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Friday I gave my talk on Elizabethan Seasonal Customs as planned. I had seven avatars attend each talk at noon and at 6pm. The noon talk was mostly friends from Ren Island but the 6pm talk was mostly strangers. [ profile] spikeiowa came to the noon talk and we met in Los Altos afterward for lunch at Maltby's as I just wanted to stay with the English theme. LOL Then I shopped at Draeger's and got back home to go inworld and change before the 6pm talk.

After my talk Erika & Russell & I ate of the bounty she brought from Rosine's since she had had an appointment in Monterey. So I got my German chocolate cake after all despite having not stopped for it on my last day in Monterey. Yum!

This morning we slept in and then walked over to Williams St. Park where I placed a cache. There are four benchmarks within a stone's throw of the cache and another within a block. It is a place I have thought needed a cache and in the nine months since I got the benchmarks it has remained cache free. I guess I'll find out if there is a mystery cache final there or something and that is why an almost 16 acre park has no caches.

At noon [ profile] mr_kurt came by and carried me off to the Ghede & Maman Brigitte devotional. She was shadowing me before we left having last minute opinions about jewelry and such. We stopped as we often do at the corner market on 11th St. to buy sodas and I bought a V8. It was really Maman who wanted it, evidently it had a salty, thick mouthfeel that she liked. I stopped drinking it and grounded. But I was drunk with the shadowing. It is very different than having Pomba around. We arrived and eventually the devotional started and I suspect it was very nice. Highlights for me are remembering the amazing love and devotion and compassion that Maman has for Ghede and for all beings. It was a privilege to love to purely for a time. She really liked the marrow bones. And the beignets. When the ritual was over the feast began I found I wasn't hungry in the least so I suspect she ate more than I remember.

I had thought I might join Erika & Russell at BFUU for the concerts tonight but I really had no energy left. [ profile] mr_kurt brought me home and tucked me in and I'm going to sleep even though it is only 8:45 by the clock (and with the change of clocks to come tonight quite early). An extended sleep sounds really good. Perhaps I will feel caught up.
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Halloween at Internet Librarian
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I just had to blog this picture from my friend Jill. I loved the headbands Greylin made for all the SJSU SL librarians who were working the SJSU booth. I always thought it would be a great idea for people to have their names above their heads in real life. LOL
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Tuesday I got to the gadgets talk to find it full and decided a hot tub would be the better choice. So I enjoyed a tub and got to be fairly early. I am definitely feeling the strain of going full out for so many days! And no, I didn't feel the earthquake down in Monterey. I instantly heard about it from my extended family though as everyone emailed, texted or called to say they were okay.

Wednesday was Halloween, of course, and I wore my fox ears and garb all day. The keynote was by Danny Sullivan on the Future of Search. He talked about the way search engines are evolving, esp. the way the major search engines are going into personal and vertical searching as well as the traditional horizontal search of the entire web. Then I finally got to visit the Exhibits! There wasn't really any companies I need to talk to this year though I did check in with some vendors I use. I may also get a trail of the new Elsevier product Scirus as the demo I got looked like it might be of interest.

Then I attended World of Warcraft versus Second Life which was interesting. I am afraid to get into WoW, I don't have enough time as it is! Cindy Hill also talked the Sun virtual world, MPK20, which they are developing so that they can have proprietery discussion on their own servers instead of being on the Linden servers. I think IBM is working on something similar too. But it was interesting to see screenshots. She says they ahve a video up on YouTube for which I need to search.

Then I had lunch with Lorelei, Kitty & Puglet in the hotel restaurant (which I had never been in all these years). We all had the salad & soup bar which was excellent. I found that Lori was going to take a bus to San Jose where she had a hotel for the night before an early flight. I offered to be her driver and it turned out her hotel was almost exactly a mile from our house so it wasn't out of the way at all.

I went to one more session to hear om Reamy talk on, "Folksonomies and Tagging: Libraries & the Hive Mind". He was rather negative about the potential of folksonomies with a bit of research to back him up. Unsurprisingly... users, beyond various kinds of geeks, really are not interested in creating elaborate user-generated tagging schemes.

Lori & I left before the last session and closing keynote. The person doing the keynote had spoke at SL vs Wow and did not impress me at all! I had been thinking of staying for it until then. But it was just as well that I headed home, I was totally exhausted by the time I had unpacked. Russell & I ate and waited (in vain) for kids on whom to bestow candy. We had two knocks on the door between 4:30-7:30. So we went over to 6th Street and walked the block looking at the cool decorations. Our favorites were the Pirates (done by our friends Miranda & Diane) and the alien autopsy guy. He was telling several children that the crashed spaceship in his yard had hit last night "and hadn't they felt the shaking when it crashed". Their eyes got big as they nodded. LOL - was it earthquake or aliens? Russell was fighting a cold and I was fighting fatigue so we turned in early.

Today I had tons of things to catch up on and worked all day despite being very tired. Tonight Russell & Erika are out at a lecture she is doing but Tina came by and gave me a massage. It was wonderful, except that my skin reacted to the oil (plain almond oil!) and I had to take a mid-massage shower. *sigh* I figure the insult of sleeping on hotel sheets probably had me right on the edge. And the neighbors were playing loud Mexican oompa music. I put on Yothu Yindi which did a good job of keeping us insulated - much better than the usual soothing massage music would have done anyway.

I went inworld only briefly to wish my friend Bildeaux happy Rez day at his party. Then I finished up my talk for tomorrow on Elizabethan Seasonal Customs which I give at the Rose & Crown Tavern on Ren Island at noon and again at 6pm (so both our European and US residents can have a chance to hear it). I just hope that the tradesperson who is supposed to come and give an estimate on the heater gets here at 11am as planned. I need to be inworld on time!

So now, I'm taking my exhausted body off to bed. Happy belated Samhain & good night!
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Sunday I puttered around in the morning (mostly inworld) and then headed off to lunch with my friend Jill. We ate on fisherman's wharf and caught up on our first and second lives. Then I went to a class on using CSS. I have worked with CSS web pages but mostly those created by others. Now I feel like I know a bit more about what's what. He offered some great websites for further info which I will have to add later as that handout is back in my room. (I'm writing this on Monday in the Steinbeck auditorium listening to a web 2.0 talk. *grin*)

I had dinner with Derry & Brielle and their friend from New Jersey. I have run into them in the SL library work. I did a beautiful mandala of Derry awhile back. So it was a blast to meet them in person. Their friend totally did not get SL, and it was a very interesting conversation veering from SL to general library stuff to food to television shows. Derry mentioned that there was a Celtic music festival at Nancy Blake's this weekend, so after dinner I went into SL and Scar & I danced to the last of the music.
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Well, I am even worse than usual with the journaling. What have I done since October 15th?

On the 16th I had lunch at Suraj with my friend Laurel from the interfaith community and had a great time catching up. I miss our Bridge CC group meeting regularly. I think things may pick up as the 2008 URI Global Summit gets closer and the 2009 Parliament.

After work I went to a Move On Vigil for Children's Health at 15th & Santa Clara Sts. There were about a dozen people there holding signs and candles. We got a lot of honks from passing cars. It doesn't stop the idiots in Washington from not funding health... but I'm glad to have done it. I left at 7pm to get home to a meeting with the coven to plan out our dates and foci for the coming six months.

On the 17th I went to physical therapy on my hand. I think I'm done with that. Not because my hand is all better, but because I think I know what to do and not do to help it get better. And I can't stand my insurance company paying as much as they are for the service.

On the 18th [ profile] mr_kurt and I had lunch with [ profile] spikeiowa and heard about her trip to WorldCon in Japan and generally caught up. I would really like to visit Japan someday.

On the 19th I hung out inworld some and ran errands. One of the really cool things I did inworld was a Burning Life Decompression Party with a performance by the ChangHigh Trinity Sisters. But the picture here is me dancing in an effects orb just 'cause I LOVE the shot!

Saturday the 20th I went to the Gardnerian Thirds Gathering and to the monthly Bembe. I went out for Ogun, Oxossi, Pombagira, Maman Brigitte and Xango. Thanks to my covenmate who is a butcher I had excellent marrow bones for Maman which I enjoyed muchly. And Anton Berg liquer chocolates for Pomba. Jess had cooked an incredible thanks-giving meal and the Irish Cream & Chocolate Bread Pudding with whipped marscapone was awesome.

Sunday I spent inworld a fair amount of time inworld. Russell & I watched Criterion Collection's Monterey Pop, a movie I saw in the theatre when I came out back in 1969. Oh wow. This movie made me want to pack my bags and head for San Francisco. It took me another dozen years to actually do it, but I can say this documentary was one brick on the "I must live in California" road for me. I put it on my Amazon wishlist.

Monday was a normal day with nothing in particular to report. I did reaffirm that I can't wear raw silk. (House of Innana were thinking of getting pantaloons in said fabric.) Russell and I had a quiet night together before his trip to Birmingham on Tuesday to see his family. This is a family travel month for us!

Tuesday I took him to the airport and had a good day at work. It was 4th Tuesday but I had said I wasn't going to cook and mess up a bunch of pots and things... so we were having pizza. Nine of the regulars showed up for Pizza Chicago and good conversation. It was my Rez Day Anniversary in Second Life and I went to a party that my friend Dae was giving for Catherine Apollo whose rez day is today but who has been inworld more like 3-4 years. Scar gave me a Robbie Dingo stratocaster guitar for my Rez Day gift. *bounce*

Today was Scar's Rez Day and I gave him a wonderful suit designed by Solivar Scarborough (Dae's partner). I will post pictures as soon as I can take some! It has been a good day at work. When I got in this morning though, I realized that my Kyocera 7135 has finally, irrevocably died. *sob* I was going to go over to the Verizon store to look at phones but they told me I should check with my insurance since I insured my phone. Lo & behold rather than just insuring against loss, it insures against everything. So they are sending me a Treo 700p. In a way it is a let-down as I was thinking of getting a regular phone and just carrying two devices. I'll see how it goes.

And that is a quick summary of what has been up with me this week.
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Being sick is almost like being in a different country. Nothing seems quite in focus. I keep thinking I'm going to be better or that I am... but looking back I can see that the last 10 days or so were a blur of pain and lassitude. And it hasn't lifted, but I am going to just make myself write up what I've done in the last while so it doesn't get totally lost.

My last entry was on the 26th. At about 4pm on the 27th, my throat just closed up. Naturally Thursday night was the Pagan singing group. I thought, well maybe I'll be able to sing by 7pm. It was just so weird - I didn't have any warning of feeling that I was getting sick. Just boom. Throat sore and no voice for like 40 hours. Only Kurt & Anith joined Russell & I (and Anith was an hour late). Kurt went on home since there was no singing. Anith came to watch the DVD Rachael made of Margot Adler's Singing is Fabulous workshop at Merrymeet. That was my favorite thing at MM and it is so cool to have all the chants to learn. So I got a dose of Pagan music though singing was right out.

Friday I had various things on my plate - wait for the guy to start the furnace for the year and then go get new tires for my Prius. The amount of energy those activities took totally drained me and I realized that going to my coven retreat weekend that was supposed to start that night was crazy. I didn't want to expose my covenmates to myself. Russell went off without me.

Saturday morning, still not a lot of voice, I went up with another covenmate who couldn't go up on Friday and joined the coven. We had a lovely ritual and feast and I really wished I had been able to be more present.

Sunday after leaving the retreat I took a nap (a big feature in my days this period) and then went inworld for the Burning of the Man at Burning Life. Scar & I did fireworks before the burn to bring people to the event. The sim limits had been set as high as 80 and there was crashing in the world. *sigh* I lost one of my fireworks boxes but this turned out to be a blessing because it caused me to write Zebra North, the creator, and make a new friend. Sunday evening Scar & I did fireworks for the kick-off of Banned Books week on ALA Arts Island. BBW has a pirate theme and it was great fun.

Monday I deemed myself way to sick to try going to work and I spent the day sleeping until it was time for the burning of the Temple at Burning Life. It was amazing and not quite as crowded as the burning of the Man (they'd set sim limits lower) but still too crowded to rez my fireworks controller. (I was supposed to have done them after the temple burn.) Lesson learnt - fireworks are not a good plan when there are lots of avatars around. My Burning Life pictures are collected at BL Flickrstream.

Tuesday I went to work. I'm not sure how much I actually got done, but there was a patent meeting in the afternoon which I really had to attend. Scar & I did do more fireworks for Banned Books week at lunch, a more Euro-friendly time than our Sunday show. But I came home and collapsed and lost my voice again. Thus Wednesday I stayed home from work in the morning but drove to Palo Alto for a mammogram and ultrasound on my thyroid. It takes long enough to get those appointments that I *had* to do that. It totally took all my energy though and I bailed on going to the first San Jose Rep play of the season, Triumph of Love. But I really need to be sensible and get well.

Thursday found me at work for the morning as I had hand therapy scheduled at lunch. I cleared off my desk and went to therapy and then home to sleep again. I was determined to be well enough to do my bit at the Eleusinian Mysteries this weekend. I did write Nette and tell her I wasn't going to come up and camp Thursday night. I needed the warm waterbed and sleeping in more than the bonding of camping with tradmates.

Friday, with some misgivings, I got myself packed up and headed off to camp in the redwoods getting ready for the Eleusinian. The camp was nice and the people were wonderful... and the temperature was really, really cold. (I hadn't thought about the fact that the park is on the ocean side of the peninsula.) I am afraid this was not the best choice for someone who is sick. But I took part in the symbolic pig roast (pork loin and marzipan pigs) and slept over. But I woke up this morning and I just knew that there was no way I could do my role as Black Priestess in the rite Saturday night. It took me about three hours to actually bow to that realization. I didn't *want* to fail my friends and I have been looking forward to doing BP and singing the Blessing of the Initiates for a year. However, the totally muzziness of my brain and the lack of voice convinced me. I got home by about 1:15 and by 1:30 I was asleep. It is now about 7pm and I am really headachy and sick and worried about going to see my mother on Tuesday. I don't want to carry an illness to Texas. I guess I'll call the clinic first thing Monday and see if they think antibiotics or something are called for. I really hate taking them but I have been sick for 10 days! And I'm not getting better.

The Eleusinian is probably finished by now since the ritual started at 5:30. Blessings upon my friends out in the cold woodlands. Blessed are they who have seen beneath the surface of the world. They have seen the end of life and its Goddess' sent beginnings. Thrice blessed are they who have seen these Mysteries. I'm sorry I wasn't there to share in them.
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Tie Dyeving!
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The pun in the title is [ profile] mr_kurt's... but I really like this pix he got of me diving off our tower.

And here is one I took of him. *grin*


We are almost done with our build for Burning Life and it is totally cool! It is colourful, interactive and fun. Come by BL Arthur SLURL if you have a Second Life.
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I guess the craziest thing that happened yesterday was that something took me to the Second Life Burning Life blog about 2:30 and I saw the entry about a final land grab at 3pm. I have been toying with doing a Burning Life build/art project but had pretty much given up after the kerfuffle over the beautiful statue that got censored. But... I couldn't resist seeing if I could get a spot and I did. Scar & I are talking about trying out something we've been talking about... details to come if we're successful. *bounce*

In the evening we went off to Berkeley to attend the Umbanda devotional at BFUU. Naturally we hit Cafe de la Paz for dinner and I had the most amazingly wonderful crab enchilladas. The devotional was for Nena & Oko and was very underattended. I haven't made a devotional myself in awhile but I see what folks are complaining about. I think we need to do more outreach!

Today I had leftover enchilladas for breakfast. Then I accidently deleted all the personal files on my desktop machine. I probably lost a few Second Life news articles, but my backup was only a week old so mostly I'm okay. I also deleted the Ren Faire photos I had been working on from both the desktop and my camera. A $40 recovery utility recovered them from the camera's disk. (Now I have to decide whether to post them to flickr or start a new non-SL account.)

I then worked through the morning without anything else going wrong. I was supposed to have the first physical therapy appointment for my hands at lunchtime but I got there and they didn't have it in their computer. *sigh* But it is on Cal Ave, so I wandered down to Know Knew Books (6 more days at 75% off!) and grabbed a wrap at mediterranean wraps place and headed back to work. I pretty much recovered from my disasters... but it still feels like an unsettling day! And my stomach hurts as usual.

And now for something completely different, well, sorta different... Doonesbury on SL

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I had all kinds of real world things I meant to do on Friday. But I hadn't made a to-do list and I couldn't think of any of them. *sigh* So groceries and pharmacy were done but I didn't buy new tires or shop for a scale or whatever else might have been on my list.

Friday night we celebrated the 40th birthday of Queen Elizabeth the First of England on Renaissance Island. Scar & I did fireworks and there was dancing and some very strange dialog. We had planned for people to give her gifts and things like the captain of the galleon reporting on his sailing to the New World and fighting Spaniards. But Henry VII showed up and played the angry ghost telling her to get married and have children. *sigh* I have no idea what he was thinking. Scar had gotten dragooned into being Lord Burghley and attending on the Queen. He says being a courtier is very boring. I shouldn't wonder. *grin*

Saturday Russell and I went off to the Renaissance Faire at Casa de Fruta. I had worried that the Lick fire might have caused traffic problems. After all the smoke has been choking us 50 miles away (though sunrise & sunset have been amazing). But it was fine, though we did see helicopters of firefighters taking off from the Casa de Fruta airstrip. This year there were several programs marked "NC-17" at Faire... so naturally Russell and I had to attend several. We liked The Poxy Boggards and The Merry Wives of Windsor, both of whom had a lovely collection of bawdy songs. I had meant to buy the Boggard's albums after their second show but forgot to head back there. So I downloaded one of them off CD Baby this morning. I love the internet! Erika joined us about 1:30pm and we wandered a bit together. It was fun to show her our Faire. And the goat cheese stuffed deep fried artichoke hearts in parmesan breadcrumbs with a hollandaise dipping sauce were sinfully delicious. *swoon*

Sunday I went inworld for my usual 11am Ren Island meeting. They are working on a Ren Faire but it is the same day as Eleusinian so I can't offer fireworks. Bah. Then I went to the first manga shoot (I am an extra). I will let you all know when the web comic starts to actually be posted. Then Kurt came by and we headed off to the last NCLC meeting of our tenure as co-First Officers. It was a good meeting with lots of substance and I am very, very glad to be done for awhile. Though Kurt offered his house for the November meeting. *LOL* I was amazed. And someone from Owl Moon should probably go and get our one meeting a year requirement handled. Maybe even me, but I'm hoping a coven sister can do it. Though, as Kurt points out... there is a hot tub.

I got home and jumped inworld to see if I had missed all the festivities for the new Accessbility Center that the National Library of Medicine is funding on Healthinfo Island. I was but I ran into some of folks and listed to an interesting discussion between an NLM librarian and a Social Work prof on gerontological access to health information online. I love the connections people make in SL. His university dept may well write a grant to NLM from this conversation.
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Friday (9/7/07) at 6pm SLT Imagination Island (Mythica/Rachelville) will open its doors to SL for an Open House, Dance, Treasure Hunt and all around good time.

The Moon Illusions Art Gallery, Imagination Island (52,52,603) will have a show including some of my general SL mandalas. You may find yourself at the telehub and need to use the blue bubble teleporter to get to the gallery.

I will try to be there some but I am doing fireworks for the 40th birthday of Queen Elizabeth I on Renaissance Island tomorrow evening also. When did my second life get as overscheduled as my first?!
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Thursday night [ profile] mr_kurt, [ profile] saffronrose and I went to the City to see Avenue Q at the Orpheum Theater. I loved the play and can recommend it without reservation... the theater sucks. At least in an skrunched airline row the seat in front of you has some padding. This was so close that I had to side sideways the whole night. But still I enjoyed seeing the amazing puppetry, enjoyed the songs, enjoyed the Sesame St feel of the production. *grin* I had, of course, heard "The Internet Is For Porn" and "If You Were Gay" but the rest of the songs had some standouts too - "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist" and "Schadenfreude" among others. I may need to buy the soundtrack.

Friday I spent the whole day inworld. I spent time with Akere and did various things (I admit Friday and Saturday are blending together in terms of what I did inworld.) Saturday I went to a Thom Dowd recorder concert with Bildeaux and Leaf. Both days I went to dances. Gil was DJing at a jazz club and Rosie at a sexy rock club. And I went to the Friday night TX950 librarian's back to school Toga Party. If only I got that much dancing in real life!

Also on Saturday Russell & I went out to breakfast at Mini Gourmet, our favorite diner. I had a fajita omelet which was huge and I had it for Sunday breakfast too as leftovers. In the afternoon we went to see Stardust which is a wonderfully magical movie. I realized I had read the book (which I hadn't realized from the trailers) and I thought they did a lovely job of realizing it. Wonderful sets, excellent cinematography, actors having a great time... and audiences too. It was the sort of movie that strangers walking out of just have to say to each other how much they enjoyed it. Don't miss it!
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Well, bah! I lost yesterday's Lj entry entirely. Before I start to recreate it... or at least hit the high spots, let me share this funny Uncyclopedia entry on Librarian. The people writing Uncyclopedia are having way too much fun as a look at varius other entries (e.g. pirates) will make clear.

I wrote an entry about SLCC yesterday. I hate it when I lose things. It is like when I write them, they're gone. That is why I blog after all. To have an external memory. One thing was this picture on C/net which isn't particularly flattering but surely not as bad as the comment by omnwoblogger asserts. *sigh* And those are fox ears, not horns... just for the record.

Hmm. What else did I talk about? Oh well.

This morning I did another tarot shoot, producing four alternative Aces of Cups. I will probably do them over again... I'd like to add a rainbow to this set up. *grin*
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Friday I flew to Chicago as planned. It wasn't a bad flight, the awful thunderstorms reported Thursday had passed. I got to the hotel about 3pm local time and uploaded some mandalas to flickr that I had worked on during the flight. Then at 4pm I went down to register for SLCC and enjoyed visiting with the person next to me in line so much that we went to the pub in the hotel and I had some food. (I never eat enough before I fly... they aren't even selling snacks these days.) It is quite a nice Irish pub with imported Irish cider and I've eaten there twice and may go there for lunch again today. So far I have had the Bushmill's BBQ pork sandwich and the shepherds pie. Yum.

Friday night I went to a reception and panel given by Columbia College on Contemporary art in Second Life. It was mostly pretentious arty professor talking heads but they did show 28 Avatars Later, a zombie attack video by Second Front (a performance art group) which was a bit of fun. Second Front made up a zombie skin and put the animation into a teddy bear and basically offered them to people and got a zombie flash mob together... and then made a video of it. I ran into my inworld friend Chenin at the reception and had a good time visiting with him and some other folks. This is a really friendly convention! Pretty much everyone is happy to chat with anyone they happen to find themselves next to.

Saturday I started the day in the business track and then switched over to machinima in the afternoon. Both were quite interesting, esp. the Global Kids presentation about using machinima to interesting young people in global issues. They showed a number of clips which can be seen at Holy Meatballs. The one on child soldiers was very good and I need to send it to my interfaith contacts, since child soldiers are this year's Goldin Institute focus. The other really useful machinima presentation was editing tips from a professional film editor. Goodness knows most machinima dearly needs an editor!

I went to dinner with 7 librarians from the Info Island group and we had wonderful food at a local Italian restaurant called Gioco. I got to meet Korrigan, who is the manager of the Renaissance Island project and we had a wonderful time visiting. HVX (my roommate who I see I haven't mentioned), Korri & I went to the Masquerade Ball together and I had a great time dancing. I have been wearing my fox ears with whatever I'm wearing and that has been a bit of a hit here.

I'm running out of time to pack, I don't feel like I have said as much as I'd like but I wnat to post this since I probably wont' have a chance to write again until tomorrow.
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Yesterday was another blur of being sick. I did start to feel more lucid and together by evening. Russell & I watched a couple of episodes of This American Life TV show (which Russell got from iTunes after Adobe gave him a $50 gift certificate). It is interesting to see them after having listened for so long. We had lamb burgers with spinach and mashed potatoes for dinner... I actually had enough energy to cook.

So today, I am at work. I admit that I am exhausted by the least thing... getting from my car to my desk, walking out to the front to get newspapers, walking to the mailroom, shelving magazines. I have a 1pm meeting and I mean to make it that far... but then I'm going home. I've been here three hours and I feel like I've run a race. I cancelled the Pagan Singing Group for tonight because there is no way I will have energy by then... and I heard from most of the regulars that their lives are crazy and they hadn't been able to come either.

My mother has figured out how to get onto IM from her hospital room so we are chatting comfortably as usual. She thinks they will let her go home tomorrow. Instant messaging is the best technology! My mother rocks!

Tomorrow I am going to fly to Chicago for the Second Life Community Convention. I still don't know which track I'm going to attend. Probably a mix of machinima, education, business and social. Though they'd like if we would choose a track and go to that. I am staying with one of the librarians I work with inworld and there will be a number of us there. Lori Bell is leading a panel on "creating learning communities". We're planning all go out to dinner on Saturday. I am very conflicted about whether to bring a lot of hall costuming. There will probably be a lot of media there off and on and I don't know that I want to stand out. But costuming is so much a part of my experience of Cons. We shall see!

Conjure seems to finally be back in service - but gmail is probably the best way to contact me for the moment anyway. And moved my lj forwards there.


Aug. 15th, 2007 10:00 am
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One of the things that has been calling me (and Scar) artistically is a Second Life Tarot. I have done a couple of shoots (Ace & Two of Pentacles) and I am really jazzed about the idea. Also there is the dilemma of should we go for consistency (eg Gypsies in the earth, merfolk in the water, etc) or go for the incredible diversity of SL all in one deck. And do we do a separate Tinies deck?

Notice to all our inworld friends - you will be drafted to be models! LOL
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Well, I've been home for awhile but I just haven't felt like writing about MerryMeet. And I think I'm just going to be myself permission to leave it at that. I don't need to write about it.

We got home and had a whirlwind visit from honcho-sans - some of the top execs from our Japanese parent company. I was mostly not involved in that except that [ profile] mr_kurt and I did a 10 minute presentation on Second Life at the request of one of the guys. I have noticed lately that SL has been totally accepted in publications like Business Week as just another tech tool like your blackberry. I have no idea what they thought of our presentation but we went by IBM's new Business Center and by their old conferencing facility. It will be interesting to see if Ricoh uses SL for communications, which I think would be really good if people actually buy in. We'll see.

As is often the case after a trip, I had a few days breathing space but I spent much of it inworld working on my Flickrites of Second Life mandala project. I noticed after the last batch that I have misspelt Flickrites as Flickerites on every single one. Am I meticulous enough to go back and redo all the finals? I'm not sure. But it is a fun project, I'm meeting lots of cool folks and I think doing some cool art.

I also took an inworld class on making hair. This convinced me that the money I spend on hair is totally worth it. I do not think I have the spacial reasoning skills to get all those weird shapes into hairdos.

On Sunday [ profile] mr_kurt and [ profile] saffronrose, [ profile] elimloth and [ profile] spiritmoving came to dinner. I planked a salmon which I have been wanting to do for awhile. It was to yum. We also had crab & romano stuffed mushroom caps and cava sangria (of which I probably drank way more than my share since I wasn't driving). It was so nice to have distant friends over for good conversation. I'll be glad when [ profile] elimloth and [ profile] spiritmoving return to the Bay Area for good.

And last night [ profile] mr_kurt, [ profile] luverika and Reaps came to dinner and I grilled blackened tritip from Zanotto's. This is turning into a real world social week. *grin* Hurray for grilling in summer.

And yesterday was our employee appreciation luncheon at Il Fornaio. We had an excellent lunch and they gave out service awards for peopel with 10 and 15 years of service. [ profile] mdlbear and I am in the latter category, [ profile] mr_kurt in the former. We kvetched that the certificates are in Helvetica - how snazzy can that be? *laugh* Not that we were planning on framing them. It was a very nice lunch and it is nice to get an attagirl. It is a great place to work.
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Friday I mostly spent inworld attending BlogHER. It was really interesting. They audiocast the panels from Chicago and then had an inworld panel to follow that talked on the same topic but with an SL focus. Then questions to the SL panelists. I went to all three panels of the day and was sorry that I'd miss Saturday.

I also ran into an amazing Goth avatar and got her to model for me for my mandala project. I am continuing my previous SL mandalas where I do a "type" but I've started a new one with named avatars who are on flickr. I asked for models on the main SL flickr group and have had a great response.
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It was a busy week - both inworld and in real life. This is a popcorn sort of entry, but at least it is up.

Lots of life maintenance things irl - clean carpets, laundry, work. Also a great BBQ and Yangi-making on Saturday at AMUH. The kielbasa I bought on sale at Whole Foods inspired me to do the same for Tuesday dinner.

Monday I managed to dance for an hour with the troupe. We have gone back to basics for the summer and it is a good workout. The tendonitis in my fingers is making some moves a little problematic. Who knew that prolonged snake arms would hurt my fingers?

Shopping and cooking for Tuesday dinner (starting Sunday - potato salad, kielbasa, cole slaw & baked beans). Does anyone have a good traditional creamy cole slaw recipe? I'm not unhappy with what I made but it wasn't traditional.

My copy of Harry Potter got here Tuesday. I wonder what the release has done to the productivity of the world this week?

Inworld things like providing fireworks for the opening of the Globe Theatre on Renaissance Island Sunday. Machinima by my friend HVX I have also been trying to get together with various models for my current art project - doing mandalas of the Flickrites of SL. But Second Life has been down alot with some power outages and system problems.

Speaking, of inworld, I said something about this in comments to my last entry, but since many of my friends are coming into Second Life, you might want to look at my powerpoint at for some basics about clothes and things. I'm also happy to do tours and provide inworld help. :-)

URLs I want to remember:

Alan Watts animations by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Cool!

Warning about adulterated henna from Snopes
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I just thought I'd share my most recent avatar and reality pic. I finally had a smiling av pic to use so I did another one. Enjoy!
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I'm not sure why I'm having such a hard time journaling. I had an interesting week and a half! There should be pleny of things to say. But the very idea of writing about it makes me tired. And it is more fun to play with pictures for flickr. But here goes... it gets easier once one starts. :-)

Saturday was an NCLC meeting where we discussed stipends and who is going to MM. The AOS got their proxies together and caucused. All pretty reasonable. I even made a speech about taking a break from CoG and not coming to LC meetings next year (let alone running for office). Now I have a bunch of people to remind me of my resolution instead of just Russell & Kurt. *grin* After that meeting about half of us headed over to the Pagan Alliance Volunteer Appreciation BBQ. That was fun and I got to see Victoria's Saami drum and hear about her grandmother who was Saami. Very cool. Then I went to a Dark Forest esbat which was very fun and it was great to see those folks. We took pomegranate wood to make wants with and blesssed it to our Eleusinian work.

Sunday Russell & I and [ profile] mr_kurt and [ profile] saffronrose went to see a performance of Hair! by a local company. It was fun but about half the performers really weren't up to the material. I enjoyed it though and wondered what these fresh young actors and actresses made of the material. Does the current war, even without the draft, make the Vietnam experience more real for them? There was a talk-back after with a fellow who had been involved in the original New York production but rather than staying Russell & I went off and saw the new Harry Potter movie. Like most folks I have various quibbles but I liked it okay.

At circle on Saturday Gwen & I decided to get together and record the Eleusinian songs and we did that on Monday. Our voices blend really well together and we had a blast and I think the tracks are even pretty good. Certainly more understandable than the scratchy ancient tapes of Judy Foster... though I hate to lose that link with our past. What is Remembered Lives and I remember Judy partly by listening to her voice singing the Eleusinian songs. *sigh* But I remember her in many other ways too. And the young folks coming up don't have the associations and need a cleaner sounding version of the songs to learn from. I get that.

Also on Monday I did my "Getting Your Avatar Together" tour for the SJSU students in Jeremey's class. It went pretty well and we ended up with a dance at TX-950. I friended a couple of the students who wanted to talk more later. Mentoring is fun. :-)

Work has been interesting this week because each group is doing dry runs for their presentations to the Honcho-sans next month. I really like to hear the coherent story of what folks are working on instead of the snippets I get from doing particular searches.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights were unscheduled home-time with Russell. Is it totally whacko that two nights in a row together has become a rarity? We ordered pizza and watched video and spent quality time together and it was just really wonderful. I am so very lucky in my husbands.

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