is passed my bedtime, so I am signing off.
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I actually managed to have tea with Carole and work a full day on Thursday. I fell over and was a zombie all evening, but clearly I am getting better. Except the headaches are fairly unrelenting. Bah.

But I have worked some, voted, played WoW and tried to be present in the world. It is a bit of a struggle. I did get Roszrig, my warrior, to level 80 a few days ago. Now I have three 80s. I will probably have 5 before Cataclysm drops next month.

Had an interfaith meeting yesterday. The Silicon Valley Interreligious Council now has a logo and we're decided on an ISP. The inaugural General Assembly has been pushed out a week to March. So much to get done before then!

I really wish I could remember who mentioned Live Mocha . Somewhere there was a conversation about language learning and someone said "I'd like to recommend this place I am working with" or something like that. I wrote it down and signed up for the free version for Spanish. It relies on other learners helping you. So I am reviewing the work of people trying to learn English and others are giving me feedback on my halting Spanish. I am finding it rather engaging and useful. So, thanks to whoever mentioned it!

Today I baked some low carb pumpkin muffins to take up to the Ghede/Brigette devotional at the House. Unfortunately I left out an ingredient which makes them taste even "healthier" than they probably would have otherwise. I keep feeling like I'm better and all but then when I actually try to do things I mess up. Zombie sinus bugs ate my brain. I have about two hours to decide if I think I am competent to drive to the Devotional. I *really* want to go. But I have a raging headache and a botched potluck dish. Part of me just wants to go back to bed.
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Just wanted to share some recent WoW art I commissioned.

pictures! )
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So a few days ago Roszfianna became exalted with the Wyrmrest Accord. She was *not* going to buy the Reins of the Red Drake. But she realized she hadn't ever picked up the pattern for Mysterious Bag from the WrA quartermaster. Ahem, okay, she bought the drake.

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Yesterday my Warcraft main, Roszfianna, made Merrymaker. I was very jazzed as I had been working hard on it and I thought I had one more quest to go (but found it wasn't required for the meta). Yay.

Then I headed off to the NROOGD open sabbat. It was a lovely way to bring in the season. The ritual was nice and there were many friends with whom to touch base. Driving to Oakland did bring to light that my shoulder is still not fond of driving. *sigh*

Driving to work today reinforced that learning. *double sigh* And it isn't as if I get any time off work since I don't work Fridays anyway. But tonight I have a massage (which my jet-lagged & sore body will appreciate) and then off to a Yule vigil. Life is pretty darn good!

Have I mentioned that my Parliament photos are at and my Adelaide set at ? I don't see that I have.
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I had a very nice weekend. Friday I exercycled and caught up on CSI Miami, shopped, went to my SL photo club (but it sort of fizzled) and ended the evening with a totally crazy WoW drinking game doing the instance Karazhan. I went through two bottles of cider and was pretty lit by the time we were done. But I didn't die even once. Go me. Typing otoh, was amazing hard. Luckily we were mostly on vent.

Saturday there was something weird wrong with our water (as in full of sediment) but we weren't able to reach anyone at the water dept. We still don't know exactly what happened, a neighbor says a well broke. And others said they were advised to boil water. I left to go to the House with Russell still trying to get through to the SJ Water Dept. He gave up on the "emergency" number after 30 minutes and sent an email which got a "we'll be in the office on Monday" auto-response. So fail.

But I escaped when Chris arrived as we were carpooling to the Ghede devotional and ancestor ritual at the Umbanda House. We remembered many Beloved Dead and it was very moving. Ember sang some amazingsongs. (I want to learn them nao!) And the feast was lovely.

Being a devotion, it was done by like 4:30 and I went with Chris over to Nettie's where Tracy had spent the day. We hung out with Nettie, Marina,
Sabrina, Jeff, Chris & Tracy for several hours of hot tubbing and Indian food. It was fab.

And yes, I got home about 8:30 and played WoW. No surprise there. :-)

Sunday I got up and made crab cakes for breakfast. Russell and I finished watching the documentary Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price. I thought it was pretty good but didn't question enough. It was very much a chronicle of every day folks who worked for or against Wal-Mart rather than a news piece. We also finished watching the KQED four-part series, Saving the Bay. This I highly recommend! It was a history of the San Francisco Bay from prehistory to the present. I learned alot.

I also went to my SL photo club Sunday meet and took a lot of cool pictures of blue avatars. Blue, being our theme for the week. *grin*
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It is nice to have front row seats at the Rep. I ended up going all by myself last night and that was okay. I sat in the middle of our three seats and felt like I was an audience of one. A fly on the wall of a South African hotel lobby where the drama unfolded. The play, Groundswell, was a tense portrayal of the scars of Apartheid as an elderly business man arrives at the out-of-the-way beachfront Garnet Lodge. Threads of racism, loss, diamonds, entitlement, poverty, police brutality and desperation weave together into a compelling drama that, like life, has no resolution. I admit that the lack of resolution was not unreasonable but I do find it unsatisfying. But, as usual, the cast and sets were superb and it is a very compelling play that will certainly make me think about it in the days to come.

The marathon I took part in raised more than $140,000 for pediatric cancer research, and the donations are still coming in. Our team raised $587, surpassing our goal of $500. Go us. I still have 8 hours of my commitment yet to play on Saturday. Since it is Hallow's End in WoW, this shouldn't be hard.

Then Sunday I leave for Internet Librarian. Even though Ricoh isn't paying for conferences this year they are paying for my time as though I was at work. [ profile] spikeiowa and I are sharing a hotel room and I am looking forward to it. It is actually kind of freeing to be paying for it myself, I am taking a class on screencasting which is not relevant to Ricoh but something I am interested in. The programming looks quite good this year too. So yay.
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Well, I knew that I wouldn't manage 24 hours in 24 hours. But starting early and going as much as I could today, I have played 17 hours of WoW. *laugh* They allow a "make-up" day so next Saturday I will finish off my last 8 hours.

Roszmairta (Rowan Fairgrove) & Recalled (Liz Danforth) of Libraries & Librarians of Aerie Peak participated in a marathon WoW session today, assisted by our amazing guildies, Melvyl (Michael Porter) and Questionr (Chris Harris).

Recalled wanted to do quests with children in them as we were raising money to fight children's cancers. So we worked on the Pamela series in the Plaguelands. Thansk to Melvyl & Q, we ran Ramps, Blood Furnace, Scholomance & Stratholme! Mair started just level 61 and is almost 63!

The picture is Roszmairta in her new healing gear, including the Tunic of the Crescent Moon provided by Baron Rivendare. She replaced at least half of both her feral and resto gear with instances and quest rewards! And this is the first chance she's had to really attempt to heal with her new resto spec outside of battlegrounds. With the experience & the new gear, I'm excited to try more healing. And I got great bear gear too, so tanking here I come.

It was a great experience to do the marathon! W00t! Librarians rock!
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A few members of the Libraries and Librarians guild of Aerie Peak (US) are joining the Extra Life gaming marathon, playing World of Warcraft and seeking to raise a modest $500 -- but hopefully more. Please consider helping us help the Texas Children's Hospital on October 17th. Our fundraising page is here. My team caption, Liz Danforth, did an eloquent post to her blog about the appeal.

And yes, I'm going to be playing waaaaay to much WoW on Saturday! Roszmairta hit 61 last night, we'll see how far I get in 20ish hours *grin* I have to go up to Oakland for the at-home in the afternoon but I figure it I get up at midnight and play until noon that is 12 hours and I can surely do 24 over the weekend. A marathon I am actually qualified for. *grin*
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The holiday weekend was quite fun. I spent a fair amount of it playing WoW. I'm enjoying my new server immensely. Also the rep in battlegrounds feature. My main did a fair number of instances and raids that she'd never have seen on her old server. My druid respecced for healing and spent a few days in BGs learning her addons... and made it to 60! My Tauren DK made it to 68 and headed to Northrend.

And I did my photo club in Second Life and got some fun shots. The one to the side is me in my "fish woman" outfit.

Sunday Erika & Russell & I went downtown to Tapesty in Talent. It has shrunk considerably since the last time I went down there. It was quite astonishing really. We enjoyed the fair food and the walking around in the lovely weather. Erika bought a fun lavender sun hat.

Then I took off and saw District Nine with [ profile] mr_kurt and [ profile] saffronrose and Arthur. It was a tough movie -- gritty and believable and astonishingly good science fiction. I recommend it.

Today I went to the Oko & Nena Feast and Devotional, celebrating the
bounty of the harvest and the wisdom of Grandmother Earth, that Loren & Diana put on for the House. We gathered and they gave talks on the two powers and then we set out the feast (roast goat, steak & chicken; amazing gumbo, black-eyed peas, ground turkey with yam & spinach casserole and other dishes that escape me at the moment. I didn't really expect to go out as they aren't powers with whom I work particularly. Evidently Nena needed more mouths as I was soon sitting and (so I'm told) eating everything in sight. My stomach agrees with that assessment. I am told I consumed a great deal of gumbo! And salad! And I didn't have any of the grilled steak I had brought even. I think my tastes and Nena's don't coincide very well. At least she only drank one beer. Anyway, I am home and overfull with memories of mud and long lazy rivers and not much else. I will have to do some altar work I think. I realized I don't have a necklace for either power but Diana & Sparrow have offered to remedy that for Nena & Oko respectively.
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Okay, I just adore this. I bought the video off iTunes. :-) Of course, I am a fan of The Guild and of Felicia Day. But I think it will appeal to anyone who has done any virtual world/MMORPG exploration.

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On Friday in New York we finally had a beautiful day. We headed off to Central Park and wandered through the Rambles and by Belvedere Castle and on across to the Metropolitan Museum. We grabbed lunch at street vendors (empanada for me, gyros for Russell) and then Russell pushed me around the Egyptian sections and the photography exhibits. The Egyptian stuff was very cool. The photography was, erm, painfully arty. And really the day was too pretty to stay indoors. So we headed back out and took a carriage ride through the southern part of the park. Then we wandered by the Apple Store (wholly underground with the strange clear cube on the surface. Tres pretentious! Then we wandered over to Bloomingdales where there was a speciality chocolate shop he wanted to try. He got some truffles and I got a present for [ profile] saffronrose for her fabulous favour of getting my laptop out of durance vile. On the way back to our hotel we stopped at an chaat house and got take-away. Having a refrigerator and microwave in our hotel room was the best thing!

Saturday Russell went to the Top of the Rock and Bryant Park to take more pictures and I went to Sephora and bought some Urban Decay eye shadow. We caught a cab to the airport and spent the rest of the day on airplanes. The cab ride home was unexpectedly expensive. Evidently San Jose instituted a minimum $15 fare for the first 3 miles. So it was about $20 to get the 5 miles home! They did say that they are seeing half the traffic that they did this time last year. But bah.

Sunday we (mostly Russell) put the house back in order (much furniture still being piled in the kitchen from having the carpets done just before we left. I spent a fair amount of time trying to get my laptop squared away. They weren't able to get all my data off and my last backup was three months ago. It stopped reminding me to backup when Russell upgraded my OS and I failed to notice. *sigh* I also went out to restock the house with food and stuff to make dinner for us and Erika & Reaps Sunday night. They stopped by on their way home from the Sacred Connections retreat.

And I played a bit of Warcraft, it being the world event Noble Garden. And I do like the world events. Ran Heroic Nexus with the guild on Saturday though we didn't down the last boss. There are some new things since the last patch, I think. I don't remember ice blocks the last time I did Heroic Nexus. And we got started late because of a server restart. Very frustrating really.

Monday I swung right into work and finished a search from before I left. Dealt with much of the stack of mail from being gone a week. Had leftovers for dinner, watched Dollhouse and CSI on Tivo and did more Noble Gardening in WoW. My computer is still not completely back to snuff. *sigh*
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[ profile] riot_fox311 wrote in [ profile] wow_ladies a life of a toon post in screenshots and it seemed like such a cool idea, I did it too.

lots of pictures )

WoW Journal

Feb. 5th, 2009 01:48 pm
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I decided that I would start a journal for my WoW toons. I will still talk about WoW here, this is more a 'from the toon's point of view" sort of thing. I have been reading some role play WoW journals and got inspired. So, for the few of you that might be interested. *grin*
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Last week was quite busy at work with dry runs for the upcoming review. I even had to go in on Friday but at least that made up time I took off for MLK day. No big. But the weekend felt short. *grin* I know, no sympathy.

Saturday I spent a fair amount of time doing last minute shopping for Attilio's white cord ceremony that evening. Because our coven is so small (4 people) we had asked elders in the trad to come and help us initiate him. We had 13 people in circle! And wonderful energy from a super bunch of elders. I'm so very happy to have had an Imbolc initiation too, it just felt right. Hurrary for Owl Moon.

Sunday Russell & I went out to breakfast and then I headed off to the rehearsal for a ritual I'm in at P'Con. The day was fair and we spent a fair time in the yard doing blocking, so things are becoming clearer. Hard to believe it isn't even two weeks until PantheaCon! Eeeep!

I got home and went into WoW for a supposed Guild instance run. I told Russell & Maren I couldn't go out to dinner as I had committed to this guild thing. Evidently I'm one of the few who felt it was a commitment. The other folks planning it failed to show. So two folks with low 50s toons and me on my lvl 47 (now 48) Druid decided to try ZF but it quickly became clear that instancing was out unless we wanted to look for random folks to group with. So they helped me with some quests. It wasn't totally wasted but I admit to a certain grumpiness. This is the second time I have re-arranged my life around the guild and been left hanging. This days after being asked if I wanted to co-GM. Do I want to feel responsible over things I have no ability to control? Perhaps not.

However, Russell brought me home some awesome creme brulee from McCormick & Schmick where they had dined. That was full of win.
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Thursday night I went to a talk on ebooks at the local Solo librarian group. It is an interesting question... what role do libraries have in a world where books are digital? The speaker didn't have an great plan for libraries but we had interesting discussions of rights and licensing and such. And proprietary formats and whether they will be readable in a few years. Also bad pizza. But I really value the group, it is nice to have colleagues to talk to things about.

Friday [ profile] sbisson and [ profile] marypcb and [ profile] spikeiowa had talked about having lunch but S&M found their schedule was too tight for that. I spent the day mostly in WoW and then shared a nice dinner with M&S at Kubota.

Saturday the Lunar Festival started in WoW and since Russell wasn't around to be a WoW widower, I threw myself into the game and travelled Azeroth far and wide visiting the Elders of Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend, 59 in all.

Saturday was [ profile] saffronrose's birthday and she and Kurt, Lori, Arthur, me and S&M all went to the Lobster Shack in Redwood City and feasted on seafood. And then went back to their place for princess cake. Way more sugar than I'm used to... but yummy. I love marzipan!

Sunday I was supposed to have rehearsal but S&M head back for London Monday and I decided one last meal sounded fun. They stayed with us all week but I hardly saw them until the weekend. Spike & Tom, Mike and Karen, Simon, Mary & I repaired to Ming's and had dim sum. It was a great way to celebrate Chinese New Year. Happy Year of the Ox!

I spent most of the afternoon shopping and cooking lasagna for Tuesday dinner. When Russell got home we watched CSI and I worked on the Exu necklace I have been planning to make. I got about 1/3 of the way through and my hands are killing me. I think I am going to have to admit that I really cannot make necklaces anymore. I don't want to. I don't want my hands to hurt like this either. Wah!

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