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Wednesday night we went to the peace vigil to mark the fifth annivesary of the Iraq War. The closest was at an intersection in Willow Glen so we headed there. There were about 90-100 people off all ages on hand with signs and candles. I had taken the LED votives which were much admired as the wind kept putting out people's candles. Most of the traffic going past honked and/or gave us the peace sign. It was quite affirming.

On Thursday I took Russell out to dinner at Manresa in Los Gatos for our 25th Anniversary of moving in together. (He takes me out in the fall for our handfasting anniversary... or maybe this year we'll have a party. *grin*) We got the four course dinner and a bottle of Henriot Blanc Souverain champagne from Rheims. I note in passing that the most expensive bottle of champagne on their menu was $1,300. Eeep!

They brought us several small tastes of things to awaken our palates, a parsnip horchata, a pistaschio croquette and a soft boiled egg with maple syrup and other amendments (in the shell! I got to eat Russell's, of course). The bread was a lovely green olive bread. We both had prawns in meyer lemon sauce for our first course. Our second courses were fish with different sauces. (The posted menu has changed, bah. Perhaps I have the one I saved on my work computer. I had hoped to describe exactly this amazing meal.) My entree was duck and his poularde. For desert he had a chocolate something and I had the cheese board. They brought out seven artisan cheeses and I could pick three or four to taste. I had a roquefort, a goat cheese with black truffle and a brie with black truffle. The most amazing was called Serra da Estrella which is a Portuguese raw sheep's milk cheese. I asked about it and they gave me an info sheet to take home. It is soft and creamy with notes of almond and citrus (my assessment, the sheet just says "clean flavours"). I am so going to look for this cheese!

On Friday Sabrina came by and we did Pysanky all afternoon. I think more folks will come by on Sunday to do more. Fun!
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For some reason, the coming third anniversary of the start of the War in Iraq is starting to prickle under my skin. So I thought I'd see what is going on. Code Pink - Women Say No to War has put out a call for International Women's Day (March 8th) to be a day of peace work. "Let's revive the dream of the women who came before us and carved out March 8 as a day for us to be a visible, vocal and vibrant force for peace and justice!" Peninsula Raging Grannies has some actions planned.

Then on March 18th (the anniversary) there is the big rally in San Francisco. I'd love to know about local actions happening in San Jose... but as usual the Peace Center hasn't updated their web pages. South Bay Mobilization leads me to a local action in Palo Alto through the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center.

I want to remember these urls: United for Peace for national stuff, California Peace Action for state and Multifaith Voices for Peace and Justice on the Peninsula.

And on a wholly different note, a link I saved the other day - Sixteen Eggs and a Skull - very cool story by [ profile] jessicamelusine
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November 8, 2005, the San Jose City Council spoke up for peace and nonviolence -- in San Jose, in other communities across the nation, and in the world.

By a unanimous vote, they adopted a resolution endorsing the legislation currently in both housed of Congress that would establish a federal, cabinet-level Department of Peace and Nonviolence. Councilman David Cortese crafted the resolution and introduced it onto the agenda. The text of his cover memo to Council, stating background and rationale, and the resolution itself are reproduced below.

San Jose, the 10th largest city in the nation and the 3rd largest in California, is the largest city so far to endorse the legislation, the 4th city in California to do so, and the 10th nationwide.

I have met David Cortese because he and his wife have worked on the Peace Conference in San Jose that I also helped with last April. As long time supporter of the concept and a member of the Dept of Peace CC, I am really happy and proud to be from San Jose!

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We got home last night. The flights were uneventful but plagued by turbulence. Both of us managed at least some sleep. It is nice to be home in our own bed.

I'm going to take part in the local service on September 21 for the International Day of Peace. I am noodling around with the kinds of things I might say and I thought I'd my draft here to think about for a few days:
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