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Sunday morning I drove down to Monterey and arrived about 8am, time to hang out in Starbuck's, register for Internet Librarian and make my 9am class on Drupal. Three hours wasn't long enough to actually impart much useful information. The instructor was clearly hampered by previously only doing this class as a full day or as a series of six classes. But at least prepping for the class and his reminding me of Acquia (which I had forgotten about since my last Drupal foray) it was useful. Esp. if I get to actually use Drupal at some point.

I had an afternoon break and had a lovely visit with Denise Sallee. I had emailed her about something unrelated and mentioned I always thought about her when I come to IL. She wrote me back and is no long living in Ireland but is home in Pacific Grove taking care of her parents who are very frail (and now in assisted-living). She showed me some lovely pin-hole photos she had taken in Ireland and we talked about all kinds of things. She working on a new book but wishes her book on Ella Young (with John Matthews) had sold better. Leaving Ireland probably impacted her sales. She really isn't a computer person (beyond using it to write on) so social media aren't much help.

After we parted I checked into the Merritt House Inn where I have a lovely room. I'd rather stay at the Portola (for the hot tub) but I just couldn't afford it this year. I miss having an employer to send me to conferences. But hey, the Merritt House is really nice and quite close and I got an excellent room. And their "continental breakfast" had hard boiled eggs so I even had protein to supplement the Palaak Paneer leftovers I had from last night.

I went to the Gadgets and Games evening and played with some iPad games and other things. Laser tag was being very popular but I am not much for running and ducking myself, of course. Someone was telling me that they had used it in their library with a tie-in to Hunger Games. Librarians are so very innovative.

My Sunday dine-around was on Search and Discovery and there were about a dozen people at Ambrosia India Bistro. It was excellent, both in conversation and food. I got back to my room about 10:30 but had trouble getting to sleep. I do feel pretty well rested this morning though.
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Well, here we are, the last day of Internet Librarian. Got to the keynote early and got on the internet. Yay. STILL haven't had any back at Days Inn. *grumble* Got no work done, got no WoW holiday stuff started. Eh, I'm such a whiner. It just really does show me how dependant I am on internet for my news, connections and fun!

Had a lovely chat with the t-shirt guy at the Monterey Farmer's Market. He does much marine environment work and is also a fan of Caroline Casey and was up at her Bioneers talk a few days ago. We always bond when I stop by. He remembered me from two years ago, the last time I was here. I was really tempted by some of the colourful patchwork pieces he had but they were too small for me in the chest even in the L/XL size. Doing the Monterey market made me realize that I haven't gone down to the one in San Jose any Friday this summer! Wow, I did it 2-3 times a month last year. But I guess I just never picked it up again this spring after all the illness. It may have ended for the season, but next spring I should really get back into the habit.

I rumbled by the Stevenson House this morning. It doesn't have opening hours posted so I guess I'm not going to find that cache before I go. I didn't get closer than 50m gps accuracy anyway so meh.

I had left over lamb shank for breakfast. The nice things about the Days Inn was it had fridge and microwave. The lamb was from Episilon where I dined around last night. It was quite a nice Greek restaurant and the company was some HP librarian who work in the legal dept so we could chat about supporting engineers with IP. How cool is that? Actual colleagues who do the kinds of things I do! I suppose I should capture the name of the one who gave me her card - Abbey Bowman "information Research Analyst". Isn't that a great title?

Sunday and Monday were really beautiful. Yesterday was grey and foggy all day and today looks to be grey again. I don't think I could live this close to the coast. I do really like downtown Monterey though.

I finished reading Enchantment Emporium. I think I am finally done with that for awhile. LOL It lasted a LOT more reads than one might expect for a fluffy fun read. Glad the sequel is coming out sometime soon. So now I'm re-reading the Shadow Unit stories. I don't want to get all caught up in something new whilst I am on the road.

This afternoon sometime I'm off to Santa Barbara to break my journey with Erika & Reaps before heading on to BlizzCon on Thursday. I doubt I'll stay for the closing keynote although it sounds quite interesting. I just don't want to drive so much in the dark.

*grumble* I'd post a picture with the entry if I could get flickr to load.
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Eh, sitting in a bar with free wifi. Had a couple of Knob Creeks and some fried calamari -- lightly toasted and yum!

Madly wishing to be in WoW running holiday stuff. Got on for 15 min at lunch and said "hi" but didn't run a single horseman with no bloody internetz *sigh*

Took a few notes in this morning's keynote. Tweeted other sessions. And must admit not so much in this morning's keynote.

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Wow, I'm actually fairly toasted. Feels good. But back to reading Enchantment Emporium for the umpteenth time (umscore time?) rather than trying to be lucid. Bourbon is goooood. Calamari had at least half tentacles. Doing this again tomorrow!
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Arrrgggghhhhhhhh! Where are the internetz?! Even Starbucks is failing me.

Thoughts on Monday at Internet Librarian ---

Things I miss - the bookstore cafe across the street from the convention center is now a Starbucks; the British import store is gone replaced by a fitness center. Things that are still the same - most of the restaurants I like are still here. I stopped in for breakfast at the Old Monterey Cafe and oh yum. And dinner last night at Rappa's was great. Went to Rosine's for lunch. Had a quite lovely Cobb salad. I miss the idea of German chocolate cake but it didn't really call to me. And the Walgreen's where I buy Dr Pepper is still here. I really would like to come down to Monterery on holiday sometime.

The only session I took real notes on was the opening Keynote (see notes below). Other sessions I live tweeted instead (as connectivity allowed *sigh). I spent the day in the mobile sessions.

The grand opening of the exhibits was a terrible cocktail party sort of crush. I lasted about an hour and then realized that my dine-around for tonight wasn't until 7pm and went and crossed my name off. There was just no way I was waiting. I feel bad for Aaron someone from UC Chico who was the only other person signed up for that dinner. Games and virtual worlds used to be a much bigger draw. This year it is mobile, I think they exceeded their possible 18 sign-ups. I went to the designated restaurant (I was really so tired that decisions were not my strong suit), Lopez Cantina. It was near my hotel anyway.

There was a lovely new agey shop nearby called Luminata that was open until 7pm on Saturdays so after a caesar salad with fajita meat I stopped in and bought cards and a pair of earrings. I should list it on the NCLC resource site. There were lots of books, cards, jewelry and such, including a Wicca section. (He called it his "old wisdom" section.)

I am finding I don't have much stamina. I am really glad I am using the chair since my hotel is so far away. I could never walk that far carrying anything. But I took a break mid-afternoon and came back to the hotel, left the chair and walked about half way back to downtown with just my wallet. I got back to the room feeling quite sore and almost fell asleep. I imagine myself to be much more mobile than I actually am. I find this kind of discouraging. I have visions of myself being able to do all kinds of things and I just don't know how realistic they are. Traveling by myself to Costa Rica next spring may be overly ambitious.

Once again, there is no internet to be had at my hotel. I'm connected to the network but it has one bar and isn't actually going on the web. *sigh* The desk guy said their provider had server troubles yesterday but they had rebooted. I got on for a bit this afternoon (but it was slow and I needed to get back to the conference). And the connection at the conference is glacial. I don't know that I'm going to get any work done at all. Ack. I am supposed to be keeping up with work! If Ricoh wanted me to be in a hotel with decent wifi they should have paid for it I guess. *facepalm* But I feel guilty and anxious about it nonetheless.

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Here I am at Internet Librarian. Checked in and then ran into various folks. Chatted with Richard Hulser, Roy Tennant and some of the other presenter-types. Saw Michael Porter & Michael Sauer and various folks at the Games and Gadgets event. Got a new Words opponent at the "tablet" table. I had a nice dine around at Rappa's where the topic was "web tools". The environment I work in is sooo far removed from most librarians. Ran into an old colleague from the Apple Library, Lynne Bidwell, who is now off in Idado at an academic library. That was a bit of a blast from the past.

My Day's Inn room doesn't seem to have internet I can actually access. This is a calamity as I am supposed to be keeping up with work whilst I am here and if I can't work in my room I am so screwed. I presume I'll be posting this update once I'm back in the conference hotel. We seem to have paid for wi-fi in all the function rooms and not just the Steinbeck Room this year (yay!).

The Day's Inn is a block further than Casa Munras (the furthest from the bright heart of the conference I have been ere now) and whilst my room is "accessible" it is not very. And there are hardly any outlets. I *really* miss being in the Portola... no wi-fi, no hot tub downstairs, no ability to go back to my room to pick things up. But $200 for 3 days vs $200/night wins this year. But if I can't work! Ack!! (Ricoh is paying my salary but I am paying for the conference and lodging this year.) Tomorrow I will have to carry warm clothes if I'm staying out as last as tonight. It is bloody cold. And when I got back to the room the heat was turned off. Happily it seems to be warming up.

Oh well, no interwebs, guess I'll go to sleep. Keynote comes early.

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