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Okay, I am officially totally overbooked to the max. More than a week since my last update!

Tuesday the 3rd I worked and then had a nice family dinner with Russell & Brigid at California Pizza Kitchen. The CPK pear & gorgonzola pizza is just sooooo yummy. I confess I start to crave them if I haven't had one in about a month. And they are even better folded over cold for breakfast the next morning.

Wednesday I worked from home because I had another dentist appointment to get some fillings replaced. It was to ouch. They just couldn't get it numb and Dr T. says, "I'm going slowly so it will hurt less." And I'm like, "I want you to go fast and get it over with!!" It took about 1-1/2 hours with my jaw propped open so it was sore for a week!

Thursday and Friday we had back-to-back patent meetings at work. Yes, I worked on a Friday. *sigh* It throws everything off! Friday night we had a nice coven meeting, muchly around planning Samhain. Have I mentioned Owl Moon (with a lot of help from Dark Forest) is doing the NROOGD open Samhain in Palo Alto? pdf flyer if you're interested.

Saturday Russell and I met [ profile] sbisson and [ profile] marypcb at Mini Gourmet for breakfast before going home and cooking up a vegan Pomegranate Risotto and a ham to feed the folks coming to the Samhain rehearsal. We ate and did a read through and practiced some of the tricky bits. I think it is going well. On Sunday Petra & Chris & Rachael painted a maze on canvas in the parking lot of a nearby school... the paint bled through leaving a maze on their parking lot. Guerilla art! In the evening [ profile] sbisson and [ profile] marypcb and I went caching and then hung out in Mountain View until our 9pm reservations at Tamarine in Palo Alto. The company and the food were exquisite but by the end I was flagging badly since it was waaaay past my bedtime! I got us all home safely though.

Sunday I slept in, which I really, really needed. I headed up to Mountain View again for a noon gathering of the Northern California Where's George Association at the Tied House. About 20 people showed up and I spent a fair amount of time visiting a lovely new Georger named Ambyrhawke. (I gave her a Samhain invite.) At about 2:30 some folks were leaving and Ambyr and I wandered across the street and found a cool cache. She went back inside and I did a circuit of three more downtown caches and stopped by Global Beads to pick up some more baby temporary tattoos. I had gotten some for Sophia and everyone who saw them could think of a baby who needed some. *laugh* I love the pirate one and the hotrod baby carriage! When I got back to my car I noticed that about eight of my favorite Georgers were still at Tied House so I went back in and visited some more. *grin*

Russell had spent the day off at Renn Faire (he took some great pictures!) and we both were pretty ready to veg out. We watched the Bill Moyers special on Capital Crimes that we had recorded on Wednesday. I didn't hear anything I didn't know (being a news junkie) but it was pretty harrowing to watch it all laid out like that. The disgusting thing to me is how all that malfeasance has paid off... the TX legislature is still gerrymandered, the balance of power is still way off kilter, the Tribes Abramoff represented got screwed, etc. Some politicians might get two year sentences. Whoopee. A black man can get that for f'ing jaywalking, y'know?

Monday it was back at work. [ profile] mr_kurt and I tried to go caching at lunch but it was one of those days when the super caching senses are just not working and we didn't find a thing. *sigh* My guts had been roiling all weekend and when it got to dancing Monday night I didn't last very long. Bah. We did talk about doing a Tara dance workshop at PantheaCon and maybe get together the 21 dancers to do a full Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara.

Tuesday [ profile] saffronrose came by and took [ profile] mr_kurt & I over to Suraj for lunch. A bit dangerous with my guts being snarky but I didn't drink chai and that seems to have helped considerable. Bah. I *like* chai. But at least the curry and such didn't gripe me. After work I met Russell to see This Movie is Not Yet Rated, which is a documentary about the MPAA rating system. It was good information but, I thought, not a very compelling movie. It was mostly talking heads (directors telling about their experiences) and following the private investigator the documentarian had hired to try to find out who sits on the ratings board. The PI was great and they did find out who the current raters are. But I am not sure that was enough of a payoff to make the movie interesting.

And that brings me to this morning. I got to the office about 6am so I'd have time to george some bills (and finish entering gathering swaps into favorites), write this journal entry and get maps together for my trip up to Lake County tomorrow. Yesterday [ profile] mr_kurt realized that Google Earth thinks that the best way to get to Upper Lake is to go up Hwy 37 (lots of switchbacks over the mountains) rather than the straightforward up Hwy 101 to Hwy 20. So my "caches along a route" kml was on the wrong route! Eeep! Fixed now. I am so glad we caught that! So it is off to Sacred Connections for the weekend. The Saratoga Springs site says they now have wifi, so I may not be totally cut off as I have been in the past. (Last year I stopped in a McD's in Ukiah to log before heading into Upper Lake.) *fingers crossed*
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Wow. Yesterday was such a crazy day at work and I had a dozen people coming to dinner and I never unpacked my laptop and checked my mail last night... so I didn't find out until this afternoon that I got a hit in Delaware yesterday!!! I have all 50 states and DC. Go me.

It took me 4 years and 79 days to achieve... about average. There have been over 3 million people registered on Where's George who have entered bills, about 50,000 of whom are active enough to have profiles and a George Score. I am the 286th person to get a 50 State Bingo (but I'm 264th on the list because there are about 20 people who have some missing info and are thus listed last).

the hit

You have entered 11,974 Bills worth $56,271
Bills with hits: 1,782 Total hits: 2,081
Hit rate: 14.88% Slugging Percentage: 17.38% (total hits/total bills)
George Score: 1,070.55
Your rank (based on George Score) is #757
(out of 50,038 current users with a George Score. [98.5 Percentile])
Your State Rank in California is: 50 out of 8,411 [99.4]

My WG profile
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This weekend has been very up and down for me.

We had a very lovely circle on Friday night. Doing our second initiation as a coven. I am so glad to bring these wonderful people into the trad and I am realy happy to be working in a NROOGD coven again.

First thing Saturday [ profile] mr_kurt came by and we went over and placed three caches in the park nearest me. It was a bit of a physical stretch but it was nice to be doing *something* to do with caching. I got home and filled out the cache pages and then took a nap.

Then I went shopping for appetizers for the Tacky Tiki party some friends were throwing. I got satay at Whole Foods but I went too long looking at different stores for cocktail toothpicks and was exhausted again by the time I got home.

Erika & Reaps came by in the late afternoon and we had a good visit before Reaps headed off and Erika & Russell and I went to the party. In many ways it was a very nice party. I got to see lots of old friends and I had some really good conversations. But I was also reminded why I don't see this couple very often. The host is an old friend - 30 years at least - but his wife just rubs me the wrong way. She was greeting people and placing leis on them and getting a big kick out of "lei-ing" all the guests. But I had gotten into the spirit (I thought) of the occasoin and worn my own lei. So she refused to give me one. I understand that it was probably her sense of a lack of abundance and perhaps she would run out. Or maybe I had stolen her fun by already being "lei-ed". But it made me feel very unexpectedly unwelcome at a party which I had been greatly anticipating. So I am reminded why it is that I so seldom see my old friend. And that is sad.

Erika and Reaps had breakfast and took off on their trip taking lots of georges to spend on their trip up I5 to Oregon. I have al the I5 corridor counties but you never know, maybe a bill will make it to Del Norte or Trinity or Modoc. I haven't had a new California county hit in ages!

Sunday I continued by discussion with the cache reviewer who doesn't want to approve my caches. I was trying to create the kind of situation I like to find -- a cluster that I can walk between and get several caches at once. I started caching to try to get mysef walking more! The reviewer thinks they should be a multicache and that just because you can put a cache every 600 feet doesn't mean you should. So I am taking it as a difference in philosophy and that maybe placing caches just isn't my path to giving back to the sport. I went ahead and renewed my premium membership but I am feeling very ambivalent about it at the moment. Finding them is fun, but I really have not enjoyed the process of submitting caches for review and I am just not sure I want to go through it again. But it feels like by enjoying finding other folks' caches, I should be placing my own to spread the fun and give *them* something to find. Bah humbug.

Russell and I went and saw My Super Ex-Girlfriend which was a hilarious movie. OMG! They totally got the superhero zeitgeist and had soooo much fun with it! I loved this movie!

Aftward we went to Bella Mia for dinner. Because two Sundays ago we had planned to go out to dinner after a movie but my stomach hurt to much to think about food. I hardly ate in the 48 hours before my appendectomy. This is probably good but as today's movie ended I *really* wanted to keep that date. The lobster gnocci was just okay - the sauce was very lobster bique-ish but some of the gnocci were undercooked and most of the lobster was overcooked. Note to self - go to Spiedo for gnocci! But it was nice to sit across the table from Russell and share that meal. I'm on the way to being okay again! Yay.
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I'm back at work after an amazing long weekend in the woods. I am covered in mosquito bites despite my Lentek bite shield. I wonder if I need a new cartridge since it has been about a year since I used it last and it worked wonderfully then. OTOH, when I wasn't wearing it it was worse. I got about eight bites during the unloading of the car before I got my bite shield onto my belt.

Beth & Jim's land is dry and high in the mountains. There wasn't poison oak or much in the way of critters (though she says a bear once shredded her dome). The dome and a generater are the only improvement on her 11 acres and we all (there were 24 of us) brought in water and everything else. The generator did mean that at night there were holiday lights strung everywhere and it was beautiful and otherworldly.

We had been divided into groups of three who did all the prep and offered various meals. Kurt & Jim & I had Saturday lunch and we did wraps with an array of meats and vegetables that wre a big hit. Other meals included Thursday night chili, Saturday morning personally cooked pancakes with peaches and/or bananas and/or blueberries. It was to yum!

We spent most of Friday and Saturday hanging out in the Yuba River at a spot that, I must say, is the second best swimming hole I've ever been in. Since the best is in Tennessee, I think I may find my way back here someday. Two dozen naked adults playing like children - swimming under the waterfall, jumping off a rope swing (not me!), shooting the rapids and just generally frolicking in a way I must say I don't often find myself doing. In the evenings we did community-building exercises and deepened our friendships. I'm really glad I went but I must say that camping in the heat and bugs is *not* my cup of tea.

Between this and Ancient Ways this year I am quite off the idea of camping. Saturday was 104 F (though much cooler by the snow-melt-fed river) and I am just mosquito bait. A nice air conditioned motel in Nevada City or Grass Valley, even though 25 miles from the swimming hole, sounds much better to me. And both those hamlets looked like they'd be great fun to explore. (We stopped in GV on the way up to use the free wifi at Wall St Cafe and we caught a cache in NC on the way home.) So I'm not wholly against the idea of a trip to the area again (hopefully in spring or fall) because (a) it was beautiful and (b) there are a *lot* of caches there to go for. We tried to get a cache in each county we visited but we didn't quite manage that.

But maybe some of my georges will make it to counties where I have no hits. I did actually spend $24 (four fives, four ones) in Sierra County at a wonderful diner, the Indian Valley Trading Outpost in the Tahoe National Forest. We had foolishly tried to grab some Sierra County caches without having the full cache description (so we DNF'd both of them). But the breakfast with homemade corned beef hash and biscuits and gravy with actual chunks of a lovely sage sausage was fabulous! I'd go back there just for the food.
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I suppose I should backtrack and say what I've been up to.
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Bah! I hate it when I don't write things down daily!

Friday after Kurt left I went to BofA and got $200 from the ATM, I asked what their $1s were like and went ahead and got $50 in worn georges. Then I went down the street to Union Bank (where I only have an account because they often have new money) and asked whether they had any new $1s. The teller looked and had about three really ragged straps and one fairly nice looking but not mint. I thought I'd just get another $50.

I got home and found that the strap had evidently been sitting in a vault for a decade - these were crisp excellent bills... all 1995 and earlier. I had to go back to the bank and get the rest of the strap.

strap stats
81 1995
2 1993
11 1988A
5 1988
1 1981

My previously entered bills for those years will be greatly augmented!
1995 - 238
1993 - 14
1988a - 15
1988 - 1
1981 - 1

Okay. I admit that only a georger would get so excited about this. Luckily I had a lunch scheduled with my friend and fellow-georger Gremlin to swap some stamps. We had exchanged my red for her purple DA#1 stamp so she could see whether the color made a difference on hits. We went to the spaghetti factory for lunch and then wandered around the farmer's market. We also went into the Tied House and signed a contract to have the December NorCal George gathering there on December 11th. Yay! A gathering right downtown!

I got home and tried to take a nap but I got a phone call from my insurance company that had me frothing at the mouth. So I entered georges for awhile and then tried to sleep again. I could have really used a nap! [ profile] mr_kurt, [ profile] saffronrose and [ profile] hermetichaole had decided to have dinner at Astaria in San Mateo on our way to The Hunger rather than trying to eat in the City. I was driving and had not properly considered that it was Friday rush hour! Eep! We were about 20 minutes late for our dinner reservation and then service was not at all expeditious (although the food was wonderful!). We got on the road as soon as we could but got to Rawhide at about 9:20. I put my fangs in and reported for duty at the biting booth. Sir Menzi and I spent the whole night double teaming (on those who wanted it that way) most of our victims. *grin* I had red lipstick and glitter on my lips so you could tell who I had bitten by the red and glittery necks. *laugh* It was really fun. Noor Belly Dance Troupe (two dancers) were just wonderful. We left around 2:30am. The traffic back was amazingly bad (including southbound 101 being totally closed for the work on Shoreline and something closing Market at Julian and St. James!). I did't get to sleep until about 4am. That is something you will almost never hear from me! Getting up at 4am maybe, but not staying up until 4am! Un-natural!
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Saturday afternoon we had our George gathering at a local church hall. I forgot to count how many folks are here but I'd say around 30. Everyone I have met is really nice, continuing the trend I have observed in the Northern California Where's George? Association. We stamped bills, ate sandwiches and had a raffle and charity auction. I got a number of things in the raffle. Two bottles of Oracle of Napa cabernet and a lager. I traded one bottle for a t-shirt - I didn't pack enough shirts and having spilled stuff on the one I wore to the fiesta I was in great need of a shirt! NapaMac kindly also gave me a red tshirt he won because he said he'd never wear red and so I am doing fine in the shirt department now. I traded the other (and threw in the lager) for a bottle of Albuquerque wine to take home for Tuesday dinner. We'd have Oracle's wine before. :-) I didn't win anything in the auction. There was a lot of good wine, but I didn't want to carry more than one bottle on the plane.

After the gathering, Miss P and I headed over to Old Town and wandered around the shops. I got a pair of balloon socks and another balloon pin. Oh, and a bottle of hot sauce that Exu (or somebody in my head) really thought needed to come back to the House. *laugh* Other than that I was frugal. It is amazing how much the plaza here looks like the one in Santa Fe. I think someone I went to Santa Fe with last month was confusing the two. It would be easy to do!

We got back a little late to go to the gathering dinner and I just ate airline peanuts and some honey almonds I'd got at the Fiesta for dinner. I got to bed at around 9pm. I really don't understand what is happening to me. I used to be able to sleep anywhere, anytime, easily. These last couple of years (related to being post menopause?) this has changed. I am not too bad if there is someone to cuddle with... I wake up, cuddle up and go back to sleep. But when I'm alone I wake up and just lie there thinking. Wah! I haven't slept more than a few hours in three nights and I am worried. I have no tools for insomnia, I've never needed them.
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The flight to Albuquerque was long but uneventful. I liked being able to stay on the plane in Phoenix instead of making a connection. Direct flights would be nicer of course. :-)

I got up this morning and had a nice chat with Rayna on the phone and then went out to breakfast with Lily-Rose and Robyn. We ate the Frontier which, according to them, means I can say I have been in Albuquerque. *grin* Robyn gave me a tour of UNM, esp. the Maxwell Anthropology Museum and the Zimmerman library where we visited Wendeleh's office quite windowless office. A typical cataloging operation. *grin* Robyn and I went to a Gyros place for lunch and then I hooked up again with Lily-Rose, Wendeleh and Jeanne and went to see Serenity Wow. That was an amazing adrenaline rush.

spoilers )

The George Gathering back at the hotel is fun. I have met lots of folks from around the country and put faces to handles. We ate pizza and stamped bills with the gathering stamps. Finally! I have stamped $1s to spend. I had entered a bunch but didn't want to stamp them until I could use the balloon stamps.

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