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A 360-view of my garden in second life.
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The holiday weekend was quite fun. I spent a fair amount of it playing WoW. I'm enjoying my new server immensely. Also the rep in battlegrounds feature. My main did a fair number of instances and raids that she'd never have seen on her old server. My druid respecced for healing and spent a few days in BGs learning her addons... and made it to 60! My Tauren DK made it to 68 and headed to Northrend.

And I did my photo club in Second Life and got some fun shots. The one to the side is me in my "fish woman" outfit.

Sunday Erika & Russell & I went downtown to Tapesty in Talent. It has shrunk considerably since the last time I went down there. It was quite astonishing really. We enjoyed the fair food and the walking around in the lovely weather. Erika bought a fun lavender sun hat.

Then I took off and saw District Nine with [ profile] mr_kurt and [ profile] saffronrose and Arthur. It was a tough movie -- gritty and believable and astonishingly good science fiction. I recommend it.

Today I went to the Oko & Nena Feast and Devotional, celebrating the
bounty of the harvest and the wisdom of Grandmother Earth, that Loren & Diana put on for the House. We gathered and they gave talks on the two powers and then we set out the feast (roast goat, steak & chicken; amazing gumbo, black-eyed peas, ground turkey with yam & spinach casserole and other dishes that escape me at the moment. I didn't really expect to go out as they aren't powers with whom I work particularly. Evidently Nena needed more mouths as I was soon sitting and (so I'm told) eating everything in sight. My stomach agrees with that assessment. I am told I consumed a great deal of gumbo! And salad! And I didn't have any of the grilled steak I had brought even. I think my tastes and Nena's don't coincide very well. At least she only drank one beer. Anyway, I am home and overfull with memories of mud and long lazy rivers and not much else. I will have to do some altar work I think. I realized I don't have a necklace for either power but Diana & Sparrow have offered to remedy that for Nena & Oko respectively.
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The week has been fairly hectic with gearing up for P'Con. Not so much in how much I'm doing (although I did some prep pretty much every day) but in the pressure. I'm already stressing about forgetting things.

I had a optometrist appt on Tuesday and I'm mostly fine although a cataract is starting in my right eye. Eventually when it is worse I will have to deal with it.

Wednesday I went to a book discussion in Second Life on Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World which I finished reading a couple of weeks ago. Second Life lent an extra element - someone had made a tabby cat avatar for the occasion. He plans to do his reference shifts as a cat from now on.

Thursday almost everyone couldn't make singing so I cancelled it. It was really nice to have an evening at home with Russell!

Friday my covenbrother Chris and I had breakfast and then ran errands picking up things for P'Con. I got home and played WoW. Russell & Erika had headed off for a Puja so I had the house to myself.

Saturday I went to the At Home for Pomba planning. [ profile] mr_kurt flew in from a business trip to Japan and came to the At Home... and then went on to a circle afterwards. Dude, toooo much! I think we are prepared for Pomba and it should be good. The mask I ordered for her came in time too. Win!

Sunday I ran errands, played WoW and had a great Owl Moon circle. I also managed to get to my photo club in Second Life but only 4 of the 60 or so images I took really came out. The theme was 80's so I came in a wheelchair for the first part. Everyone else was wild big hair, Madonna mania, etc. So I changed after a while.

Yesterday was a pretty normal day at work. Russell and I went to see Coraline (not in 3D) in the evening. We both really liked it but were a bit worried about some fairly young kids in the audience. There are some images that could certainly be the subject of nightmares. But it is Brothers Grimm eerie rather than modern horror and it is rated PG. It is definitely worth seeing for adults!
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This is the most general one. There is me and the things I do. Friends are what keep me coming back to SL.

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Falkenrath is our land in Second Life. Between us Scar & I own about 1/2 a sim (8 acres). We have a castle in the sky, a pond with fish and a pirate ship, a stone henge, and a variety of places that we invite our friends to share.

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Okay, someone in the Second Life community did their year in Second Life and I started one and decided I just couldn't choose one picture for each month. So I decided to split it out.

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Just to prove I'm still around in SL - my alter ego Kyl was at a recent Flickr Collaborators and Posers (aka my photo club) and Katiya the ringleader took this silly video.

Well darn, Flickr's embed video html doesn't work on Lj, feel free to drop by this page to see it. <>Flickr page</a>
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My gut is finally not hating me quite so much. Tomorrow (today now I wrote this yesterday but didn't post it) is the last of my 10 days on flagyl. Friday night my coven did a healing on me and Saturday at Kaerla's headwash two of the powers sent me healing too. One was an Exu who said the Orixa cared for me very much. He had good healing flow. And the other was Pele who only gets called at big events. Her hands burned with a strong fire and swept right through me. Every real "laying on of hands" healing I have had has been like that - the medium's hands are burning. Yesterday and today I haven't had any stomach cramps.

With [ profile] mr_kurt away on a business trip I have been lunching in at work and playing WoW for an hour. My (now) main toon, my hunter, is up to lvl 53! My first toon, the Druid is languishing but I have been reading up on panzerkin (boomkin tanks) and I think I may respec.

My SL photo group did autumn last weekend. Hence the pix I blogged this to. Not that California looks anything like that.

Oh, and I totally want this library Wow, wow.
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Friday was a travel day, even more of one than anticipated since we spent two hours on the tarmac in Dallas whilst they fixed our plane. Twice. The guy doing the first repair having found something else he thought needed doing. So I got to my hotel in Tampa at about 6:50. I ran into Chenin in the lobby and it was nice to see a familiar face. He was also planning to go to the Blarney Stone party so we agreed to meet up there after he ran an errand and I took a shower and changed. The emphasis of the pub was on beer but I had a Maker's Mark Manhattan. Erm, three actually. Two before the food came. So Chenin got sung to on the way back to our hotel. He, being Philippino, had no background in Irish music and had found the words hard to understand. I hope I wasn't too obnoxious.

Somehow with the time difference and the fact that my computer was on West Coast time still, I played WoW until 2am. Ooops. My alarm went off at 7am and I did make it to the breakfast/keynote by Phillip and M Linden. Got the name of the new global evangelist type. I want to talk to them about possibly doing a demo at the Parliament of the meeting space capabilities. SL is so high tech though there are probably lots of interfaith folks who don't have the capability. *sigh*

Then I went up to my room and packed and [ profile] rubibees came and wafted me away from my conference off to Miami. There was a Lucumi ceremony for Yemanja at the home of an artist named Robert. The ceremony has a name for a musical instrument so it is sort of a "song" for the deity rather than a Tambor. But I don't remember the name, obviously. *hangs head* The altar was beautiful and the drummers and singers were amazing. There are a ton of folks and it was very warm. Erm, it was a bloody sauna. I lasted through most of a set but then retreated to the backyard to cool off a little. [ profile] greenwapiti and I left to pick up one of the boys and Rayna stayed to finish out the ceremony. (Being a daughter of Yemanja.)

Mic started a toon on our server but he and I sat at our respective computers in our respective servers and both did instance until 2am. Yes, you read that right. Rowan stayed up to 2am to days in a row. Of course that is 11pm body time. But still! My very first instance with a party of five from the Librarian guild! It was awesome. We did Gnomeregan and I didn't actually finish any of the quests but I did level to 29 (from about the middle of 27). *happy dance*

Sunday we spent the day getting ready for a feast for Yemanja that Rayna was offering. She made an amazing white yam dish and a chicken/shrimp stew and we had pulled pork and molassas cake and it was wonderful. There were about eight people at the table and we wrote wishes/prayers/petitions to Yemanja and out them in a watermelon boat which had sails on which a couple of us drew pictures. It was very cool. It was nice to talk to some of the Lucumi folks about the similarities and differences. I mentioned Dark Moon Xango and since I had been told he was a Loa did they know anything about him. Pepito thinks he is a Palo spirit named Siete Rayos (Seven Lightning Bolts). Something to look into!

Monday everyone went off to work and school and I spent the whole day playing WoW basically. LOL My Tauren on Farstrider is now at Level 10 although I haven't seen [ profile] arianrhodstorm ingame yet. Wow, it is hard being on a new server. My second toon was essentially a twink even though my first one wasn't very high (and is far surpassed by now having just hit 22 to Rosfianna's 29). It is hard not to have enough money for training and repairs. I need to do some serious grinding.

Tonight we went to a restaurant called Catch of the Day and I had the baby back ribs BBQ and chrispy shrimp with a side of fried plantains. Very yummy. We shared appetizers of conch fritters and coconut shrimp. And now it is after 11pm local time, 8:15 home time. But my body is saying we're not in Pacific time anymore, so off to bed for me.
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Saturday morning we got up bright and early and met my parents and sister at The Valley House restaurant, home of the Iowa Porker. An Iowa Porker is basically chicken-fried pork tenderloin served with country gravy, potatoes, and a homemade biscuit. Can you say Rowan food? It was better than any chicken-fried steak I have ever had and I am having very mixed feelings - oooh, I wish it was near me.... ooooh, I'm really glad it isn't near me! They evidently also serve it in a sandwich at lunch and with mashed potatoes for dinner. I promise you that if I find mysel fin Santee, CA again I am eating there for sure!

When we drove up to the Valley House my mother and sister were in the back parking lot looking for a cache. We weren't finding it, so we went to breakfast. But it was a quick find once our minds weren't clouded with hunger and we decided to spend the morning caching. My brother and his bride were off getting licenses and it was a nice chance to play hookey. Dad went back to the house in case he could help. Boy, Santee has an amazingly boring lot of park & grabs on fire hydrants. Good for the numbers (I'm now at 753 caches found) but the only place amongst them that I felt it was worth visiting was a virtual at an aerospace museum... which was closed. But we could get the info from the outside and were able to log it.

We dropped off my family and Russell and I went back to our hotel so I could participate in the Isle of Wyrms Final fishing tournament. My family, though a bit bemused by its virtuality are totally down with the idea that fishing tournaments are important. *LOL* I tied for first, which means I came in second. I won a hedgehog avatar and two riding snails! (I have put a picture of Lemmy just for illustrative purposes. I haven't tinted my hedgie yet (or even unpacked it) and I already have that snail so I won a different one. A real picture soon, I promise.)
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Thursday I zoomed home and had a fishing tournament for North American qualifer for the big Isle of Wyrms Final over the weekend. I actually qualified for the big one! Go me. I'm the purple wyvern hatchie in the snapshot.

As soon as I got offline, Russell and I were in the car driving for Goleta where [ profile] luverika had kindly offered us crash space to break our drive to San Diego to my brother's wedding. We got to Goleta around 11pm and fell over. We had a nice breakfast with Erika and headed to San Diego by 9am the next morning. Traffic through the LA Basin was awful even in the late morning. We didn't get to San Diego until about 3pm.

We stopped on the way to the zoo at a coffee shop where it was quite evident that San Diego Pride was the following day. We picked up a magazine called FlawLes with young, beautiful lesbians ala The L Word and photospreads to make a het man drool. I admit to a certain level of bafflement and wonder what the women I came out with back in the day would make of this zine. *laugh* I'm the older generation!! When did that happen?!

We had about 2-1/2 hours at the Zoo which isn't anything like enough but we had fun. Saw the bonobos and a variety of other monkeys and apes. Walked through the aviary but didn't see many birds (we went over in the gondola later and saw they were all in the crowns of the trees out of sight from the ground). It was nice to walk and stretch our legs after the long drive. I found the Zoo map and layout fairly incomprehensible, I must say.

Then we zoomed out to El Cajon to the rehearsal dinner. Not that Russell and I needed to rehearse but they invited us to dinner with them - it was pizza & beer so there was plenty for a couple more folks. *grin* We touched base with family and had a nice visit before heading back to our hotel.
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I got back from Las Vegas and Russell and I went to a movie as we're waaay behind on the summer movies! We saw Get Smart which was much better than I expected and quite a fun romp. Tuesday we saw Wanted which I hated - there were no sympathetic characters and lots of graphic violence.

The week was really busy at work with lots of searches and a patent meeting. And I have a presentation next week that I really need to work on. But I keep getting other things. Gah!

Thursday we had our Pagan singing group, including a new member who found us searching yahoo groups for south bay folks. She is newly moved to the area and seems quite nice. She brought a song from Circle Round, which was great.

Friday the carpets got cleaned so I spent most of the day with all the doors and windows open and no air conditioning. At least the heat meant the carpets dried pretty well and didn't smell quite as bad. Erika was there and we hung out together in the morning. She headed off to see a friend's son defend his climbing championship. I did the Friday SL Flickr collaborators shoot which was lingerie shoot this time. Fun! In the evening I did fireworks for a reprise of the ball on Land of Lincoln that we had done for the history conference. This time it was open to everyone and we had lots of attendees (about 50 concurrent with folks coming and going).

Saturday was a work day at the Umbanda House. I took my tools but it was working on a small shed and really only two people could effectively be inside at a time. But I did drive a few nails and pull down some boards for replacing. And I brought sandwiches. *grin*

Sunday was a Sacred Connection one-day event and it was here in the south bay which was a nice change. It was over toward Los Altos and I had a brilliant idea of hitting Maltby's for lunch on the way... except I didn't know it was the Art & Wine Festival weekend so there was no parking to be had. *sigh* I did stop at Draeger's (they were guarding their parking lot from festival goers) and got a key lime pie to take to the one-day. I grabbed a bite up on El Camino since I hadn't had breakfast or lunch and it was getting on to noon.

Monday, lots more work and dancing in the evening. We did some veil work which really got my shoulder (which for no apparent reason was already hurting). Bah. This getting older/creaky body thing sucks, y'know?
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Oh! And for those of my friends who are in Second Life - my SL5B exhibit can be found at SLURL. Please stop by! This is my biggest exhibit of my mandalas yet!
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Okay, I just had to break up this entry for more pictures! LOL

Sunday was quiet -- I slept in, after two nights out I was tired! Then I wandered the Kids5B celebration (they had done there own during the kerfluffle about child avatars at the Linden one). They have a "transmogrifier" like Calvin might use which will change an adult avatar into a child avatar. So I got Scar to join me as a young boy and we wandered the sim.

Then in the afternoon I went to a "portrait" photoshoot with the Flickr Collaborators and took lots of fun pix.

For my chocolate-loving friends, I saw a note in a blog I read that "Mars food company announced on Friday that it is partnering with IBM and the Department of Agriculture to sequence and analyze the entire cocoa genome. Mars will provide more than $10 million and will make the sequencing and analysis results freely accessible through the Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture." Very cool!

And I quite liked J.K. Rowling's Commencement Address at Harvard. Esp. the Seneca quote, "As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters."
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Dragon Raid
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Last week was very busy with lots of catching up at work and things like Tuesday dinner to get ready for. Then the weekend was fairly quiet and the days mostly in Second Life.

Friday I spent the morning inworld, hanging around hoping to take my volunteer exam for IOW but my mentor wasn't inworld. Then I rode my bike downtown to have lunch with Russell and wander the farmer's market. In the afternoon I read (finished the last Merry Gentry book in paperback) and slept and then headed off to an Exu dinner by a member of the House. She was thanking Himself for a year on the job and all the member of the House Exu Society were invited. (In case it isn't obvious, my headwash to the Exa Pombagira made me a member of that Society).

Saturday I went inworld for awhile, then watched the latest episode of Swingtown with Russell and then went back inworld for the Isle of Wyrms raid on the Second Life birthday celebrations (SL5B). Hatchies, wyrmlings and wyrms descended on the SL5B sims. I ended up at the main stage area and found a giant cake. I mentioned that one the raid IM and everyone came to the lure of a "dragon-sized cake". The picture isn't one of mine, although quite a few can be found in my photostream. I just like this one better. Must have happened after I left.

The one lovely outside thing I did on Saturday was go up to my friend [ profile] amidb's birthday celebration. Lots of good friends, good food and conversation. Things were really just getting started when I left at about midnight but with an hour to drive home, I couldn't stay.
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Saturday I puttered about and went to see The Incredible Hulk with [ profile] mr_kurt and [ profile] saffronrose and their sprat. It was loud and felt true to the story. Tony Stark turned up at the end. I am looking forward to all the Avengers showing up one by one. *grin* In the evening I went to Berkeley for a red cord elevation and also had dinner with [ profile] pearlshadow to talk about the headwash. Very productive. Also we ate at Cafe de la Paz and Pomba was happy to get yummy comfort food too.

Both Saturday & Sunday I went to Isle of Wyrms staff & volunteers meetings. We are ramping up for the hatching. I'm learning alot about the Isles. It is a cool community. On Sunday afternoon I wandered over to the twin's birthday party at K&M's pool and visited with folks and ate way too much birthday cake, keilbasa and fred steak with various trimmings. Yum! Erika & Russell joined us briefly after their walking tour of San Francisco before they went home to fall over. I think it must have been quite a walk as they were very tired.

Monday was my last day at work before taking off to prepare for my headwash. Naturally the printer was broken so I couldn't do what I had planned. But I did get a fair amount of other work done and that was a goodness. Monday night we danced and did sword work. Fun!

Tuesday was my first day off. At 9am (an hour divisble by 3), I set up my altar for the week and did my first card reading. I got

13 - The Child. Which I took to mean the intention to learn free of preconceptions, child mind.

20 - the Plants. Which is "you are responsible for what you cultivate" but also I think my headwash herbs and oils. It is also Ossain's card.

8 - the Candles. This is the equivalent of the Death card in the Tarot. Big transformations in store. Can you say "Headwash"?

Then I worked on Second Life Pomba pictures. And went out shopping for champagne and rum. And in the evening I cooked curry and we had Bollywood night watching Krrish. We had seen Koi Mil Gaya last year and this continues the story with the son who turns out to have super powers. It was fun but almost 3 hours long and Chris & Petra left without seeing the end due to exhaustion. Oh well.
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Well, I have gotten into the "it has been too long since I wrote in my Lj I need to do a long catch-up post... and that just isn't happening. *sigh* I think this is the longest I've gone without posting ever.

So... what is up with me? A lot of my brain is eaten by Pomba meditations. And I am having interesting dreams. I am really glad I only have one more day of work before I am off to concentrate on headwash prep full time. Wednesday I spent the whole day with my friends, Kelly & Chris. Kelly had offered to do my braids and it really did take like eight hours. We worked from 9-1 and then went to Oakland to run some errands (I got by Ancient Ways store and got the candles and headwash herbs). Then we hit my house about 4:30 and went until almost 9pm! It was a gruelling day just sitting - I can hardly imagine how sore Kelly must be. We used a really bright red (totally unnatural) and black synthetic hair with some tiny strands of yellow through it. I'll post a snapshot as soon as I have one.

My Second Life continues apace. There was an inworld history conference this week where about 70 educators from around the country came to four different historical sims (including Renaissance Island and Land of Lincoln which are Alliance Library sims). Scar & I helped out on Ren Island and I did fireworks for the final ball on Land of Lincoln. I think it went pretty well and I hope the possibilities of teaching in SL were made clear.

I have an exhibit at the Second Life Fifth Birthday Celebration. I wasn't sure I would, the Lindens were being very weird about kid avatars. First they said, "Child avatars are welcome at the celebration. However, we do respectfully decline the submissions we received to create exhibits for the event." There was also some talk that Goreans, BDSM and some other communities would be excluded. After originally announcing mature sims they changed them to PG sims. *shrug* I don't care about the rating but I do care about the exclusion of avatars based on their community affiliations!

I mean, we have some wonderful artists and content creators who are part of the child avatar community! The thing that mystifies me the most about this is the denial of content by child avatar creators but the allowance of child avatars at the event. And just to be clear, everyone in Second Life is 18+, but some people have second childhoods. The wingnuts are not going to look at pix of child avatars attending SL5B on flickr or whatever and go "well it is okay, they weren't allowed to create anything". How does this make any sense at all? Well, it didn't... so the Lindens then changed their minds and welcomed child avatar creators. And so I decided not to decline my spot (I had applied long before the controversy arose.

So I have spent the last week putting up a gallery with forty mandalas, my biggest show of them yet. And my client has been totally banjaxed so it was a *lot* of work to put up. And now I hear that they are still being weird. They have declared the pictures that have both adult and child avatars in them. I don't feel like withdrawing at this point... but I really hope there will be a fringe festival next year. And I will go to the Kids5B event that was started whilst child avies were excluded. But it is so weird how the fears of this life are magnified in SL sometimes.

Oh! And I should mention the sky tonight. The fires in the Santa Cruz mountains have made the sky hazy and the sunset looked otherworldly. All our friends are okay, though the fire came wihtin three miles of Linnea's place. Fire is scary.
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I worked about six hours on Tuesday and then came home and napped for a couple of hours. Tuesday night I managed to feed everyone some lovely steaks from the grill. Our friends [ profile] sbisson and [ profile] marypcb were able to join us, which made it an especially fun table.

Wednesday I managed about six hours of work again... but then started having horrid stomach problems. Oh, please. Let it just be injudicious eating of a chili dog for lunch and not the *other* ailment going around the office!

Thursday I was still out of it and having stomach cramps, so I stayed home. I did check in and do a bit of work but I'm very glad I stayed home. Thursday night I got up from a nap and went off to join Kurt & Marina at The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde at the SJ Rep. It was a very good adaptation, I thought. The playright made some interesting choices in the portrayals. It isn't as simple as good/evil. I thought it very well done.

Friday I finally was feeling better! Clear headed and at least a little bit of energy. [ profile] sbisson and [ profile] marypcb and I and my friend Chris went to Thea Mediterranean for lunch. It was really lovely and took about two hours... it looked like a combination of expense accounts, Ladies Who Lunch and special occasions like birthdays. I shouldn't like to try and eat there if I had to get back to work somewhere. But since none of us were on a tight schedule we enjoyed appetizers and mains and a pitcher of sangria. Yum!

Oh, I should mention the Japan Tiny Expo inworld. I went and enjoyed a wide variety of tiny avatars offered by various designers. Basically there was one from each and a way to get a landmark to the shop. I bought several and collected a number of landmarks and went off touring several Japanese sims. I am especially jazzed by my tiny owl shown in the picture here. I bought a little witch outfit for it. Perfect!
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I feel like I should writing something but since I haven't *done* much except lie around and feel awful there isn't alot to say. Went back to BayCon long enough to buy next year's membership... hopefully I'll enjoy it more then. Russell and I went to see Indiana Jones which was as unhistoric and lacking in any notions of recognizable archaelogy as ever... but it was loud and fun and I liked it.

I went to work today for about six hours. How I'm resting, about to take a nap. Tonight there are 14 people here for Tuesday dinner. We're having steak on the grill. Hopefully I can recruit folks to help out if I'm not feeling up to standing at the grill. And someone else can tear the lettuce, I'm sure *I* wouldn't want my hands all over it. *sigh*

Oh, well. I do feel better than yesterday and I pretty much *have* to feel better tomorrow. So things are looking up. *grin* Besides Scar took me on a ride around Cathedral this morning on a paper airplane... how fun is that!
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I am taking part in [ profile] grizzygriswold's be a totally different avatar this week experiment. The point is to be a different race, gender, weight or age and see how you feel and how people treat you.

I decided, since I have alts that are regularly different gender and race than I am, to became a child avatar. There is a lot of negative publicity around the Second Childhood community, so I had a bit of apprehension. But I have been saying that I wish I could have a summer vacation, a golden summer of fishing and hanging out in the sun and having no responsibilities. So I decided to go child for this week, and beyond to see if being an SL child can bring that feeling of freedom. Being a hatchie, a baby dragon, does change one's attitude - will being a young human do the same?

So far, a few days into being a child avatar, I haven't had a single negative experience. I have shopped, hung out and fished with friends, gone on the Grizzy's Cafe expedition on Thursday and generally done what I do in SL. This is what I posted as a comment to Grizzy's Lj.

Isn't it interesting how much of the shift is in our own expectations that people will treat us differently? With all the press about the awfulness of child avatars I expected at least some comment by now. No one has said a thing, but I find myself hesitant to go places on mature sims because I worry about making people uncomfortable.

I'm in the group Fashion Consolidated which as a lot of traffic every day from designers trying to lure us to their shops. And I look at most of the notices and I go off to places that look interesting. So... for the experiment I have continued to do so. But it makes me feel shy and weird to show up amongst the adult fashion hunting avies and buy things my *other* avatar will wear.

I did have to "break character" a bit this morning to finish off a Queen Elizabeth avatar for an upcoming event. I mostly worked on creating her shape in my skybox so no-one saw me. But I realized that I didn't have the right colour hair and zipped over to Sparkle Skye's to pick it up. It was soooo nice to be just another adult shoppers (even if I was dressed like Queen Elizabeth).

I do plan to explore my Second Childhood, but I think there is a time and place for it. Just like I am seldom a dragon off the Isle of Wyrms, I need to find those sims where being a child is a reasonable thing. Or just hang out by my pond and fish in the endless summer.

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