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One of the things about being sick is that I often have no energy to speak of. So I have been catching up on video (something I usually have a hard time sitting still for).

So I finally watched Ile Aiye (The House of Life) a David Byrne film about Candomble in Bahia, Brazil. It was very fun to see the various Orixa being danced. The film is very disjointed, or to be kind, impressionistic. I liked it, but a bit more linearity would have been nice for this Western-mind and so the commentary track helped alot.

One of the things that I hadn't thought about was how much the music and dances of Candomble are part of the culture. One group that struck me were the Filhos Gandhy (Sons of Gandhi) who dance for peace using the forms of Candomble and are a Carnivale troupe of about 7,000 men. I would love to dance the Orixas for peace. We need more parades.

So House folks or other local people interested in the Orixa, I do own this film and would be happy to share (either by lending or by having movie night on our giant TV). It is about an hour long but I do recommend watching the commentary too.

Another film that I watched was My Big Fat Diet about a study of bringing a more traditional low carb diet to the Namgis First Nations people of Alert Bay in Western Canada. Their traditional diet had been replaced in the last 100 years with pasta, potatoes and sugary treats such that they are having terrible problems with obesity and diabetes, etc. A study enrolled around 100 people and it was neat to see what that meant in the way of local support. Feasting is a big part of Namgis culture (potlach, etc) and people worked on new low carb recipes to support tribal members in the study. The local grocery store said some interesting things about the way local buying patterns changed - more cream, less milk, LOTS of cauliflower. LOL, I know that one.

Another fun thing was that at the end of the year-long study they had a ceremony in the ceremonial house where people brought in bags of flour representing how much they had lost and they danced around them in celebration. (About 1/4 ton between the 100.)

So, I started a low carb way of eating about eleven months ago. I have lost 55 pounds and have about ten pounds to go. I love the idea of a local community of support, though I have to say that has been great.

I have also caught up on Season IV of The Guild and watched Burlesque. Somewhere I know I have a couple of interfaith DVDs that I will watch if I get a chance. But hopefully my brains will be back soon and I can go back to reading and WoW and, oh yeah, going to work. LOL
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Russell and I went to see the film last night. The cinematography and visuals were just stunning. Being Hollywood it was more of an adventure movie than anything else. But the casting was brilliant and I found it quite engaging.

So - is my daemon really a tiger?! If the video thingie doesn't work this is the direct link.

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Well, I am even worse than usual with the journaling. What have I done since October 15th?

On the 16th I had lunch at Suraj with my friend Laurel from the interfaith community and had a great time catching up. I miss our Bridge CC group meeting regularly. I think things may pick up as the 2008 URI Global Summit gets closer and the 2009 Parliament.

After work I went to a Move On Vigil for Children's Health at 15th & Santa Clara Sts. There were about a dozen people there holding signs and candles. We got a lot of honks from passing cars. It doesn't stop the idiots in Washington from not funding health... but I'm glad to have done it. I left at 7pm to get home to a meeting with the coven to plan out our dates and foci for the coming six months.

On the 17th I went to physical therapy on my hand. I think I'm done with that. Not because my hand is all better, but because I think I know what to do and not do to help it get better. And I can't stand my insurance company paying as much as they are for the service.

On the 18th [ profile] mr_kurt and I had lunch with [ profile] spikeiowa and heard about her trip to WorldCon in Japan and generally caught up. I would really like to visit Japan someday.

On the 19th I hung out inworld some and ran errands. One of the really cool things I did inworld was a Burning Life Decompression Party with a performance by the ChangHigh Trinity Sisters. But the picture here is me dancing in an effects orb just 'cause I LOVE the shot!

Saturday the 20th I went to the Gardnerian Thirds Gathering and to the monthly Bembe. I went out for Ogun, Oxossi, Pombagira, Maman Brigitte and Xango. Thanks to my covenmate who is a butcher I had excellent marrow bones for Maman which I enjoyed muchly. And Anton Berg liquer chocolates for Pomba. Jess had cooked an incredible thanks-giving meal and the Irish Cream & Chocolate Bread Pudding with whipped marscapone was awesome.

Sunday I spent inworld a fair amount of time inworld. Russell & I watched Criterion Collection's Monterey Pop, a movie I saw in the theatre when I came out back in 1969. Oh wow. This movie made me want to pack my bags and head for San Francisco. It took me another dozen years to actually do it, but I can say this documentary was one brick on the "I must live in California" road for me. I put it on my Amazon wishlist.

Monday was a normal day with nothing in particular to report. I did reaffirm that I can't wear raw silk. (House of Innana were thinking of getting pantaloons in said fabric.) Russell and I had a quiet night together before his trip to Birmingham on Tuesday to see his family. This is a family travel month for us!

Tuesday I took him to the airport and had a good day at work. It was 4th Tuesday but I had said I wasn't going to cook and mess up a bunch of pots and things... so we were having pizza. Nine of the regulars showed up for Pizza Chicago and good conversation. It was my Rez Day Anniversary in Second Life and I went to a party that my friend Dae was giving for Catherine Apollo whose rez day is today but who has been inworld more like 3-4 years. Scar gave me a Robbie Dingo stratocaster guitar for my Rez Day gift. *bounce*

Today was Scar's Rez Day and I gave him a wonderful suit designed by Solivar Scarborough (Dae's partner). I will post pictures as soon as I can take some! It has been a good day at work. When I got in this morning though, I realized that my Kyocera 7135 has finally, irrevocably died. *sob* I was going to go over to the Verizon store to look at phones but they told me I should check with my insurance since I insured my phone. Lo & behold rather than just insuring against loss, it insures against everything. So they are sending me a Treo 700p. In a way it is a let-down as I was thinking of getting a regular phone and just carrying two devices. I'll see how it goes.

And that is a quick summary of what has been up with me this week.
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Thursday night [ profile] mr_kurt, [ profile] saffronrose and I went to the City to see Avenue Q at the Orpheum Theater. I loved the play and can recommend it without reservation... the theater sucks. At least in an skrunched airline row the seat in front of you has some padding. This was so close that I had to side sideways the whole night. But still I enjoyed seeing the amazing puppetry, enjoyed the songs, enjoyed the Sesame St feel of the production. *grin* I had, of course, heard "The Internet Is For Porn" and "If You Were Gay" but the rest of the songs had some standouts too - "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist" and "Schadenfreude" among others. I may need to buy the soundtrack.

Friday I spent the whole day inworld. I spent time with Akere and did various things (I admit Friday and Saturday are blending together in terms of what I did inworld.) Saturday I went to a Thom Dowd recorder concert with Bildeaux and Leaf. Both days I went to dances. Gil was DJing at a jazz club and Rosie at a sexy rock club. And I went to the Friday night TX950 librarian's back to school Toga Party. If only I got that much dancing in real life!

Also on Saturday Russell & I went out to breakfast at Mini Gourmet, our favorite diner. I had a fajita omelet which was huge and I had it for Sunday breakfast too as leftovers. In the afternoon we went to see Stardust which is a wonderfully magical movie. I realized I had read the book (which I hadn't realized from the trailers) and I thought they did a lovely job of realizing it. Wonderful sets, excellent cinematography, actors having a great time... and audiences too. It was the sort of movie that strangers walking out of just have to say to each other how much they enjoyed it. Don't miss it!
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I'm not sure why I'm having such a hard time journaling. I had an interesting week and a half! There should be pleny of things to say. But the very idea of writing about it makes me tired. And it is more fun to play with pictures for flickr. But here goes... it gets easier once one starts. :-)

Saturday was an NCLC meeting where we discussed stipends and who is going to MM. The AOS got their proxies together and caucused. All pretty reasonable. I even made a speech about taking a break from CoG and not coming to LC meetings next year (let alone running for office). Now I have a bunch of people to remind me of my resolution instead of just Russell & Kurt. *grin* After that meeting about half of us headed over to the Pagan Alliance Volunteer Appreciation BBQ. That was fun and I got to see Victoria's Saami drum and hear about her grandmother who was Saami. Very cool. Then I went to a Dark Forest esbat which was very fun and it was great to see those folks. We took pomegranate wood to make wants with and blesssed it to our Eleusinian work.

Sunday Russell & I and [ profile] mr_kurt and [ profile] saffronrose went to see a performance of Hair! by a local company. It was fun but about half the performers really weren't up to the material. I enjoyed it though and wondered what these fresh young actors and actresses made of the material. Does the current war, even without the draft, make the Vietnam experience more real for them? There was a talk-back after with a fellow who had been involved in the original New York production but rather than staying Russell & I went off and saw the new Harry Potter movie. Like most folks I have various quibbles but I liked it okay.

At circle on Saturday Gwen & I decided to get together and record the Eleusinian songs and we did that on Monday. Our voices blend really well together and we had a blast and I think the tracks are even pretty good. Certainly more understandable than the scratchy ancient tapes of Judy Foster... though I hate to lose that link with our past. What is Remembered Lives and I remember Judy partly by listening to her voice singing the Eleusinian songs. *sigh* But I remember her in many other ways too. And the young folks coming up don't have the associations and need a cleaner sounding version of the songs to learn from. I get that.

Also on Monday I did my "Getting Your Avatar Together" tour for the SJSU students in Jeremey's class. It went pretty well and we ended up with a dance at TX-950. I friended a couple of the students who wanted to talk more later. Mentoring is fun. :-)

Work has been interesting this week because each group is doing dry runs for their presentations to the Honcho-sans next month. I really like to hear the coherent story of what folks are working on instead of the snippets I get from doing particular searches.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights were unscheduled home-time with Russell. Is it totally whacko that two nights in a row together has become a rarity? We ordered pizza and watched video and spent quality time together and it was just really wonderful. I am so very lucky in my husbands.
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Friday was a fairly quiet day. I missed the librarian Goth party inworld to go to the Transformers movie with Kurt & Arthur. I thought it was great fun. I mean, yeah, I get that it is a spin-off from a toy that was popular a couple of decades ago. I never got interested in it when it was hot. But I went to Paramount's inworld promo for it and then read the wikipedia article and decided to go along. It was fast-paced, funny and no worse with the plot holes than most speculative fiction. *grin* I didn't take any pictures but here is one from Nel's flickrstream.
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On Saturday we went off to Chris & Petra's joint birthday party at Alum Rock Park. Despite knowing the Alum Rock entrance has been closed for years we managed to get ourselves lost and it took forever to get there. But it was well worth the drive. Lots of great folks and food and the beauty of the park. I took my camera but didn't take a single picture. I am much better at snapshots inworld. *grin*

Sunday morning I had my Ren Island meeting inworld. Then Russell and I went off to Sicko which was very well done. Michael Moore is very good at presenting things in an accessible way, I hope people see it and are moved to action.
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It has been a busy week! I'm not exactly getting caught up at work, but it is better than it was. On Tuesday the local SLA Solo librarians group came by and I did a presentation with [ profile] spikeiowa on Second Life. I showed my machinema and a couple other short videos and tried to do a demo inworld but couldn't because I didn't have a good enough wireless connection. *sigh* Low bandwidth is worse than a computer without enough power it seems. I do wonder about Gartner's prediction that "80 Percent of Active Internet Users Will Have A "Second Life" in the Virtual World by the End of 2011". Four years seems an awfully short time.

Russell and I watch the first part of Shortbus, a film I missed when it came out that he thought I should see. Wow. I'm amazed that this got shown in first run theatres. So far I like it alot though I don't believe, for instance, that licensed counselors talk about their clients and such as Sofia does. I love the idea of "the Jamies" *laugh* I can so see them as a couple.

A friend sent this video link to a list I'm on - Autism From a Parent's Point of View. It really gets at the heartbreak of parents of special needs kids. This is about autism but it could be the story of any parent whose child is not going to have an "normal life". The words go by a little fast for me, but I think it is worth watching and sharing.
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So, Saturday was the Peace Conference I have been trying to get CoG folks to attend. I wasn't particularly successful at it, but I did enjoy the conference. The morning keynote speaker was Yolanda King, who used the event to tout her new self help books and workshops. I wasn't particularly impressed. But Azim Khamisa who did the afternoon keynote was quite compelling, telling the story of the foundation he started after his son was killed by gang violence. His son worked in pizza delivery and evidently the gang called in a false order in service of getting someone to have a youngster shoot as an initiation. It sounds almost like an urban legend, doesn't it? *shudder* The 14 year old shooter was sentenced to the adult prison system (Azim wrote Schwarzenegger asking him to commute Tony Hick's sentence but hasn't heard back). He founded TKF, a foundation dedicated to breaking the epidemic of youth violence. It was powerful stuff.

I also went to an excellent community panel that included our chief of police, Robert Davis, who made headlines the year he came into office by observing Ramadan with the Islamic community, Maha ElGenaidim, an organizer from the Muslim community, Rabbi Dana Magat whom I've met several times before at interfaith events and Enrique Flores a young Latino man who started a organization that gives scholarships to 8th graders to go to private high schools and provides mentors to help them. Mr. Flores grew up in East San Jose and works with kids practically in my own neighborhood. I definitely plan to check them out further.

I admit I left before the last activity of the day. I didn't dialog and come up with a simple and profound act. I went out with Don and talked about CoG and upcoming interfaith things like the Goldin Institute in Cartagena this fall.

Making for a really long day, I then went to the Eleusinian meeting. This was a chance for folks who have put on the NROOGD Eleusinian over the years to share their experience with what worked and what didn't. It was quite interesting and worthwhile but having had to get to the peace conference by 7:30am, leaving Nette's at 10pm meant I was pretty much toast.

On Sunday I was involved inworld with a RenFaire style speech class. I had gotten resources together for it and hosted it at the Rose & Crown. We had about a dozen people for about an hour and a half and it was quite fun. I hope to have Sunday gathers fairly regularly.

Sunday evening Russell got home from his Sacred Connections weekend and we watched the film Children of Men which we hadn't managed to see in the theatre last year. Wow. It is a classic dystopian story by P.D. James and I was very impressed by how well the story was told with very tight dialog and evocative images. I will be very interested to watch the dvd extras because it had to be an interesting film to make as well as to watch. Wow.


Mar. 9th, 2007 10:03 pm
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This morning I had my annual appointment with my back doc. It went pretty well and afterward I made another try for a cache I looked for last year when I saw this doc. *grin* There was a worker near the cache when I came by and so I headed along the trail and found it flew over the freeway and ended up in the Los Gatos Creek trail (Oka Lane Recharge Area). It was a beautiful day! Geese and ducks honked, swam and flew. Poppies and other wildflowers graced the banks. I found two caches there and then headed back and made the find on the one near the doc. Go me. I need to remember to see if I got any interesting pictures in my creek trail walking.

All this had taken me to after noon and I took myself to the Mini Gourmet for lunch. I am reading Elaine Cunningham's Starlight & Shadows trilogy to get a better handle on Drow (since I'm playing on in SL). I read the first of R. A. Salvatore's Drizzt books but found it plodding. I find Ms. Cunningham a much more engaging author. My character is becoming clearer in my mind even as I am uncertain if I want to be involved in this role playing sim. There are so many things going on! Last night I went to a meeting with some librarian -- we have been gifted with a sim that is to be, for the next year at least, dedicated to Elizabethan England. We're talking about building Southwark so we have the Globe Theatre and other interesting venues. I want to work on that, I want to try machinima. Do I really have time to be a dark Elf? I'm not quite ready to give it up on it, but I admit to misgivings about how best to use my time. Esp. given that the RP schema they use requires a lot of "meditation" rather than actual role play. What's up with that?!

Our land is right next to the John Edwards campaign headquarters inworld and we get spillover from griefers and hecklers. *sigh* Today I had my own griefers after asking several young men not to fire weapons in my garden. I banned them but they sent several nasty attacks. My neighbor Alexie didn't have autoreturn on on her land so several things persisted longer than one might wish. I really don't want to be one of those people who closes off their land. But these guys were obviously alts set up for griefing. No-one who is really only two days inworld knows how to run particle griefer systems. I really don't understand getting off on making trouble for other folks.

Last night I saw Ghost Rider with Kurt & Arthur. It was not too bad a rendition of the comic book... but it was definitely aimed at 13 year old boys. And I'm sorry, but Nicholas Cage is not Johnny Blaze. Nice special effects. Tonight Russell and I saw Bridge to Terabithia. Oh my. I thought they did a wonderful job of realizing that rather difficult book. And I think I may have to buy the soundtrack. It was a three (or maybe four) hankie film.
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Friday I went up to the McDonald windows exhibit again. I really wish they'd get some more publicity out. After the NPR spot we got lots of traffic but it has really slowed down. It is such an amazing exhibit and it should be seen. I only have one more day of docenting (3/23) and I'm glad about that. But I am really happy that I have gone up each week and done my part to make it happen.

Between docenting and the initiation I went to on Friday night I had totally overdone it for my health. So Saturday I mostly vegged. Russell and I went out to see The Lives of Others. Wow, this is a must-see IMHO. The film is set in the East Germany of 1984 through about 1995. We follow the fortunes of playwright Georg Dreyman and of Capt. Gert Wiesler, the Stasi surveillance specialist who watches him. The film is a chilling cautionary tale of bureaucracy unbridled. It rightly won the best foreign film Oscar last week.

Sunday was the NROOGD ingathering and Kurt & I went up a little early and caught a couple of caches around Lake Merritt. I took Kurt to [ profile] slackerstalker's Delight of Flower (GCQ8E4) cache which showcases the amazing Oakland auditorium's art deco niches sculpted in 1915 by Alexander Stirling Calder. Wow. That is just what public art ought to be like. It was nice to have an excuse to come back.

The ingather spent a lot of time talking about the 2008 40th anniversary gathering. The place has been chosen (a deposit made) and the dates set for a weekend gather. That will be so cool.

I let Kurt drive home because I was pretty darn tired. I do feel better, but I would really like to have my energy back! Rakkasah is only two weeks away! Eeek!
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Sunday, Russell and I went to see Curse of the Golden Flower. As with Zhang Yimou's previous films, it is stunningly beautiful. It is also very depressing in the way of Shakespearean dramas like King Lear or MacBeth. Chow Yun Fat is a wonderful Emperor to Gong Li's Emperess. Intrigue abounds, death comes on a grand scale. I liked it... but it isn't a feel good movie.

We did get to ride the ferris wheel afterwards. I do love the holiday season in downtown San Jose. Ferris wheels make me very happy.

Then we had a wodnerful Christmas Eve dinner with my friend Stephanie and various of her friends (including [ profile] mr_kurt and [ profile] saffronrose). It was very yummy and the conversation was excellent.

However at some point I realized I hadn't shopped for Tuesday dinner yet. Ooops. Luckily [ profile] mr_kurt is off work this week and has offered to go by Whole Foods on Tuesday.

On Christmas Day we slept in and I spent some time in Second Life. Wow. The performance sure is better when there is hardly anyone on the system! I found a wonderful Greek area with temples and bathing pools called "Mount Olympus". The parts were prefab (I went by the suppliers to check them out) but the folks who had put them together for the high-flying home of the Gods did a beautiful job.

We had a holiday meal with [ profile] mr_kurt and [ profile] saffronrose and their family and various friends - Stephanie, Susan, and Lise and [ profile] rutemple. Kurt's venison stroganoff was stunning as usual and the many side dishes and desserts were amazing as well. Yum! And, of course, the conversation was excellent, though I admit that I probably bring up Second Life too often. I wanted to go caching after the meal but we got caught up in conversation and no walking-off of dinner happened. Oh well. I really do need to find some larger caches soon and move travel bugs along!

This morning I got up and got my car to the body shop. They won't know until they take the bumper cover off whether they will need to order any more parts. If not, I could have it back by the end of the week. If they need more parts it could be the end of next week. I have a rental car, a Toyota Matrix... but I'm not a carpool and it is a darn good thing the traffic will be light this week! I forgot to take a photo of my bumperstickers. *sniff* I'm bummed to be losing my Dennis Kuchinich and Kerry/Edwards strips as well as all my various peace and interfaith slogans. Oh well. It will give me a chance to order new ones I suppose.
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Okay, I am officially totally overbooked to the max. More than a week since my last update!

Tuesday the 3rd I worked and then had a nice family dinner with Russell & Brigid at California Pizza Kitchen. The CPK pear & gorgonzola pizza is just sooooo yummy. I confess I start to crave them if I haven't had one in about a month. And they are even better folded over cold for breakfast the next morning.

Wednesday I worked from home because I had another dentist appointment to get some fillings replaced. It was to ouch. They just couldn't get it numb and Dr T. says, "I'm going slowly so it will hurt less." And I'm like, "I want you to go fast and get it over with!!" It took about 1-1/2 hours with my jaw propped open so it was sore for a week!

Thursday and Friday we had back-to-back patent meetings at work. Yes, I worked on a Friday. *sigh* It throws everything off! Friday night we had a nice coven meeting, muchly around planning Samhain. Have I mentioned Owl Moon (with a lot of help from Dark Forest) is doing the NROOGD open Samhain in Palo Alto? pdf flyer if you're interested.

Saturday Russell and I met [ profile] sbisson and [ profile] marypcb at Mini Gourmet for breakfast before going home and cooking up a vegan Pomegranate Risotto and a ham to feed the folks coming to the Samhain rehearsal. We ate and did a read through and practiced some of the tricky bits. I think it is going well. On Sunday Petra & Chris & Rachael painted a maze on canvas in the parking lot of a nearby school... the paint bled through leaving a maze on their parking lot. Guerilla art! In the evening [ profile] sbisson and [ profile] marypcb and I went caching and then hung out in Mountain View until our 9pm reservations at Tamarine in Palo Alto. The company and the food were exquisite but by the end I was flagging badly since it was waaaay past my bedtime! I got us all home safely though.

Sunday I slept in, which I really, really needed. I headed up to Mountain View again for a noon gathering of the Northern California Where's George Association at the Tied House. About 20 people showed up and I spent a fair amount of time visiting a lovely new Georger named Ambyrhawke. (I gave her a Samhain invite.) At about 2:30 some folks were leaving and Ambyr and I wandered across the street and found a cool cache. She went back inside and I did a circuit of three more downtown caches and stopped by Global Beads to pick up some more baby temporary tattoos. I had gotten some for Sophia and everyone who saw them could think of a baby who needed some. *laugh* I love the pirate one and the hotrod baby carriage! When I got back to my car I noticed that about eight of my favorite Georgers were still at Tied House so I went back in and visited some more. *grin*

Russell had spent the day off at Renn Faire (he took some great pictures!) and we both were pretty ready to veg out. We watched the Bill Moyers special on Capital Crimes that we had recorded on Wednesday. I didn't hear anything I didn't know (being a news junkie) but it was pretty harrowing to watch it all laid out like that. The disgusting thing to me is how all that malfeasance has paid off... the TX legislature is still gerrymandered, the balance of power is still way off kilter, the Tribes Abramoff represented got screwed, etc. Some politicians might get two year sentences. Whoopee. A black man can get that for f'ing jaywalking, y'know?

Monday it was back at work. [ profile] mr_kurt and I tried to go caching at lunch but it was one of those days when the super caching senses are just not working and we didn't find a thing. *sigh* My guts had been roiling all weekend and when it got to dancing Monday night I didn't last very long. Bah. We did talk about doing a Tara dance workshop at PantheaCon and maybe get together the 21 dancers to do a full Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara.

Tuesday [ profile] saffronrose came by and took [ profile] mr_kurt & I over to Suraj for lunch. A bit dangerous with my guts being snarky but I didn't drink chai and that seems to have helped considerable. Bah. I *like* chai. But at least the curry and such didn't gripe me. After work I met Russell to see This Movie is Not Yet Rated, which is a documentary about the MPAA rating system. It was good information but, I thought, not a very compelling movie. It was mostly talking heads (directors telling about their experiences) and following the private investigator the documentarian had hired to try to find out who sits on the ratings board. The PI was great and they did find out who the current raters are. But I am not sure that was enough of a payoff to make the movie interesting.

And that brings me to this morning. I got to the office about 6am so I'd have time to george some bills (and finish entering gathering swaps into favorites), write this journal entry and get maps together for my trip up to Lake County tomorrow. Yesterday [ profile] mr_kurt realized that Google Earth thinks that the best way to get to Upper Lake is to go up Hwy 37 (lots of switchbacks over the mountains) rather than the straightforward up Hwy 101 to Hwy 20. So my "caches along a route" kml was on the wrong route! Eeep! Fixed now. I am so glad we caught that! So it is off to Sacred Connections for the weekend. The Saratoga Springs site says they now have wifi, so I may not be totally cut off as I have been in the past. (Last year I stopped in a McD's in Ukiah to log before heading into Upper Lake.) *fingers crossed*
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Monday was mostly spent at the wonderful BBQ that [ profile] saffronrose and [ profile] mr_kurt put on. I ate way too much yummy stuff (grilled kielbasa, potato salad, baked beans, ollalieberry pie, chocolate cake, etc).

Then we all watched Koi... Mil Gaya on their big TV. Oh my. This is a Bollywood movie that has echos of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., Flowers for Algernon and many other SF movies... with musical/dance numbers and lots of costume changes in which the protagonists are magically transported to snow-capped mountains beneath impossibly azure skies. *laugh* The movie was uneven in places but overall I liked it alot. The plot is that a scientist is killed after a UFO encounter and his wife bears a brain damaged son. They return to India and the youngster grows to manhood with the mind of a child. When a UFO lands in the area and an ET is left behind, the alien gives the young man super powers and heals his brain. But alas, when the ET is returned to his own kind, our hero reverts to his prior childlike brain. Or does he? I really want to see the sequel, Krrish, wherein the child of the folks in the first movie puts the super powers (which are apparently hereditary) to use. Hopefully when it is available on DVD Netflix will get it too.
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Saturday I went out to breakfast with Russell, got a number of things done around the house and then too off for Glenn's birthday party. I had meant to leave by 2:30 or so and do some caching in Berkeley but I ran out of time and between the lines at Whole Foods and the traffic I wound up at Glenn's around 4:30 instead of 4pm. Oh well. That wasn't a problem in terms of the party but it did put paid to my caching.

The party was great! Lots of folks showed up, as you might imagine for the 65th birthday of a respected community leader and it was a blast to catch up with folks. My friend Nancy was up from San Diego and it was particularly nice to find out how life down there is treating her. (She still hasn't found "her people" but is enjoying the beauty and the ocean.) I stayed until about 7pm and then fog starting rolling in and it got colder and dimmer. I talked [ profile] mr_kurt into walking up to Live Oak Park to get a new Motogrrl cache that was placed there a few weeks ago. So I did get one cache. But I *really* need a nice day of caching if I'm going to hit 500 anytime soon. (I'm at 486.)

Sunday Russell and I went to see The Illusionist which was a very nicely done story. I am afraid to say anything about it because of the spoiler potental. I loved the costuming and the atmosphere and the cinematography. I recommend it.

The young couple whose handfasting I'm doing Sept 24 came by and we did a run through the finalized (I trust) handfasting script. I think everything is now in place. I still can't believe I said I'd do a handfasting on Folsom weekend, but there you have it. My interfaith urge is greater than my lasciviousness or something.

Speaking of Interfaith, I finally got out the next episode of Interfaith Today. After the appendectomy my voice was very hoarse (because of the anaesthesia tubing I assume) and my brain wasn't working very well either from the pain killers. Then I went off to MerryMeet without carrying a microphone with me. *sigh* I have a bunch of audio from the Interfaith Center but most of it isn't all that inspiring. Esp. since I don't have biographies to flesh out why these folks "faith journeys" are about. So this episode is mostly about me since I also wrote a faith journey talk for the ICP. I need to arrange some interviews but that will mean either using the iPod and putting up with the hard drive whine or investing in new microphones and a splitter box for my iBook. Bah. Maybe I should ask for sponsors. I don't mind paying the hosting fees but microphones and such are expensive! It is a crazy hobby I've taken on.

After dinner we went over to Petra's and fed the cats. I spent a little too much time there and am reminded of why I can't live with cats. Bah. I need to write Barbara about those Siberian swampcats or whatever that are supposed to be naturally low in the allergen protein. I like cats. Really I do. I just like breathing better.
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This weekend has been very up and down for me.

We had a very lovely circle on Friday night. Doing our second initiation as a coven. I am so glad to bring these wonderful people into the trad and I am realy happy to be working in a NROOGD coven again.

First thing Saturday [ profile] mr_kurt came by and we went over and placed three caches in the park nearest me. It was a bit of a physical stretch but it was nice to be doing *something* to do with caching. I got home and filled out the cache pages and then took a nap.

Then I went shopping for appetizers for the Tacky Tiki party some friends were throwing. I got satay at Whole Foods but I went too long looking at different stores for cocktail toothpicks and was exhausted again by the time I got home.

Erika & Reaps came by in the late afternoon and we had a good visit before Reaps headed off and Erika & Russell and I went to the party. In many ways it was a very nice party. I got to see lots of old friends and I had some really good conversations. But I was also reminded why I don't see this couple very often. The host is an old friend - 30 years at least - but his wife just rubs me the wrong way. She was greeting people and placing leis on them and getting a big kick out of "lei-ing" all the guests. But I had gotten into the spirit (I thought) of the occasoin and worn my own lei. So she refused to give me one. I understand that it was probably her sense of a lack of abundance and perhaps she would run out. Or maybe I had stolen her fun by already being "lei-ed". But it made me feel very unexpectedly unwelcome at a party which I had been greatly anticipating. So I am reminded why it is that I so seldom see my old friend. And that is sad.

Erika and Reaps had breakfast and took off on their trip taking lots of georges to spend on their trip up I5 to Oregon. I have al the I5 corridor counties but you never know, maybe a bill will make it to Del Norte or Trinity or Modoc. I haven't had a new California county hit in ages!

Sunday I continued by discussion with the cache reviewer who doesn't want to approve my caches. I was trying to create the kind of situation I like to find -- a cluster that I can walk between and get several caches at once. I started caching to try to get mysef walking more! The reviewer thinks they should be a multicache and that just because you can put a cache every 600 feet doesn't mean you should. So I am taking it as a difference in philosophy and that maybe placing caches just isn't my path to giving back to the sport. I went ahead and renewed my premium membership but I am feeling very ambivalent about it at the moment. Finding them is fun, but I really have not enjoyed the process of submitting caches for review and I am just not sure I want to go through it again. But it feels like by enjoying finding other folks' caches, I should be placing my own to spread the fun and give *them* something to find. Bah humbug.

Russell and I went and saw My Super Ex-Girlfriend which was a hilarious movie. OMG! They totally got the superhero zeitgeist and had soooo much fun with it! I loved this movie!

Aftward we went to Bella Mia for dinner. Because two Sundays ago we had planned to go out to dinner after a movie but my stomach hurt to much to think about food. I hardly ate in the 48 hours before my appendectomy. This is probably good but as today's movie ended I *really* wanted to keep that date. The lobster gnocci was just okay - the sauce was very lobster bique-ish but some of the gnocci were undercooked and most of the lobster was overcooked. Note to self - go to Spiedo for gnocci! But it was nice to sit across the table from Russell and share that meal. I'm on the way to being okay again! Yay.
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I'm working from home this morning due to some problem with our building. I'm actually getting quite a lot done on my current search except that Micropatent is going down from time to time (and just serving blank pages). I thought I'd take an opportunity to check in whilst I wait it coming back up.

I have been pretty low energy as my body has been fighting the pain and poison oak. Russell and I walked over to Walgreen's last night and got some more Technu and some Zanfel in case I am exposed over this coming camping weekend. Zanfel (which I heard about from a cacher on Saturday) is an abrasive wash that is supposed to unbind urushiol from the skin after the rash has already shown up. We shall see! Kurt found that my old standby Immunoak isn't around anymore. I used to take that every year and never got poison oak during the years I used it. I got out of the habit when I was using the wheelchair alot because I just wasn't going out in the wood much. Okay, I know, just because I am obsessed with poison oak at the moment doesn't make it interesting to everyone else!

Friday another painter came by to look at the house and bid on the exterior paint job. I didn't get much of a hit off him at all. I really liked last week's candidate, Doug Yeargain, much better. Over the weekend Russell and I stopped by Miranda's house to see the job the Doug Yeargain's company had done. We ran into Miranda and Diana in the front yard and had a nice chat. (I had met Miranda through Petra and [ profile] jezebeltw a few years ago but hadn't seen her since.) We are going to go with Doug's company to paint the house. Yay! It will be nice to have it brightly colored again instead of faded.

I went up to a caching event on Saturday but it was really fairly stupid of me. I shouldn't do long drives until my shoulder is better. But I had a nice time showing my coin collection to folks. I only got two really close caches and the event cache because I just didn't feel like climbing bare sunny hills in almost 100 degree weather. And sweating on my poison oak lesions. Okay, I'm a wimp.

Sunday there was another gather up in Felton but I bailed on that one. I was just exhausted and spent much of the day just dozing. We did see A Scanner Darkly and Who Killed the Electric Car over the weekend. I liked Electric Car a lot. Scanner was very impressive technically but it is a grim story and I guess I just wasn't in the mood.

Yesterday I went back to work with energy and got lots of stuff done. It was really nice not to be dragging, though I admit I asked [ profile] mr_kurt to drive home because my shoulder was sore and I was starting to droop. But still! I'm on the mend!

Oh! Micropatent is back up... back to work!
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I really don't know where the time goes! It is Saturday evening already. What have I been doing for the last few days? Hmm.

Wednesday I had a lovely date with Russell. Thursday we went and saw the film, Inside Man which was a truly excellent caper film by Spike Lee. It has wonderful twists and turn and it is nice to see Mr. Lee directing stars like Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster... whilst still keeping the "real people" cast members too. I think he has done a marvelous job and I hope he makes a bundle!

Friday I had a lovely date with Kurt and then did some life maintenance stuff. I had lunch with Denise at Left Bank to enjoy a last lunch before she moves to Oregon next month. Another friend lost to the Great Wet. *sniff* I really have to go visit people one of these days.

Then I went home and worked on the Green Book for several hours. I promised I'd have CDs out by Beltaine with the revisions and I'm off at Sacred Connections retreat next weekend so I really need to finish it up so I can start burning. I'm pretty close to finished, I think, just a few more hours. *grin* I was working away as the coven started to arrive for our Full Moon. We worked for new beginnings and giving the spring and our lives a jump start.

Saturday morning I finished reading Elizabeth Bear's trilogy, Hammered, Scardown and Worldwired. Wow. I haven't been reading a lot of science fiction this year, but I just say this is just excellent. Very well written, an interesting yarn and I love the casual polyamory of the main character and her partners. Now I have to get the second two volumes off to [ profile] reasoningralph with whom I left volume one and who is undoubtably feeling the libris interruptus of waiting for the finish. This is one of those "trilogies" that is really just one story in three books. But not one with a bit of fat that should be trimmed. Just a really well told story that takes 1,000 pages. *grin*

Then I headed off to the House meeting. It was really productive and I am very glad to have been able to attend. My summer schedule of travel is going to mean I'll miss several events, including House Anniversary which is the same weekend as MerryMeet. On the way up I had a lovely telephone chat with [ profile] rubibees as I drove. On the way back I started listening to the 2006 Toronto Pagan Conference Lecture Series MP3 CD. So far, I'm really impressed. I wish more Pagan conferences put out conference recordings! I bought it at the mention of Brendan Myers but I has an interesting lineup, incluing [ profile] rhiastarr talking about the NROOGD (which I haven't listened to yet).

And that brings us to right here, right now. is down, as are all domains hosted by [ profile] lwood. *sigh* I guess I'll be checking my gmail account and work in the interim. Evidently her landline is flooded and SBC is dragging their feet on dealing with it. I am soooo ready for it not to be raining!!!
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Sunday, having dropped [ profile] rubibees at the airport and seeing that though dark... it wasn't yet raining. Lest I get too far behind in the Coin Quest it was imperative that I get some caches! I headed down to a series by the Camden Ponds. I needed a fishing hole cache (the pond is regularly stocked with trout) and a cache with the name of a water bird in the name. Both requirements were handily fulfilled amongst the six caches I picked up! About three caches in, [ profile] mr_kurt phoned and I said I was caching. Since I was so close to his home, he came and joined me. We grabbed a couple on the other side of Los Gatos Creek and I pointed him of one near our cars I had already done but that it seemed silly for him to miss since we were walking so close. *grin* I am up to 315 caches and he is at 60. I can keep going a couple more days on the Quest. I need one more before I go! Then I'll really have to do some serious caching in Austin where I'm visiting my folks starting Thursday. At least it isn't raining there.

Russell and I went to see Thank You For Smoking at the Camera 7. It was a very fun satire. I liked Aaron Eckhart very much, though the narration was a little precious in spots. Mostly it was just such a send-up of spin doctors, hollywood product placement and general political madness.

Things are blurring together. Somewhere in there, Sunday or Monday night, Russell and I watched Crash on DVD. It was a good movie, tough to watch. I guess I'm not totally disbelieving that people think some of those racist things but I'd be awfully surprised if they actually say them like that. Esp. the Sandra Bullock character. But no-one came out totally without sympathy and no-one came out as a saint. At least we've now seen this year's Oscar winner.

Lance Trumbull, leader of the Everest Peace Project CC, left San Francisco on Saturday March 25 for Nepal. Following several years of hard work and determintaion the Everest Peace Project Cooperation Circle of URI has
drawn together climbers from different faith traditions smitten with the same dream - to climb Mt. Everest as a symbol that peace is possible on Earth among people of different religions and spiritual traditions. Lance is blogging the expedition, the lastest one with the Sadhu set to rock music is very strange. It will be interesting to follow along... but Mt. Everest is not among *my* dreams of places to visit!

I saw this video courtesy of [ profile] queen_of_wands. "This guy films himself unbalancing rocks and then plays the film in reverse." It looks really cool.
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I'm glad I didn't have anything on for last night. I did have a slump at about 3pm but not as bad as in past days and I made it to the end of the work day. Then made it home through the truly awful traffic (caused by a traffic fatality so someone had an abysmally worse day and I shouldn't complain). I detoured through Willow Glen and shopped at La Villa Deli and got a stuffed zucchini for Russell and a stuffed eggplant for me. It was yummy and I didn't have to cook. We vegged out and watched Van Helsing which I still think is so awful as to be hilarious and Russell just thought was awful. Oh well. Kate Beckinsale in tight clothes is a theme with me, I guess.

I ran across a patent today that featured "a multifunctional personal portable digital image capturing device" - known to laypeople as a camera. Lawyer language makes me crazy. Oh well. If they didn't obfuscate so much my work would be that much less valuable. But it isn't any wonder when I'm sick and off my game that my ability to think in obfuscatory ways diminishes.

A nice article in Genealogy Magazine - Weaselhead, Devil and Drunkard: Surnames Originating As Insults. I don't know that any of mine are insults. The only surname I really know a "meaning" fo is Poindexter which means strong right arm so the Poingdestres may have been into brawling at some point. Or may have been good supports for their King/Lord. My maiden name Comer may come from Comber and had to do with the occupation of combing wool. Lykins came from Lycan Farm back in Varmland, Sweden when that branch shed their patronymics. Boswell may be from the Gaelic "Bothel" meaning the house of the powerful. I have no idea what Emigh/Amick might have meant though it may be cognate to Emmerich which is again a strong, powerful house. Jones and Ferguson are just patronymics that became surnames.

Oh, well. Back to those patents!

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