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People of the Earth in America: Building Relationships – Locally & Globally
Saturday, March 7th, 10am - 4pm
at the Interfaith Center at the Presidio

The American community of faiths is including an increasing number of practitioners of indigenous, nature-based, Earth-centered, polytheistic, and Pagan traditions. The San Francisco Bay Area is uniquely blessed with an exceptionally large number of such religions, spiritual expressions, and indigenous traditions. As the growing interfaith movement turns its attention to “intra-faith” communication, we invite practitioners of all these traditions to come to the Interfaith Center at the Presidio to meet their neighbors. This is an opportunity to build new relationships locally and learn about ways to connect with fellow Earth- religionists around the world through the United Religions Initiative and the Parliament of the World’s Religions. There will also be a special invitation from a coalition of indigenous tribes of Latin America to join with them in Pan-American networking of the peoples of the Serpent, the Eagle, and the Condor. The day will include lunch and ceremony, and a screening of the half-hour documentary of the first People of the Earth conference. We will be asking a donation of $10-20 to cover costs – any extra will go to the Interfaith Center.

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I just got home from a beautiful memorial service for my friend Tara, a priestess much esteemed by many in our community. She and I had lost touch in recent years as she pulled inward after her diagnosis with brain cancer. It was wonderful though to come together with people who had known her from all walks of life and tell stories. Stories are so important, they are the threads that binds community together and the story of Tara's life is one of the threads of our community. And the telling of stories was beautiful and moving and I didn't take enough kleenex but it was joyful with moments of laughter too and we moved and chanted together a wonderful chant that Thorn Coyle had written. And I am at peace.

For Tara

Hekate, Keeper of the Crossroads.
Hekate, Holder of the Flame.
Hekate, Wisdom of the Darkness.
Guide our way. Guide our way.

What has died, is reborn,
Formless sinking into form.
Rise awake! Born anew,
Walking forward, passing through.

Farewell in your journey, Tara. May the enfolding mysteries hold you safe until you turn again to rebirth. So Mote it Be.
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Another week has gone by. Lots of work and lots of doing "stuff".

On Friday I drove up to Berkeley and gave Don the Maxine Miller statue of Danu to take to the indigenous summit in Brazil. It is so exciting! The falls of Iguazu were "The Father of Waters" to the natives but when the Europeans came they used this most holy place as a place of execution. There is going to be a ritual at the summit to resacralize the waters. So I sent Danu, our Mother of Waters, to join in the effort. This is a most beautiful statue, with the waters pouring out and the living tree on her cloak. I wrote a letter to go with her. I have no idea really how it will be seen by the recipients but Greg is going to video the ceremony of resacralization and I look forward to a chance to see that. I really wish I could have gone with them!

Then I dropped by Barbara's house (since she works from home in Oakland on Fridays and it saved me a trip to SF) to drop off our old computer as a donation to the URI where they plan to use it as a media server for the pictures and video from the assembly in Mayapur this fall. Barbara and I went to lunch and caught up on what we've been doing. It was really nice to touch base. I haven't been doing as much interfaith lately and talking to Barbara and Don this morning reminded me of why I love it.

Saturday was Pagan Pride Day in SL and I thought it went off really well. I was one of the scheduled speakers and did "Pagans in Interfaith" for an audience of about 10 avatars. And now that I've imported my slides I'll probably do it at the Interfaith garden on Info Island. Although I should probably redo some of it for a non-Pagan audience. I went to a couple of talks and two of the rituals. I missed the big live music concert and even events, I was just computered out. *grin* I thought it all went quite well though and I think it is totally cool that there was an SL PPD.

Sunday I had planned to go to Glenn's birthday party but my stomach was bothering me (anybody know where I can trade in for a new digestive system?) and I stayed home. I shopped and got started cooking the lamb for the moussaka for Tuesday dinner.

Monday after work I shopped some more (having figured out I only had garlic infused olive oil) so I could cook the eggplant for the moussaka. Did that, hung in WoW for awhile. [ profile] mr_kurt has joined me and we are playing Draenei so I upgraded to Burning Crusade. I knew I should have just bought the package it Target! It goes much faster with a friend. Then the guys finally showed up about 8:30 to set up my new exercycle. By 9:30 they were done. Yay! Now I need to set up my computer desk and see if this plan to pedal whilst I compute is a sensible one or an expensive pipe dream.
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I spent an amazing amount of time inworld this weekend with the Showtime partnership showing first two episodes of The Tudors inworld. I helped greet people and then hung out in the tavern so tour groups could come through.

But Saturday was Pagan Pride and Russell and I went up bright and early to be a part of that. We saw lots of friends and perused the vendors. I got a nice yoke shirt from Ancient Circles and bought a handmade board game that I will give to a young person sometime. It is the Search for Mabon and looks a bit like Parchesi. Too cool. Patrick McCollum was the Parade Marshall this year (now called Keeper of Light as we don't really have a parade so much). The Parade was on the sidewalk as we didn't pay for a street permit this year (the prices went up a lot) but we still had Rachael and her goat cart which was a bit of fun. I didn't take a single picture myself but Russell let me post this one of me to my flickrstream. We had a great time.

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