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We rescued my friend Song from the rehab center (aka durance vile) on Friday and brought her home to her apartment. I cannot begin to say what a relief that was. We are both horrified at the plight of our elders who have to live in such places. The level of care was unbelievably inept and the place was just psychically draining. After a couple of days home she is in SUCH better shape both emotionally and physically. Also, her apartment is like 2 miles from my house so I don't have to commute to the next town every day to see her. I just couldn't leave her alone in that awful place. Now I can just pop over whenever she needs me (and to visit).

Saturday Kurt & I took the train up to Pride to work on behalf of the Pagan Alliance. The Pride foundation gives grants to other non-profits who field volunteers for Pride. So we hawked in the street for donations for 2-1/2 hours. We had fun, singing like at Renn Faire. I made a few extra dollars for them with people paying me to take my picture with them (a lot more just asked and I said sure). LOL It was funny to be a tourist attraction (they were mostly young Asian women with probable mother picture takers). But I think we got $200-300 toward supporting the parade, the community and Pride -- so go us. Our covenmates, Chris & Tracey, had had an earlier shift and came back at the end of ours to waft us away from the event. I didn't get to do any shopping at all but I was pretty out of spoons and it was nice to just get away from the noise and crush. We went over to Polk St and had a drink at McTeague's and dinner at Myconos. Then Kurt & I made it back for the return "baby bullet" train and home where we totally fell over. I think I slept for like 12 hours, I was soooo exhausted.

Sunday (after sleeping in) we did Falkenrath Knights in WoW and I virtually attended the NCLC meeting. They actually asked me to host one of the upcoming meetings. I really am shocked they don't get how betrayed I feel by the last one. No, I am so not going to host an NCLC meeting for the foreseeable future. If I used strong language, I'd say "FU". And the horse you rode in on. Honestly. They betrayed my hospitality once, not again.

The weather is being crazy hot. We, like the rest of the West, are having "excessive heat". *fans self* I actually kinda like it except for the not cooling down at night. I guess something is keeping the fog offshore (I can never remember if that is a high pressure zone or a low pressure one and I'm too lazy to google it - no I'm not. NOAA says high pressure zone).

I saw my doctor yesterday and got a referral for my arthritis (or whatever) in my hands. I have gone from not being able to do any hand work (about 6 years) to having my hand hurt after driving (3 years) to having my hands ache a lot in the morning (2 years) to my hands can't grip anything at all (six months). I've been using a heating pad for an hour or so in the morning to get myself going. About a month ago I got some neoprene compression gloves which I wear all night (and then heating pad for an hour) and it was helped tremendously. Plus Voltaren gel, of course, which I have been using for about a year. Getting old is getting old. Also he switched my levothyroxine from 1.25 to 1.37 to see if that would help with the weight gain. Because I just don't see how eating <1200 calories & <25g carbs a day for six months creates a 6 pound gain with an RDI of 1500 unless something untoward is gonig on. Just sayin'

Russell and I have reservations in San Francisco for the 4th, hopefully we'll be able to see fireworks from our hotel window. (The lack of fog being useful for once :) I'm really looking forward to it!
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This week has continued crazy busy at work. Tuesday the clinic called with a cancellation and scheduled me for a colonoscopy on Friday. Ah, the middled aged person's rite of passage! This fact pretty much dominated my week.

Tuesday night I went to the ICP for the interfaith potluck and we talke about Oneness after watching a video interview with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, a Sufi teacher. It was interesting to hear him speaking from a mystic's perspective and how akin much of what he said was to the ways of Wicca... and a few things that I thought we could teach him. He has a site going about working towards the emerging consciousness of oneness, which I plan to read when I get a chance!

Wednesday was work and fasting (I started a day early - what goes in must come out).

Thursday I worked from home and got quite a bit done before it was time to haunt the toilet. The whole purge thing wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. I do think that they should include savory flavor packets instead of fruit for the Trilyte/Colyte solution since they are trying to mask saltiness. I suppose the folks who like gatorade would find the salt/fruit thing more palatable than I. I nodded off and missed the beginning of choir practice (and didn't hear my cell phone ring). But we got in a good hour of rehearsal for Saturday's Bembe.

Friday Reaps dropped at the train and I walked down to the clinic. It was a beautiful sunny, windy day. There were little purple flowerlets blowing along the sidewalk, swirling and dancing. Everyone at the clinic was very nice and I don't remember a thing. [ profile] mr_kurt picked me up and brought me home where I ate some tapioca and then passed out for a couple of hours to sleep off the anaesthesia. Then we went caching. *laugh* Just one and a maintenance run on one of my caches. And had a small dinner and went to bed. I am very glad I don't have to do this again for 10 years.
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This was another of those weekends that sort of went by in a blur. Friday I had an oral surgeon visit and I went geocaching in the afternoon. This was probably my worst day caching. I was unsuitably shod for the terrain (I *really* need to buy hiking boots) and I went down the wrong trail and instead of climbing back up it I took off across country on deer trails. I finally got the cache site and the cache was missing. Luckly I got another on nearby that would do for my mine/cave requirement for Coin Quest. I was supposed to go dancing with Kurt & Marina in Santa Cruz but I had strained my knee on my hike and decided dancing was right out. I also seem to have put my back out. I stayed home and took a long hot bath.

So, you might think, I'd take it a bit easy the rest of the weekend. But no, first thing Saturday I drove down to Salinas for a park cleaning event (Cache In, Trash Out) which was very well attended and we got a lot of trash out... but man my back wasn't happy with me. So I hopped back in the car and headed off to the local CoG meeting. I managed not to volunteer for anything and I stayed afterward and visited with [ profile] spidernette and [ profile] hermetichaole which was very nice. We live fairly close but seldom get hangout time.

Sunday morning I met Kurt & Arthur at 9am to go out caching. Arthur evidently has the cold I am finally getting over and he wanted to nap in the car after the first cache. Poor kid. Kurt & I grabbed a couple right around Vasona Park and then dropped Arthur back at home and went and bought me a holiday tree. With my back out there was no way I could do it by myself! Thank you, Kurt! A funny note on that, since we saw several lots when we were in Los Gatos we checked them out. They wanted between $110-250 for trees!!! I said, "Erm, I'm buying my tree in East San Jose!" and off we went to my usual lot and got a lovely 6-7 ft grand fir for $50. Who pays $250 for a holiday tree!? The one I got would have been at least $150 on the Los Gatos lot. *shakes head in amazement*

Then I finally took it easy for a couple of hours until time to head off to the rehearsal for the Brighid ritual that [ profile] wynkat1313 among others is arranging for PantheaCon. [ profile] hermetichaole was kind enough to drive and that was good for my sore muscles too. [I found driving to work this morning a bit wearing, that old foot out on the accelerator thing just goes all the way up into my back. And traffic was too heavy to drive by cruise control.] We had a good first read through of the ritual and figured out lots of upcoming dates for rehearsal. Ack. More things on my calendar. But this is something I have to do for my Matron, so there you have it. And it is *so* cool to be working with a score of other Brighid priest/esses all at once! In Daughters I know I am handing the flame off but it is very remote. This will be amazing.

Today at lunch I had a doctor appointment. It took me several weeks to get this appointment after several prior weeks of playing phone tag with her to talk about test results. So she said make an appointment. I did. And she didn't have any information on the various treatment modalities she might recommend. Huh!! What am I here for, if you can't tell me what comes next? She wanted to phone another doctor to ask her, but other Dr was at lunch. Reasonably enough since this was a noon appointment. If she needed to talk to someone why did she wait until I was there in the examining room!? Why did I blow my lunch hour on this?! I have wanted to fire her for awhile. This is the last straw.

Help! I need a new primary care physician, female preferred, in the Menlo Park - Palo Alto - Redwood City Area. Suggestions? I have Aetna PPO.

my weekend

Oct. 16th, 2005 07:55 pm
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Saturday I got up still feeling off-kilter but forged ahead and left for Concord about 10am (an hour later than I planned) to do some geocaching before the Bembe. I really considered calling and saying I didn't feel well enough but I really wanted to be there. I tried to find For the Health of It and I got close but didn't find the actual hide.

I went to the Bembe and went out for Ogum, Oxossi and Pomba but I had misjudged being able to eat raspberries (too acid) and had to leave. I got home and fell into bed for an hour. Then Russell got me up and we went to see Good Night and Good Luck the stunning story of Edward R. Murrow's challenge of Sen. McCarthy's anti-communist hearings. Filmed in black and white, it captures the era and the feel of a television studio. Wow.

This morning I had a headache again but managed to get ready and head off to Renn Fair with Russell. Today was the last day of the Casa de Fruta Faire and we had a good time. We watched Marlowe's Shadow, Kenny Klein (it was nice to see him, its been years) and some new bellydancers whose name I've forgotten. We didn't do a lot of shopping, I think I've pretty much bought everything I need from this collection of vendors. Well, I was tempted by another handkerchief hem skirt but decided I couldn't really afford it. We got home in time for yoga. *yawn* I'm still vaguely headachy but my stomach is much better.

I need to keep track of my reflux, checking my journal the last time I mentioned it was July 10, before that April 22nd and back in September of 2004. So, about quarterly. That was my impression. Probably time to talk to the Doc about it again. She talked about putting a camera down my esophagus to check it out. *sigh*
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The International Day of Peace service yesterday was really beautiful and really well attended. After the service the clergy folk attended a luncheon and got evangelized to work on the next peace conference in April 2006. I had a good time working on the one this year and am looking forward to working on it again. I'm really happy to be making connections and doing work in the South Bay! I was finally at CSE on a day their bookstore was open and I checked it out. I bought a Sarasvati for the dashboard of my car. Now I have Isis & Sarasvati. I need a small Brighid statue next!

I just found out yesterday that my bad cholesterol is too high and eating is a minefield at the moment. *laugh* I went to breakfast with Carole and had to think about whether I could eat my usual Joe's scramble (eggs, hamburger, 'shrooms & spinach with cheese). *sigh* I had a crab and avocado crepe instead which was yummy, but I am such a creature of habit it was hard to see the habit broken. Kurt & I just got back from lunch at a local Indian buffet whereI realized I couldn't do chicken makhani because that is a butter-based sauce. Which I eat because I'm allergic to yoghurt. Oh wah!

Ninth Ward Video for New Orleans. Worth watching.
And it led me to Something's In the Air/But It's Not on the Airwaves which really speaks to something I've been feeling. I really need to get cracking with my podcast! I just have to have some time!

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