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The week after the hanfasting was a bit off kilter. I got home to find my car had a flat tire from a roofing nail. Russell had called Toyota road side assistance and gotten the spare put on. But thanks to the San Jose Grand Prix and just the craziness of it being after 6pm, I decided after callign a couple of tire places to deal with it on Friday. So I called Kurt and asked for a ride to work on Thursday, my only workday of the week. Since we usually commute together on Mondays this made it feel very like a Monday. I got to work and worked amazingly productively all day. I was really recharged by my honeymoon, I guess!

Friday I mostly dealt with the car, did some shopping, general life maintainance. I go my wardrobe ready to sell. I'm going to start with Craig's list and then go to eBay local if that doesn't work. I really need to get it out of the bedroom so that I can have a walk-in closet built.

Saturday was [ profile] gwebbyhead and [ profile] hermetichaole's lovely handfasting. Russell and I made a fruit salad with blueberries, cherries, raspberries, nectarines, white peaches, apricots, mango and pecans. Oh yum. The ceremony was beautiful and the feast was wonderful. I probably drank too much champagne. Gwen noticed I sound more Southern when I've been drinking. *grin*

Sunday Russell headed off to Renn Faire and I headed with friends up to Dore Alley. Both Fairs were small but fun. I hung out in Kurt & Marina's pool for awhile and then headed home to write up journal entries. But Petra came in and asked if I was attending yoga class. (I had thought it was cancelled this week due to the Grand Prix making it harder to navigate the area.) I dropped the writing and headed out for our last yoga class. It was really good and I'm glad to have had the chance to take yoga with this great class of folks. Petra is a wonderful teacher of yoga, just as she is great as a dance teacher. She has a gift.

And now I'm all caught up! It has been a truly fabulous week!
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After the handfasting we went back to our respective homes and beds and first spouses and slept. Monday we had a 9:45 Southwest flight to Vegas to celebrate our honeymoon. [ profile] mr_kurt thought we should get there two hours early because the security lines have gotten awful. I'm not sure we needed two hours, but it was much longer than one might think and I'm glad we went really early. Even so we were in group "B" which means a lot of folks were there even earlier!

We arrived at the MGM Grand about noon and, of course, there were no rooms ready that early. We had lunch in a cafe and went to see about our tickets to KA. The folks at the ticket desk insisted that no one with a name anything like mine had reservations for either show on Monday or Tuesday. I decided to try again after I had my laptop (which was then checked at the bell desk). We had killed about an hour and a half but still no room. We wandered around looking for a comfortable place to sit down. Other than the chairs in front of slot machines, there didn't seem to be much other than three couches, already occupied in one of the bars. We asked a security guard but he just pointed us back at that bar. We went and sat in some less comfortable seats, watching to see if the couches came free. That security guard came by and told us he had forgotten about the West Wing Lounge and we should just go down this hall and turn left. We went down the hall and it ended in a very backstairs sort of area. We had passed a gateway with some nice couches, so we went back and tried the gate. Success! I snuggled on a couch, waiting for it to be late enough to try again calling to see if we had a room. Not long after that a different security guard showed up and wanted to know what we were doing. We explained. Evidently we were in "the Mansion" rather than the "West Wing" and she wanted us out of here. *laugh* So she called and was told our room was ready. We headed up but found it hadn't been finished. Evidently it takes two people to change the king size duvet covers and so the maids finish a room except for making the bed and then go along and make beds in pairs. It is almost 4pm by now we want to get on with our honeymoon, not wait for housekeeping! Arrrgh!

Finally, our room to ourselves! We fall upon each other hungrily as one might expect. Some time later I suggest I really should check about the confirmation on the KA tickets since I wasn't sure if our reservations were for Monday or Tuesday. I have the confirmation PDF on my computer and we walk down and so it to them. Despite being correct on the confirmation they confide that my name was misspelt in the database. Eeek! Our tickets are for that very evening. We grab a bite to eat and head back to the room to tryst and change for the show.

KA is a Cirque du Soleil show installed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The story is about twins coming of age in the face of adversity. Other than an initial voice over to that effect it is all the usual Cirque wordless music. There are two stages which seemed to be on hydralic gears which allowed them to be moved in many planes. A lot of the action, esp. the martial arts bits were done by folks on wires in the vertical plane against a vertical stage. I thought there was a bit too much of that. There were some amazing costumes, the crabs (contortionists walking in full back bends) and other creatures were very cool. The villain's machine was very cool looking, particularly the huge one that seemed human-powered with guys running in circular cages. In the end, it was interesting but not as spectacular as "O" and with a ticket price of $150 each, probably not worth it for me.

We went back to the room and fell asleep and then spent the entire next day (with room service) together in our room. Tuesday night we went out to Valentino's restaurant at the Venetian Hotel. The food and the service was outstanding. They seated us at a table with a chair and a banquette seat. I found that I just wassn't ready to sit an entire table away and moved to join Kurt on the banquette, meaning to move back when the food came. With great aplomb they changed things around so we could continue to sit together. I had a pasta with arugala and sun dried tomatoes and wonderful lamb chops. Kurt had buffalo carpaccio and black truffle pasta. The food was just fabulous. We had no room for desserts but had dessert wine (me - an Italian muscat) and bourbon (him). Then we wandered out to the canal in time for our reservation for a gondola ride. Our gondalier was a delightful soprano who sang arias in Italian and also "Bella Notte" from Lady & The Tramp. I put my head on Kurt's shoulder and enjoyed the romance of it. I must confess that the humidity of the canals in a Las Vegas July was very, very warm. *laugh* We decided to walk the two miles back to the MGM and proceeded to do so, window shopping and taking our time just to walk together.


Wednesday we had to be out of our room by 11am, and we headed to the Luxor and other shopping destinations we had planned. The Las Vegas Clubwear shop has closed since our last visit to Vegas. *pout* But we did get a t-shirt for Arthur with his name in heiroglypics. We ate at the Luxor and then headed back to the MGM to pick up our luggage and get to the airport to come home. An uneventful flight and the honeymoon was over. I had a fabulous time. I am very happy to have expanded my family to include Kurt. He rocks.
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Sunday my friends and family gathered 'round. Linnea, Marina, Denise and Petra created a beautiful buffett table for High Tea with an amazing menu of dishes. Something like 35 friends came to celebrate the handfasting and feast with us. It was beautiful, moving, uplifting, incredible. I confess I am finding it hard to write about. So I'll say it in pictures instead. (If anyone got good pictures, please pass them along! It was a very hard venue for good pictures due to the sun and shadow. *sniff* I seem to have some bad karma about getting good wedding pix.)

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Tomorrow is the big day! I have cleaned up the yard, hauled a load to the dump (which was kind of cool, I'd never been before and it is up in the hills at the south end of the valley). Today Kurt and Arthur came over and Kurt mowed the lawn (my gardener has gone AWOL with his phone disconnected *sigh*) and Arthur and I scrubbed patio furniture. Naturally the weather got scorching today after a week of quite moderate weather. I brought the cakes into the bedroom with the air conditioner 'cause there isn't refridgerator space and it is just too darn hot in the kitchen. I really hope it cools down a bit tomorrow!

At coven on Friday, Linnea showed me the menu. Linnda, Marina, Petra & Denise have just gone crazy on the High Tea provisioning. We're having about 30 guests and there are 17 dishes planned in addition to the cakes! It should be magnificent. Over the top, but definitely magnificent.

A couple of hours ago, Erika & I were looking Russell and my handfasting pictures back from 1983. Gods, we looked young... and my did we put on a feast! *laugh* I guess it is a theme. I'll have to make sure to get pictures of tomorrow's feast too. Looking at the food in 1983 made me nostaligic (I baked 7 trays of lasagna, Robin H. made 4 antipasto trays, there was bread and sides and 7 chocolate gran marnier cakes from Cocolat. This time we have a bride's cake (orange almond) and a groom's cake (chocolate) from Prolific Oven.

I am nervous and excited and home alone. I need something to distract me!

Okay, this is officially too silly - - you pit your screen name against someone else's to see who has the most folks connected within 3 degrees who are currently online. I had about 450 connections! Wow.

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