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I started Georging on July 9, 2002 after reading about it in [ profile] kshandra's Livejournal. I admit this georgeversary is bittersweet... I haven't had a hit since July 3rd! In fact, this year so far as been awful for hits! I have had six hits in the last 10 days when last year I averaged over 2 hits a day. But I did get 50 state bingo back in September. And I've gotten some great hits during the year and gone to gatherings and had a good time. But I hope the Hit Gods smile on me soon!

Anyway, here at the current stats for the record.

You have entered 13,965 Bills worth $65,657
Bills with hits: 2,100 Total hits: 2,476
Hit rate: 15.04% Slugging Percentage: 17.73% (total hits/total bills)
George Score: 1,090.42
Your rank (based on George Score) is #758
(out of 51,410 current users with a George Score. [98.5 Percentile])
Your State Rank in California is: 115 out of 9,599 [98.8]

December 31, 2006 I was 49th of 8,769 - wow, we're growing!
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This weekend marked the first anniversary of the Library 2.0 effort in Second Life. The weekend started with a Victorian fete and fireworks show. Scar & I had been working on the fireworks thing for weeks and I think it came off really well. He came over and we ate brie (triple cream!) & pate with strawberries and chocolate martinis as we sat side-by-side with our laptops. It is funny how hard it is to remember that one can communicate in this world when doing things together in SL. *LOL*

I didn't get to enjoy most of the weekend's festivities because life was so busy this weekend. I went to some of Saturday's visions meeting but then headed to Berkeley to help organize the Lubisha and attend Glenn's housewarming. It is so nice to see her back in her house and it looks AMAZING! She made one of othe rooms into a library and most of the book cases are in there, which makes the front rooms look much bigger. All the fresh cream paint and new hardwood floors make it light and airy and just really fabulous looking. I stayed too late though... when I left I found that the 80 to 880 interchange was closed and it took me almost two hours to get home. I just fell over and went to sleep upon arrival.

Sunday I woke up about 6:30 and went inworld for a little while. Then I did some life maintenance things and got ready for the CoG meeting. There was a Where's George gather at Lanesplitter Pizza (where we always have our Berkeley gathers). It was Lanesplitter's anniversary so they didn't open until noon, but we got in and I bought an excellent sundried tomato, spinach, gorgonzola and garlic on thick crust to carry off to the CoG meeting. It was fun seeing my George buddies and swapping money to take to Colorado in a few weeks.

The CoG meeting went better than I fear. No one stoned me for bringing up "the topic" one more time. *sigh* And there wasn't any other business really so we were done by 3:30. I think that is a record. Everyone hung around though and chatted and ate (besides my pizza Glenn had lots of housewarming leftovers) and it was just really nice. I headed home and spent a little time at a Tao de Ching talk in SL. Russell got home from Santa Barbara and we finished watching Shortbus. I think I need to buy that movie, just because I foresee myself talking about it to people. We'll probably watch the commentaries and extras this week.

This week! Tonight I have to shop and start cooking for Tuesday dinner. Then tomorrow *is* Tuesday dinner. Wednesday is the SJ Rep, Thursday is the Pagan Sing. This coming weekend is BayCon. Hopefully somewhere in there I'll see [ profile] marypcb and [ profile] sbisson. The following week is just as crazy and then I fly to Denver for SLA. I think I need a vacation! (And I just got back from one.)
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Friday I had a pretty quiet day. I went to lunch at Original Joe's and saw Happy Feet at the IMAX theatre. Did some grocery shopping. Nothing much. Saturday much the same except Russell and I saw Shut Up & Sing.

As we were heading out to my office holiday party on Saturday night the skies opened up and the rain poured down. I drove very carefully but it was not enough. About three blocks short of Flea St. Cafe where the party was held, an SUV cut in front of me and the car behind me rearended me when I stopped to avoid the SUV. All three of us stopped and exchanged insurance information in the pouring rain. I hit my head so hard on the headrest that my hairclip popped. My car's bumper will probably have to be replaced (or at least the bumper supports). I hate to lose all my bumperstickers!!! The car of the guy who hit me was in much worse shape. His airbags deployed and the windscreen shattered.

I was very shocky and soaking wet when we got to the party. The staff kindly gave me a class of wine and a place to sit whilst I wrote up my account so I'd remember the details even after the stress hormones dissapated. [ profile] saffronrose sat by me and supported me. ([ profile] mr_kurt was feeling too poorly to make the party.) I eventually managed to circulate a bit and we had a very lovely dinner with Marina and a couple of co-workers.

Today, despite my aches and pains, I drove up to Walnut Creek to the Northern California Where's George Assn holiday party at Tiki Tom's. I had a nice time. We had folks from all over Northern California and also 88*keys from Oregon and Hank from Massachusetts (the founder of the hobby). I grabbed a couple of caches before heading home. I found myself unwilling to be out driving after dark today and definitely a bit overly sensitive to lane changers and other folks coming at me with their cars. Bah. I hope I get over *that* soon!

So though I feel like I didn't get all that much *done* this weekend it feels like it was very eventful nonetheless.
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My first George hit of the day took me to 2,000 hits. And it was one of five! After some days without hits this was very nice.
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Friday I spent most of the day working on audio for my next podcast. I have a talk that Helen gave to a women's group about her personal journey in interfaith. It needs a bit of clean-up and editing but I expect to have it ready for the next edition. I'm still waiting on the ICP to get me the recordings of their talks. They have a new intern though (whom I met on Sunday) and she seems likely to make it happen.

I had a lovely dinner with Makai. We really enjoyed working on the Brighid ritual together and don't want to lose touch again. We've known each other for over a decade but that hill between us keeps us from doing much socializing.

Russell was off celebrating his second anniversary with Erika. They had a yummy time down in Avila Beach. Kurt & I called and sang "happy anniversary" to the first part of the William Tell Overture into Russell's voice mail. *laugh* That was fun. I am really happy in my family.

Saturday I georged bills in anticipation of the gathering Sunday and then went off to Hayward for the NCLC CoG meeting. I printed out 3 Hayward caches and caught them on either side of the meeting. It was the smallest NCLC meeting I remember... just 9 people, two of whom were guests! Kay showed those of us who got there early/on-time her collection of magical minerals and her purchase from that morning's gem show. Very cool. We decided the reception for Rayna would be a potluck (with people saying what they're bringing ahead of time so we can control the mix). Rachael is taking on some of the organizing.

Sunday I went up to the ICP for Sunday services. Jan told me that the people who plan weddings there always want to know if they have "Sunday services" as if it makes them a more legitimate venue than just being an interfaith chapel. So last October they started Sunday services and a leader from a different tradition prepares a presentation and chooses the readings, music and such. I was supposed to do it April 9th, but blew it and got tickets to see my family in Austin April 5-9, I'm rescheduled for May 28th, during BayCon but doable. And it gives me a bit more time to attend at least one more to get a feel for the flavor different groups bring. This week Paul Chaffee was the organizer and so it was Protestant-based. I want to someone else. I do have ideas though, just from this one.

Then, despite the threatened storm, I drove to Napa for a Northern California Where's George Assn gathering. My fellow georger Troy runs the Napa marathon and we've had this gathering for the last three years to celebrate the run. He had some friends out from Chicago to run and to celebrate their anniversary who joined us. It was fun, but I bailed by 2:30pm so I could drive home in the daylight (although the rainy sky was very grey and the rain often heavy). I came home down 880 to avoid the 50mph wind gusts on 680's more open route. It took a long time (av. speed about 45mph) but I made it home safely. So thereafter Russell got home and I cooked dinner and had a quiet evening in.

Monday we had honcho-sans visiting at work. I continued getting stuff ready for the annual report. [ profile] mr_kurt, [ profile] rutemple and I went caching at lunch. I'm up to 252 caches. I decided to skip dancing tonight as my hives are just killing me and I also wanted to spend time with Russell. I made fondue and we visited and played Myst together. Another quiet evening in... I could get used to this!

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