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This has been a busy week. After an absolutely wonderful birthday I dove back into the office. I had started a project last week and figured I had about 8 hours to go on it... and it was something I could do from home. So Tuesday I banged away at that and it turned out to be more like 9-1/2 hours so I had a bit to finish up this morning. But I'm done with that.

At lunch yesterday I popped over to a local TB hotel and grabbed a travel bug that is on its way to Australia. I'll get it as far as NZ and that should help.

I realized the other day that I hadn't done the updates on my hobby statistics that I usually do at the end of a year. So nothing special about 1/9/08 but here I go:

Where's George:

You have entered 15,382 Bills worth $72,181
Bills with hits: 2,293 Total hits: 2,708
Hit rate: 14.91% Slugging Percentage: 17.60% (total hits/total bills)
George Score: 1,100.93
Your rank (based on George Score) is #762
(out of 50,618 current users with a George Score. [98.5 Percentile])
Your State Rank in California is: 60 out of 10,286 [99.4]

Milestones - a state county bingo in Hawaii (got the Kauai hit today!)


*Total Caches Found 716
Traditional Caches * 616
Multi-caches * 30
Virtual Caches * 31
Letterbox Hybrids * 1
Event Caches * 10
Unknown (Mystery) Caches * 17
Project APE Caches * 1
Webcam Caches * 2
Locationless (Reverse) Caches * 4
Cache In Trash Out Events * 2
Earthcaches * 2
NGS Benchmarks 18

And I've hidden four caches

Total Trackables Moved/Discovered 258
Total Trackables Owned 129

Obviously caching hasn't been the obsession in 2007 that it was in 2005-2006. But I think it is picking up again. I'm looking forward to looking for caches in New Zealand.

I'm not sure what metrics one would use for Second Life. Falkenrath has 5,958M of land (between Scar & I) plus I have the 512M Ros' Mermaid Grotto on Vargas (which is for sale since I never visit). I am on more hours a week than I care to count. Ninetails doesn't wear a tracker so my inworld stats aren't up-to-date. I have almost 2500 images on flickr of which over 2,000 are of SL. Anything else you'd like to know?
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Despite having a great massage from Tina on Thursday I am incredibly sore in my left shoulder blade muscles. Ow. I really shouldn't be typing but I really wanted to catch up my journal a little.

Friday I went up to San Francisco to meet some Where's George folks and do a tour of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank. Evidently, in addition to the regular tours which you have to get 10 people together and schedule weeks in advance there is a shorter, drop-in tour at noon on Fridays. Five of us showed up along with three other people and did this tour. The SF FRB has the largest historical US currency collection and it was really cool. They gave us booklets and a CD about the collection but I haven't had a chance to check out the CD yet since I have been trying to stay off the computer.

After the tour we went and had lunch at the Ferry Building and then I showed a couple of the guys geocaching. We got two virtuals and two micros. There is a wonderful statue of Gandhi at the Ferry Building which I had never seen. I felt like I should leave flowers.

I watched the new Bill Moyer's special on Faith & Reason and thought the two people he interviewed for last nights show were fascinating. Jeanette Winterson talked of her Pentacostal upbringing. On of the telling things she said was that her mother asked her when she came out as a lesbian - Why do you want to be happy when you could be normal? That summarized for me a particular worldview beautifully. I'll take happy any day, myself. The other guest was Will Power, a rap artist, who has done an off-broadway version of Aeschylus' Seven Against Thebes that sounds fascinating. He translated it, "flipped it" into a modern ghetto story. The few rehearsal clips they showed were interesting.

This morning I have been mostly hanging out, reading His Magesty's Dragon and trying to work on my shoulder. I did watch a new documentary DVD on Where's George that came in the mail yesterday. It was made by a Georger who did a lot of interviews at the St. Louis gathering last year (I think). I thought it was well done.

Per a note in [ profile] polyamory the word polyamory is now in Merriam-Websters.

Papers from 3rd Annual Workshop on the Weblogging Ecosystem

Papers from AAAI 2006 Symposia on Computational Approaches to Analyzing Weblogs
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This week has pretty much been taken up with hard work during the day and watching olympics at night. Not much to report. Last night I went with Kurt & Marina & Arthur down to Santa Cruz to go English Country Dancing. It was fun. We saw [ profile] naomifine and other friends. It was a pleasure to dance again.

Today I pretty much spent the whole day working on the second episode of Interfaith Today which has now been uploaded. This one has a talk Charles Gibbs made on the URI's Vision at the conference I went to back in August. I'm still plagued by the learning curve. I re-recorded my little intro like 4-5 times trying to eliminate machine noise. I have somewhere between 57-77 listeners based on downloads of the first episode. Go me!

In hobby news, no caching today but I did get a George hit in the elusive state of West Virginia. Only three states to go before I have 50 state bingo - KY, DE and WY. West Virginia is a really hard one for west coast Georgers so I'm pretty stoked.

I'm off to meet Russell for dinner at Habana Restaurant. Fried plantains here I come!
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Friday, after a lovely morning with Kurt, I was supposed to have lunch with Pam from Corvalis and her daughters. But she called to cancel and I was suddenly at liberty. I headed off to pick up a package at the post office but they couldn't find it. This happened to me awhile ago with a certified letter they totally lost and I never did get resent. *shakes head*. I think this is my replacement bracelet, so it had better turn up!

I decided to go to lunch at Spaghetti Factory but got sidetracked by Cuccini's, a Mediterranean restaurant where Fanny & Alexander's used to be. I had two kebabs, including one that was beef tenderloin and really lovely. Yum! Just as I was finishing Russell called and asked if I was at the Farmer's Market somewhere as he had just finished a business lunch at Tied House next door. We met and shared a hug and I walked him to the end of the market. There are more hard goods vendors than produce sellers these days. The market will stay open until the holiday season so they have time to sell to the present buyers.

I decided to go geocaching and found I can't chase Hummingbirds and Rails to Trails #1 (my first blinker cache... dang that's tiny). I didn't find Mominima a despite being *right there* I'm quite sure. *sigh* I didn't find Palm Park Cache but found out when I went to log the DNF that it had been disabled since I printed out the log sheet. I'm pretty sure I know where it was. I'm getting better at this!

I got home about 4pm and decided that I wasn't going to drive to Berkeley for the Villains party nor even to Mountain View for Brad's pumpkin carving party. I'm not sure what I did Friday night. I read the chapter on SARS in Microbe and I probably played a lot of Snood.

Saturday I went to a small George gathering (about 10 people) at the Pruneyard Hobbee's in honor of Pam's visit. It was nice to see lots of familiar faces. And their special omelet was smoked turkey, cranberries and gouda which was excellent. The service was rather indifferent though. I have not been at all impressed with them lately.

I went to the SMO annual meeting, listened to and voted. Then I left to come home. I was feeling rather under the weather. Russell got me to go see Zorro and afterward I felt much better. It was a bit of fluff and I have all sorts of quibbles (the nitroglycerin seeming to have whatever properties the script required without any reference to reality being the big one) but it was a fun romp. And Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antonio Banderas are both quite watchable. Esp. the former. Oh, yum! Then off to the SMO MoP and home to bed too late. *yawn*
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The week is flying by! I feel like I have so much to do before the handfasting on Sunday... but I can't quite think what. [ profile] gwebbyhead came by last night and dropped off my silk blouse. It doesn't look very piratical but it is just lovely! And the blue skirt sets it off beautifully. If it wouldn't be in the way I'd wear a merkaba circle veil as a wrap. Another day for that. It will be magnificent!

And the hat! The hat isn't really for the handfasting, I just couldn't resist getting Gwen's professional hand at the decorating. It is a red hat I bought at the last Dicken's Faire. One of those lady's top hats that works for either Elizabethan or Victorian costume. Gwen did a wonderful job of using the ribbons and feathers and the killer black-with-stars tulle from Mendel's to turn out an extremely stylish confection. Since I did give people the option of wearing "big hats" at the High Tea reception I may have to change out of my rainbow silks into something I can wear the hat with. Or not. We shall see.

I really I mostly want to dither around worrying about what I'm forgetting... but since I was out last week and will be out next week, I am actually being really good about buckling down and getting work done. I have finished a couple of searches and am working on two totally killer searches that are out of my usual area of expertise. There just aren't humanities resources the way there are tech resources! I hate feeling less than competent!

I finished Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince Tuesday night (it came Monday as it had to come from England... I refuse to read the "translated" US versions). Huh. I hate cliff hangers. Not a bad read though. I love that it outsold summer blockbuster movies on its opening weekend. The last figure I saw was it sold 8.9 million copies in the first 24 hours.

I called around to banks yesterday and found that Union Bank in Menlo Park has new $1 bills. I went and got $200 worth. Oh fresh new, serial number order bills! I don't care if they are San Francisco FRB. Entering serial numbers is so much easier when you can cut and paste and just change one digit! They had fresh $5s too. I will have lots of georges to spend in Vegas next week. :-) I did hit the elusive, George Score of 1,000 today, coming in at 1000.65.

Okay, I'm going back to work now. Hopefully Russell and I get to see Howl's Moving Castle tonight. I understand it strays a good bit from the book but is wonderful Miyazaki animation. I am glad Kurt mentioned it was in town!
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I'm back. I know I have lots to write about my road trip and the badness of the King Tut exhibit. I promise I'll find time... soon! In the meantime, some things I just have to note!

Back in December I wrote that I had hit #12 in the all time high score list for Bookworm with 439080. How times have changed! I just made #17 with 501850. They seem to have lost my old score... it would put me at #21. Still, I am *so* jazzed to have broken 500,000!

Speaking of milestones, there is a good chance I'll have a George Score of 1,000 tomorrow. Today it is 999.79 and I've been getting about a .25 point a day. I've dipped down into being in the top 1,000 Georgers, but quickly bounced back over 1,000 (1,002 today). And today I'm #70 in California which is the highest I've gotten. Maybe I'll break into the 60's!
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My it has been a busy weekend. Saturday I helped get ready for a couple of initiations. It was wonderful to have a large cross-section of the NROOGD Elder community gathered in my home. We had a wonderful kick-ass couple of rites (but please no more doubles... lots of energy expended). And then we feasted. And oooooh my, the food! There was a "Low Carb Beefed-Up Meat Loaf" with a layer of proscuitto in the middle that was incredibly tasty. Plus two kinds of lasagna, goat meatballs, pine nut and veggie balls, homemade cheesecake, chocolate cake, an amazing fruit salad, a green salad and lots more that I'm just not remembering. [Hmm. I think there is one more left over serving of meatloaf. I'm making myself hungry!] Folks left around 1:30am Sunday. I fell into bed by about 2am (even I had to tidy just a little just so as to not face it in the morning). And got up by about 7am because my body is just used to getting up at 5am or earlier and thinks 7am is incredibly late. *yawn*

I puttered around, cleaned up, played Snood, read more of the 4th Obernewtyn book, The Keeping Place, and was ready to head off to Sacramento at 1pm when Gremlin arrived. We got to Hukilau Island Grill at 16th & "O" Sts just on time at 3pm. The traffic was fairly heavy but we allowed plenty of time. When we got there R.J. and Diane were already there. We were joined by Todd, Rogue Noir, Wendy Sue, Edna, California Girl, Ratster and George-celeb guest, Holly by Golly (HbG) from Oregon. Holly was the first person to host a George gathering back in about 2000 or 2001. We had a great time. Our waiter, Sean, had never heard of the site through he thought he had probably seen marked bills before. We had a back room space and were able to be loud, move around the table and generally revel. The pulled pork was very good. I had some leftovers for breakfast this morning. Oh happy me! This has been a great eating weekend... and there is neighborhood BBQ yet to come!

This morning has been really lovely. [ profile] mr_kurt came over early. We did an interview via Skype with [ profile] polyweekly. Which reminds me, someone asked for the link to the list of sexy podcasts and since I don't remember who that was I'll just post it. I have been having fun listening to folks. The world is probably really glad I don't have time to take up podcasting! I'm not sure what my topic would be. Probably something magical/interfaith rather than sex. But the whole be-your-own-radio-producer thing is just sooooo cool!

[ profile] gwebbyhead and [ profile] spidernette came by and visited and I got to give Gwen my favorite outgrown cowgirls shirts that I had been agonizing over giving to Goodwill. *happy dance* I am so glad to have thought of that. And she is even moving to Texas in a month so probably having a few more western shirts in her wardrobe is all to the good. *laugh*

In another couple of hours it will be off to the BBQ and then on to fireworks tonight. I love fireworks.

meatloaf recipe with notes by the friend who brought it )

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