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It has been a pretty good week. We had our Second Sunday Adocentyn Research Library work party and got a fair bit done (although since I was multi-tasking and attending the NCLC meeting remotely not so much thanks to me). But I did get a two day work week both weeks going up mid-week and spending the night at Glenn's. I still hate the commute (esp in the rain) but at least I can put in 5-8 hour days. We are up over 2,000 books entered on Library Thing (haha, I just noticed Glenn's count it 666). Not quite ready for patrons, but definitely getting to the stage where it is tempting to browse and read.

I really love Aangan, the Nepali Restaurant around the corner. It is a definite incentive to drive to Albany to work at the library. *grin* Although I did manage stops at Stag's Lunchette one week and I ate at the Solano Grill the other. But Aangan does amazing paneer pakodas and lamb korma and paneer masala dosa. Kurt donated his mini-fridge to the library so I can even have take-away for breakfast the next morning. Life is good. Unfortunately with my surgery coming up I have appointments that will keep me from working before surgery and then who knows. I had hoped to get more done. *sigh*

In WoW news, I have 11 toons lvl 85 or over and Velarosz will probably hit 90 next week. Even Roszmairta, my very first ever toon hit 85 despite the fact that she is a druid and I'm not very good with that class. So from August 2008 to November 2012 to get 85 levels. She started, of course, in Libraries and Librarians over on Aerie Peak but has been on Bronzebeard for a couple of years and is now in Daughters of the Alliance. I have friends who can get to max level in like a week. I have never understood how they do it though. OTOH, many people don't understand about dozens of alts. That is the nice thing about WoW -- there are so many different ways to play. Speaking of which, one of the new things is pet battles. If I didn't feel like I had to level some of my toons to 90, I would soooo be all over battling and collecting new pets. This week is the 8th anniversary of WoW. Happy anniversary!

In movie news, Russell and I saw Skyfall and Wreck It Ralph. Skyfall was a perfectly competent James Bond movie. Wreck It Ralph was a seriously delightful tribute to the arcade games of old. It reminded me a bit of Toy Story, in that the story is "behind the scenes" from the view of the gamers who play the games; what happens after the arcade closes. I laughed, I cried, I left with a smile on my face. Really, really fun.

I had my pre-operative appointment with the surgeon on Friday and my coven and other dear friends did a ritual for me. It was really wonderful and I am feeling calmer and more centered than before the ritual. We also dressed and charged candles for them to burn for me on the day of surgery. I'm already in the fasting from ibupropen (and not finding acetominiphen adequate). Tomorrow I have an ultrasound scheduled for a last look at the nodules before they are removed. We don't suspect cancer, but the ultrasound will show my lymph nodes just to see if she should inspect them whilst my neck is open for signs of cancer. My last needle biopsy was years ago, but there really is no indication. And my family doesn't seem cancer prone. I'm kind of amazed that it is a scary word despite my intellectual surety that it is unlikely.
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Everything seems really crazy at the moment. Work somehow managed to have a deadline of 12/28 for patent disclosures for the last patent meeting of the fiscal year. So I'm going nuts searching for all the prior art that people might should have been thinking about, erm, earlier in the process. I feel sorry for the researchers who thought they were taking vacation this holiday. I wasn't so it isn't *that* big a deal except that the office stress level is quite high.

So Cataclysm dropped last week but I haven't had a lot of time to play. Kurt & I started worgen together on Saturday and got them up to level 12 (out of the starting area). One of my 80s (of 5) is now 81. WoW feels stressful because of the guild achievements mostly and feeling like I'm not progressing. And one of my guilds wants all the 80s to be 85 by 12/20 so we can start rated BGs. Gah! It isn't like the content is going to go away!

I went to an allergist yesterday and he didn't think I have allergies, he thinks I still have a sinus infection. So more antibiotics and more nasal sprays. I went off decongestants and antihistamines about 10 days ago so that they weren't masking the symptoms and I suspected the sinus thing. *sigh* Sinus headaches, ftl.

Silver linings:

The KPFA Crafts Fair on Sunday was nice. Got some gift shopping done, got two pretty extensions put in my hair whilst I chatted with Caroline Casey.

The Archaeology profession in WoW is amusing and Roszfianna is a Journeyman in it.

I'm back in physical therapy for my shoulder and it is getting better.
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This morning I didn't venture out, spending some time WoW on the last day of my Refer-a-Friend dual box experience. Lukrosz only got to 49 (out of 60) but I'm pretty happy with that. I stripped most of my toons on the second account and granted what levels I could. I think Luk is the only toon that will move to my main account. Whether I keep the second account depends on whether Russell wants to play at all. If not it goes away. He has never gotten comfortable with it since he hasn't tried to play on his own... it is always with someone watching which makes it more stressful. Also he chose to play a rogue, a class about which I know zero, so I can't help. I'm not sure how I could have structured it differently though. It is too bad, I would have enjoyed playing together.

The rest of the day is air flights. I'm writing this in Dallas (though I can't get wifi to post it). I slept for an hour on the flight from NOLA but I'm still pretty tired. For some reason this trip was especially hard. And last night whilst packing I threw my back out. I will be so happy to be home to the waterbed!!! (And to not sleeping alone.)

And I'm safely landed. I think I may have picked up a cold as I've been sneezing for the last four hours. *sigh*
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So a few days ago Roszfianna became exalted with the Wyrmrest Accord. She was *not* going to buy the Reins of the Red Drake. But she realized she hadn't ever picked up the pattern for Mysterious Bag from the WrA quartermaster. Ahem, okay, she bought the drake.


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