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Oss & cookies
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I'm still trying to find a routine. I need time to read blogs, to write my Lj, to keep up on LinkedIn and Facebook and with my email. I have some structure as in "I do this on Mondays" but my daytime structure doesn't really exist. I may even have to break down and do "to do" lists. I really, really hate "to do" lists.

It was a great week though. David came down Friday afternoon and we went to Kubota for dinner. My first dinner there since my return and I have to say miso glazed eggplant is still amazing. I showed David around Japantown, both the historic plaques and the wonderful market where we decided that unagi was perhaps too weird and expensive to take as a potluck item to Beltaine. *grin*

Saturday we headed up to Live Oak Park for the annual NROOGD Beltaine, which Owl Moon was bagholding this year. Chris was stage managing it for his red cord project and he had recruited wonderful folks and everything went just wonderfully. Jack in the Green and the Queen of the May chased off the Hag of Winter and we danced the Maypole and called the 'Obby 'Oss. The wheel was turned. It was a really beautiful day and folks hung out in the park afterward for a couple of hours. David and I followed Gwen & Nette home and we hung out there, hot tubbing and sharing food, for a couple of hours. A great schmoozing day.

Sunday we signed David up for WoW and he watched my dungeon run with Falkenrath Knights. My biggest problem is my character slots on Bronzebeard are full. I may have to transfer someone.

Sunday afternoon was the end of the Silicon Valley Reads program with Authors Willow Wilson and Sumbul Ali-Karamali at Santa Clara Public Library. I had the SiVIC Our Religious Neighbor Next Door display set up and we got a fair bit of interest and gave away about 30 flyers for SiVIC. It was nice to hear the authors one last time too.

Monday was a nice quiet day. Kurt had a migraine still, has had for the better part of a week. But we got our worgens through Old World Children's Week in WoW. I have to say that having a mage around to port one to the capitols makes that waaaay quicker. I miss world portals.

Tuesday we had family dinner at Amber India in Mountain View and I had wonderful tandoori rack of lamb. (Of which I am eating the leftovers as I type.) This is curry week evidently. I had bought curry powder at Ancient Ways on the way home from Beltaine and the bag broke in my purse so my iPhone smells of curry powder and I have been craving curry. So last night I made curried cauliflower and also curried turkey. Thus the tandoori lamb and curried cauliflower for breakfast. There are definitely things I love about my life!

Tonight is Pagansing at my house. We will undoubtedly sing May songs and then tomorrow is Rabbit's Oshun party up in Oakaland at Sacred Well. And At Home on Saturday. And I need to find a new gardener, deal with job search stuff and clean house. And do Children's Week on a few more WoW toons. I'm not sure why I keep thinking I'll have free time in here somewhere.
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This past weekend was the 42nd Anniversary of the NROOGD Ingathering. It was at a retreat center in Middletown up in Lake County. The facilities (lodge, cabins, arbour, pool, meadow) were very nice. I spent a fair amount of time sitting on the lodge porch visiting with friends. The drive up Friday wasn't bad, it took about 3-1/2 or 4 hours because I went up CA29 and hit winery traffic. I had wanted to go to V. Sattui so that made sense. I did stop but only to use the facilities. I was going to buy some cheese but I had terrible line luck and ran out of standing up time. On the way home I went via the Silverado Trail and it took like 2-1/2 hours. I was amazed. I don't know that the draw of wineries is sufficient to go up CA29 again.

Friday night I hosted a Bardic and it was wonderful. By the end we probably had 25-30 people singing together. I had made some song sheets but only 15 (copies at Kinkos are 11cents a page!). People shared and many had brought their own music. It was a great mix of pick, pass & play with songs old and new.

Saturday there was a Lammas ritual done by Silver Salamander, a discussion of the future of the Trad and an amazing "NROOGD the Musical" ritual done by Dark Forest. The SilSal Lammas was in the arbour which was fairly shady but at one point I was supposed to medidate where they had led me and my face was in the sun. I cut myself out after a bit because I really didn't feel comfortable in the sun. (Hmm. I realize I haven't blogged about my basal cell carcinoma, a hazard of not blogging regularly. Digression... Back in Nov 09 I went to the dermatologist about the carcinoma. She froze it with nitrogen but said come back in a month if it didn't go away. I didn't because I was angry with her for something else. On June 23rd I went back and another doc excised it and then gave me this cream that is supposed to rev up your immune system to fight the carcinoma cells that might remain, you use it for six weeks. Naturally, being me, my forehead turned into a horrible weeping, itching sore plus rash. I had called in on week three and said I thought it was unbearable and were there alteratives to another three weeks of cream. The doc was on vacation and the duty doctor said it was "working as intended". On the 22nd right before I came up to the Ingathering I went in and saw my doc. He said I had had a "very robust reaction" and should stop now. And here was some steroid cream to try and bring the swelling down. Truly, at one point I looked like a Klingon with my swollen forehead. So it was *this* forehead I did *not* want exposed to sun.)

Um, where was I. We talked about the NROOGD for much of the afternoon sitting in the lodge. I think it was mostly an opportunity to sit together and talk. Eventually it got to the same folks making the same points for the severaleth time and it was very warm and I headed out to the pool. It was good. I think we are a strong trad with more agreements than not. It was wonderful to have so many folks from throughout the Trad's history plus some relatively new folks interested in our stories. *grin*

"NROOGD the Musical" was fab. They put various bits of the ritual into music in silly ways. Everyone was infused with mirth and belly laughs abounded. The creativity of folks in NROOGD is one of our hallmarks. I was very disappointed there was no way to get this ritual into the Green Book this round. It was on iPhones but there was no email so no way to get it into my laptop. Very sad. I burned and distributed Green Book CDs on Sunday morning and so go them distributed fairly widely.

I'd have a nice picture or three to use to link to this... expect I got up there with my camera and no SD card. So here is another randome WoW image. And, yes, I am still playing alot of WoW.
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Happy Beltaine everyone!

*grumble* Having a cold on Beltaine just seems wrong. My throat was sore enough this morning that I decided not to join the Morris folks dancing up the sun this morning. I needed my voice for later in the day.

NROOGD did Beltaine in Live Oak Park in Berkeley as is our custom. The organizer had some last minute cancellations and a group of elders stepped in with two weeks notice to do the ritual. It went off beautifully. The couple who were the May Queen and Jack in the Green were perfect vessels of the Lady and Lord in their most juicy manifestations. The 'Oss was called and the folk and the land blessed. It was a beautiful day after a week with rain and cold so we were very lucky in that too. 'Oss 'Oss Wee 'Oss!

Now I am entirely out of spoons and intend to go to bed at about 7pm. If not sooner. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow so I can go off to a Geocaching 10! anniversary event as I plan.
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Yesterday my Warcraft main, Roszfianna, made Merrymaker. I was very jazzed as I had been working hard on it and I thought I had one more quest to go (but found it wasn't required for the meta). Yay.

Then I headed off to the NROOGD open sabbat. It was a lovely way to bring in the season. The ritual was nice and there were many friends with whom to touch base. Driving to Oakland did bring to light that my shoulder is still not fond of driving. *sigh*

Driving to work today reinforced that learning. *double sigh* And it isn't as if I get any time off work since I don't work Fridays anyway. But tonight I have a massage (which my jet-lagged & sore body will appreciate) and then off to a Yule vigil. Life is pretty darn good!

Have I mentioned that my Parliament photos are at and my Adelaide set at ? I don't see that I have.
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Samhain weekend was really nice. On Friday Russell and I attended the NROOGD Samhain up in Walnut Creek. The commute was crazy on a Friday night but they were running late so our lateness wasn't noticed by anyone but me. I *hate* being late! But at least we didn't have to contend with the Bay Bridge closure's effects. One friend said it took her 2-1/2 hours to get from Menlo Park to Walnut Creek. It only took us 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 hours (to go 50 miles). The ritual was a fairly standard one (which I love) and I felt it went really well. There were many generations of the NROOGD present and many Beloved Dead hovering close. When I was sitting quietly in the Land of the Dead section I clearly heard Alison talking, which was quite unexpected and moving. I wish I could remember what she said.

Saturday Russell and I had a quiet day at home, watching video, hanging out, companionably computing together. :-) We grilled pork chops, probably our last grilling out for the season. In the evening we had a fair number of trick or treaters although the stream started later than in previous years. Perhaps because the time change didn't happen before Halloween so it was lighter later. We gave out all our candy by about 8:30 and headed over to 6th St to see what mad house hauntings those folks had gotten up to. Miranda & Diane had done pirates again and we visited with them for awhile (Miranda had made jello shots for the adults in giant plastic syringes which was a trip.) The house that did alien abduction for the last couple of years had done Harry Potter this year and had a fab set-up including a pensive (some kind of video under a clear bowl filled with dry ice). It was very cool.

Sunday was also quiet. Russell went off to brunch with a friend. My SL photo club did tinies (and I really need to work on my pictures). I did WoW Day of the Dead stuff and generally puttered around.

Monday Owl Moon did our Samhain and the full moon was lovely. Linnea had prepared a feast for us and the Beloved Dead. We remembered lost friends and loved ones and ancestors. It was a wonderful end to a weekend of quiet repose and contemplation and closeness to the Beloved Dead.
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Russell and Erika and I went to an amazing gourmet appetizer party at A&A's last night. So much amazing exquisite food. We got home around midnight and I checked my mail to see if I had heard back from Don. I don't know if I did or not. The first piece of email I saw reported the passing of my friend Beki. Ochone, ochone, one of the dear wise ones is gone.

I have so many memories. Of her smile, her wisdom, her passion for life and for growing things. She was an amazing woman, mother and priestess. I liked and admired her very much. She will be missed her husband and children and by a very wide community. By several very wide communities because she touched so many lives in so many different spheres.

My mind, usually so unwilling to give up memories, went to a poem she had sent me a few years ago when she was getting some compost from the bottom of a hill near a local cemetary to put in her extensive garden.

A letter to Maman Brigitte

Maman Brigitte, Cemetaire Maman!
Merci, merci, beaucoups!
The Dead feed the living
The Dead do nourish us all,
And your gift will feed me,
and my family,
and my community.

The Dead feed the living:
Maman, watch over my Dead
and give them Peace.
I will watch over my Dead,
and give you Praise,
and feed them, by your Grace!
Chere Maman,
Ache, Brigitte!
Merci, merci beaucoups!

Rebekah Filipello, June 2006

She is now one of the Beloved Dead and her life and memory will feed the living. But, ochone, it is a meager meal compared to the delight of her living company. I will miss you, my friend.
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Friday Kurt & I got together and watched Oss Tales, the videos about the Padstow May festival compiled together. Then he donned the Berkeley Oss and we worked on routines for Oss and Teaser. Alas, I didn't realize they had stripped the Padstow May Song from the ritual. Really it isn't the same without it. I hope Sabina reinstates it next year. But we were ready if they'd had it. *sigh*

Saturday I headed up to Live Oak Park, arriving at noon as instructed. Only to find I was the first one there. Luckily it was a rainy day and we had no competition for the spot beneath the oak tree. A score of folks braved the rain (it was really a gentle mist not unlike Merry Olde England) and came out to dance the maypole and be blessed by the Oss.

Go see this fun action pic that Gregg took - - oh, go look at the whole set

After that I headed over to the At Home at the House and brought the statues I had bought in NYC. And ate an amazing number of sweets - everyone had baked cookies or brownies it seems. Mama K was working on an amazing lwa flag as usual. I wish my hands would let me do that sort of thing these days.

Sunday I went with [ profile] mr_kurt's household to see the film, Wolverine. It was a fine action pic, delivering its promise. I need to go watch the first X Men again to see how they mesh.

Monday it was back to work which is quite busy at the moment.

I have been playing a lot of WoW, finishing Noblegarden and trying to get my Children's Week achievements together. I'm pretty sure I'm going to fail at CW, but I have spent a fair amount of time trying. I really am not keen on player-vs-player action. On Sunday our Guild did the Jenkins achievement, so I am now Roszfianna Jenkins. And as long as we were in UBRS, last night Rel & I got the spider and worg pup pets. Busy!
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Last week was quite busy at work with dry runs for the upcoming review. I even had to go in on Friday but at least that made up time I took off for MLK day. No big. But the weekend felt short. *grin* I know, no sympathy.

Saturday I spent a fair amount of time doing last minute shopping for Attilio's white cord ceremony that evening. Because our coven is so small (4 people) we had asked elders in the trad to come and help us initiate him. We had 13 people in circle! And wonderful energy from a super bunch of elders. I'm so very happy to have had an Imbolc initiation too, it just felt right. Hurrary for Owl Moon.

Sunday Russell & I went out to breakfast and then I headed off to the rehearsal for a ritual I'm in at P'Con. The day was fair and we spent a fair time in the yard doing blocking, so things are becoming clearer. Hard to believe it isn't even two weeks until PantheaCon! Eeeep!

I got home and went into WoW for a supposed Guild instance run. I told Russell & Maren I couldn't go out to dinner as I had committed to this guild thing. Evidently I'm one of the few who felt it was a commitment. The other folks planning it failed to show. So two folks with low 50s toons and me on my lvl 47 (now 48) Druid decided to try ZF but it quickly became clear that instancing was out unless we wanted to look for random folks to group with. So they helped me with some quests. It wasn't totally wasted but I admit to a certain grumpiness. This is the second time I have re-arranged my life around the guild and been left hanging. This days after being asked if I wanted to co-GM. Do I want to feel responsible over things I have no ability to control? Perhaps not.

However, Russell brought me home some awesome creme brulee from McCormick & Schmick where they had dined. That was full of win.
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Friday I went up to the McDonald windows exhibit again. I really wish they'd get some more publicity out. After the NPR spot we got lots of traffic but it has really slowed down. It is such an amazing exhibit and it should be seen. I only have one more day of docenting (3/23) and I'm glad about that. But I am really happy that I have gone up each week and done my part to make it happen.

Between docenting and the initiation I went to on Friday night I had totally overdone it for my health. So Saturday I mostly vegged. Russell and I went out to see The Lives of Others. Wow, this is a must-see IMHO. The film is set in the East Germany of 1984 through about 1995. We follow the fortunes of playwright Georg Dreyman and of Capt. Gert Wiesler, the Stasi surveillance specialist who watches him. The film is a chilling cautionary tale of bureaucracy unbridled. It rightly won the best foreign film Oscar last week.

Sunday was the NROOGD ingathering and Kurt & I went up a little early and caught a couple of caches around Lake Merritt. I took Kurt to [ profile] slackerstalker's Delight of Flower (GCQ8E4) cache which showcases the amazing Oakland auditorium's art deco niches sculpted in 1915 by Alexander Stirling Calder. Wow. That is just what public art ought to be like. It was nice to have an excuse to come back.

The ingather spent a lot of time talking about the 2008 40th anniversary gathering. The place has been chosen (a deposit made) and the dates set for a weekend gather. That will be so cool.

I let Kurt drive home because I was pretty darn tired. I do feel better, but I would really like to have my energy back! Rakkasah is only two weeks away! Eeek!
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Okay, time for an almost weekly update, I guess. I just haven't been in journal writing mode!
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Saturday night Owl Moon, with the help of Dark Forest and the Bambiland drummers, put on the NROOGD open sabbat at the Palo Alto Unitarian hall. It took a lot of work. But I think it really came off well. With 64 non-rehearsed participants plus the 15-16 of us in the crew the 40'x80' hall was a little small since we'd divided it in half with a veil and had a maze on one side for the World of the Dead and the other half was the living side. So it was a bit cozy at times when we were all in a circle on one side. But other than that I think it worked really well. The maze was fabulous and the drummers were awesome. I had a very profound time being Lady Death, greeting each person as they crossed the veil and trying to say just the thing they needed to hear before walking the maze so that they would get the most out of the experience. Everyone worked really hard on preparation and was totally there for the ritual. What a great community I have! I feel especially blessed and like we really turned the wheel.

On Sunday [ profile] mr_kurt and [ profile] saffronrose and I went to see Gone with the Wind which was showing as a tie-in to Moonlight & Magnolias. Wow. It hadn't seen it in years and it was really appalling on so many levels. I think I was scarred as a young woman by its portrayals of Southern womanhood in this book/film. It was interesting to realize.

I am still plugging away at Second Life. I haven't yet run into the librarians there, although I have been enjoying checking out what they've built on Info Island. I have also enjoyed going dancing at a club and otherwise checking out various regions. My current fret is that I really want some eyebrow pencil and that isn't in the makeup palette - when you have magenta hair you really need to darkening your eyebrows!
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Okay, I am officially totally overbooked to the max. More than a week since my last update!

Tuesday the 3rd I worked and then had a nice family dinner with Russell & Brigid at California Pizza Kitchen. The CPK pear & gorgonzola pizza is just sooooo yummy. I confess I start to crave them if I haven't had one in about a month. And they are even better folded over cold for breakfast the next morning.

Wednesday I worked from home because I had another dentist appointment to get some fillings replaced. It was to ouch. They just couldn't get it numb and Dr T. says, "I'm going slowly so it will hurt less." And I'm like, "I want you to go fast and get it over with!!" It took about 1-1/2 hours with my jaw propped open so it was sore for a week!

Thursday and Friday we had back-to-back patent meetings at work. Yes, I worked on a Friday. *sigh* It throws everything off! Friday night we had a nice coven meeting, muchly around planning Samhain. Have I mentioned Owl Moon (with a lot of help from Dark Forest) is doing the NROOGD open Samhain in Palo Alto? pdf flyer if you're interested.

Saturday Russell and I met [ profile] sbisson and [ profile] marypcb at Mini Gourmet for breakfast before going home and cooking up a vegan Pomegranate Risotto and a ham to feed the folks coming to the Samhain rehearsal. We ate and did a read through and practiced some of the tricky bits. I think it is going well. On Sunday Petra & Chris & Rachael painted a maze on canvas in the parking lot of a nearby school... the paint bled through leaving a maze on their parking lot. Guerilla art! In the evening [ profile] sbisson and [ profile] marypcb and I went caching and then hung out in Mountain View until our 9pm reservations at Tamarine in Palo Alto. The company and the food were exquisite but by the end I was flagging badly since it was waaaay past my bedtime! I got us all home safely though.

Sunday I slept in, which I really, really needed. I headed up to Mountain View again for a noon gathering of the Northern California Where's George Association at the Tied House. About 20 people showed up and I spent a fair amount of time visiting a lovely new Georger named Ambyrhawke. (I gave her a Samhain invite.) At about 2:30 some folks were leaving and Ambyr and I wandered across the street and found a cool cache. She went back inside and I did a circuit of three more downtown caches and stopped by Global Beads to pick up some more baby temporary tattoos. I had gotten some for Sophia and everyone who saw them could think of a baby who needed some. *laugh* I love the pirate one and the hotrod baby carriage! When I got back to my car I noticed that about eight of my favorite Georgers were still at Tied House so I went back in and visited some more. *grin*

Russell had spent the day off at Renn Faire (he took some great pictures!) and we both were pretty ready to veg out. We watched the Bill Moyers special on Capital Crimes that we had recorded on Wednesday. I didn't hear anything I didn't know (being a news junkie) but it was pretty harrowing to watch it all laid out like that. The disgusting thing to me is how all that malfeasance has paid off... the TX legislature is still gerrymandered, the balance of power is still way off kilter, the Tribes Abramoff represented got screwed, etc. Some politicians might get two year sentences. Whoopee. A black man can get that for f'ing jaywalking, y'know?

Monday it was back at work. [ profile] mr_kurt and I tried to go caching at lunch but it was one of those days when the super caching senses are just not working and we didn't find a thing. *sigh* My guts had been roiling all weekend and when it got to dancing Monday night I didn't last very long. Bah. We did talk about doing a Tara dance workshop at PantheaCon and maybe get together the 21 dancers to do a full Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara.

Tuesday [ profile] saffronrose came by and took [ profile] mr_kurt & I over to Suraj for lunch. A bit dangerous with my guts being snarky but I didn't drink chai and that seems to have helped considerable. Bah. I *like* chai. But at least the curry and such didn't gripe me. After work I met Russell to see This Movie is Not Yet Rated, which is a documentary about the MPAA rating system. It was good information but, I thought, not a very compelling movie. It was mostly talking heads (directors telling about their experiences) and following the private investigator the documentarian had hired to try to find out who sits on the ratings board. The PI was great and they did find out who the current raters are. But I am not sure that was enough of a payoff to make the movie interesting.

And that brings me to this morning. I got to the office about 6am so I'd have time to george some bills (and finish entering gathering swaps into favorites), write this journal entry and get maps together for my trip up to Lake County tomorrow. Yesterday [ profile] mr_kurt realized that Google Earth thinks that the best way to get to Upper Lake is to go up Hwy 37 (lots of switchbacks over the mountains) rather than the straightforward up Hwy 101 to Hwy 20. So my "caches along a route" kml was on the wrong route! Eeep! Fixed now. I am so glad we caught that! So it is off to Sacred Connections for the weekend. The Saratoga Springs site says they now have wifi, so I may not be totally cut off as I have been in the past. (Last year I stopped in a McD's in Ukiah to log before heading into Upper Lake.) *fingers crossed*
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Here is the picture Russell took, mentioned in my last post.
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May. 1st, 2006 09:56 pm
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I actually did go pretty much straight to bed Saturday night after posting in my journal. I was really tired despite not having done much. Early Sunday morning I got up and got my stuff together for Beltaine. I rode up with [ profile] mr_kurt, [ profile] saffronrose and Arthur. We stopped at Saul's for provender and I got a slice of cheesecake and a tuna sandwich. The latter was underwhelming and I threw half of it away uneaten at the end of the day. But the cheesecake, oh my, I do love Saul's cheesecake.

We hung out in the park with the other Dark Forest folks waiting for the morning AA group to be finished with the tree. [ profile] spidernette said it had been the same at equinox. I think that is a great place to have a self-help group, under a beautiful tree in a park. Once they were gone the altar was set up and we did a quick run through of the blocking. This was a first public ritual for some of the folks from Shadow Grove (Dark Forest's outer court) and they were looking great. I really loved some of the ways they did the three priestess working; doing the charging bowl they looked like they had stepped out of the three of cups.

The ritual was a bit different than Beltaines in recent years because Deborah had done a winter banishing at Equinox and [ profile] spidernette said it seemed silly to have the Winter Queen show up again now. So the whole bit with the winter court was gone. My great Hag of Winter finally killed off perhaps. I'd like to revive it sometime with the real Hag instead of the Winter Queen but then I'm just not politically correct. Or maybe it is just California. But it drives me nuts that succeeding generations had to smooth the Hag and negotiate with her instead of driving her away. Nature isn't always nice! *grumbles and gets off soapbox*

The Priestesses cast the circle and then called the May Queen. I had been sitting behind the wonderful tree and I arrived and danced around the circle and then asked them to call my consort. They called Jack-in-the-Green and we accepted offers of fruits and flower and gave people bells and bubble wands. The prescence of bubbles through the rest of the ritual was totally cool and magical. That was a great idea. Then Jack brought me "a wonder" and carried in the Maypole which we set up and held whilst it was danced. We raised a great deal of juicy energy to send into the earth! Yum. I really liked that part.

Then it was time to call the Black Steed, the 'Obby 'Oss himself to come and bless us. He came and joined us and I do believe everyone in the circle wanted to get under his skirts. May much fertile creativity flow through our community! Somewhere along the line the words to the Padstow May song didn't make it to the Park and so the song was lost this year. This was a shame. I couldn't think of any way that the May Queen could come and lead the song and stay in character, so I told myself it wasn't my job. Eventually everyone was blessed by the 'Oss and we blessed the cakes and ale. [ profile] spidernette and [ profile] saffronrose had made some yummy "Beltaine buns" to share. I think it was just whole wheat rolls with a bit of citrus and gold foil on them for luck.

We hung out in the park afterward for an hour or more but finally left to let the frisbee players have the lower field. Oh! The whole sharing the park thing was funny this year. Different dogs kept coming by and peeing on the flowers that were stuck in the hole where the maypole would stand. We always put a wreath around it to keep people from tripping on it but this year it had flowers sticking out. This was evidently irresistable to the canine set. *laugh*

Russell and I dropped by Don & Anna's and left off a Green Book and then went to the Shattuck to see the film, Kinky Boots. We thought it was coming to the Cameras in San Jose but it isn't' showing and it was in Berkeley. I'm really glad we made a point of going. It was a fun movie. I would *love* a pair of those red boots!!!! Red with red snakeskin trim, rhinestones in the instep and a holster on the side for a riding crop... what's not to like? Pomba would love them.

Russell and I got home and drank some champagne and celebrated the season. May everyone have such a wonderful Beltaine!

I'll post a great picture Russell took of Kurt & me tomorrow... I can't get ftp to work right now. In the meantime, check out Greg's flickrstream
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Well, I made my deadline. :-) [ profile] mr_kurt and I burned 30 CDs of the Green Book and I've printed pretty labels on about 1/3 of them tonight. They look awesome... even if I do say so myself and really I expect people will put the pdf on their hard drives and never look at the CD again. *laugh* I'm such a publishing geek!

I'll finish tomorrow and they'll be ready to hand out to coven reps at Beltaine. I've packaged up one for Fritz and one for [ profile] rhiastarr to send to Canada tomorrow. [ profile] gnostica and [ profile] herbmcsidhe... if I don't have your address I can't mail yours!

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Friday I had a very hard time getting going. It was 1pm before I made it out of the house to run my errand to the San Jose Bookshop where I bought some myrrh and holiday gifts. They are moving to Campbell in the spring which seems like it will be a *much* better location than the current one (more foot traffic for them, more classroom space and less out-of-the-way for me). I ran into my friend Denise shopping there too and we decided to go to lunch. We got to Miyake about 2:30 and about spent two hours catching up. She is such a sensible and articulate friend. I'll really miss her when she joins the exodus to Portland.

I did manage to grab a couple caches on the way home but my plans of caching in Cupertino all afternoon were quite deflected. There is a cache right across the street from my usual bead store, so I was able to run in there and get more cord for Pomba necklaces. The hobby of geocaching has put an entire extra layer over the world. I am really enjoying this hidden world.

Friday night Owl Moon did our Full Moon and Yule celebration and welcomed young Sophie to her first circle. It was her one month-versary and we welcomed her with gold, frankincense and myrrh and good wishes. It was really nice to be able to get into the mindset of happy, new baby. I am spending too much time with angst or displacement activities to deal with angst... but somehow it was possible to just be without that sadness at the core. It was a benison. I love our coven.

Saturday morning Russell and I watched the 1936 King Kong in anticipation of seeing the new on Sunday. I'm really glad we did. It was fascinating to see the homages and the changes they made. The modern one is much more in keeping with modern sensibility but still keeps the magic of the old one. The Ann Dawson of 2005 is *much* more to my taste than Fay Wray's. (She had hardly any lines or character at all, she was a screamer, period.) The dinosaur animation was, of course, miles apart from the old stop motion.

Saturday night we went up to the NROOGD/East Bay Reclaiming joint Yule Sabbat. [ profile] mr_kurt, [ profile] saffronrose, Arthur, Russell and I ate at Cafe de la Paz before hand. The traffic was awful because of the rain. Russell did the driving for which I was very grateful. The ritual was very nice and we saw lots of friends. I am so glad we live in community. I liked that there was a children's Priestess who carried them off to decorate cookies for the cakes & cider so there could be a meditation for the adults without fidgeting. It worked really well. The meditation asked us to pledge to do something for our local community, the natural community and the Wiccan community in the coming year. I though I would place geocaches for my local community, remember to pick the rest of the kiwis so they achieve their destiny and I hope to update the Green Book for the NROOGD. I've really needed to do that for quite awhile but having been working Gardnerian and also just being crazy busy it hasn't happened.

Sunday it was still raining. We picked two huge baskets of kiwis anyway but it just wasn't caching weather. We also picked a basket of oranges and bought a juicer whilst we were out. We're drinking sangria tonight. Two days without caches! Withdrawal! *laugh* Our VCR died, eating a tape and it hadn't taped CSI on Thursday. We went shopping for a new one but the two places we went only carried one and neither was S-VHS. The Good Guys on Steven's Creek is gone! Driving around in the rain running errands was pretty crazy. It does look like winter is truly here this week. I am ready for dry and light already and the longest day is not yet come. *sigh*

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