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This has been a busy week. After an absolutely wonderful birthday I dove back into the office. I had started a project last week and figured I had about 8 hours to go on it... and it was something I could do from home. So Tuesday I banged away at that and it turned out to be more like 9-1/2 hours so I had a bit to finish up this morning. But I'm done with that.

At lunch yesterday I popped over to a local TB hotel and grabbed a travel bug that is on its way to Australia. I'll get it as far as NZ and that should help.

I realized the other day that I hadn't done the updates on my hobby statistics that I usually do at the end of a year. So nothing special about 1/9/08 but here I go:

Where's George:

You have entered 15,382 Bills worth $72,181
Bills with hits: 2,293 Total hits: 2,708
Hit rate: 14.91% Slugging Percentage: 17.60% (total hits/total bills)
George Score: 1,100.93
Your rank (based on George Score) is #762
(out of 50,618 current users with a George Score. [98.5 Percentile])
Your State Rank in California is: 60 out of 10,286 [99.4]

Milestones - a state county bingo in Hawaii (got the Kauai hit today!)


*Total Caches Found 716
Traditional Caches * 616
Multi-caches * 30
Virtual Caches * 31
Letterbox Hybrids * 1
Event Caches * 10
Unknown (Mystery) Caches * 17
Project APE Caches * 1
Webcam Caches * 2
Locationless (Reverse) Caches * 4
Cache In Trash Out Events * 2
Earthcaches * 2
NGS Benchmarks 18

And I've hidden four caches

Total Trackables Moved/Discovered 258
Total Trackables Owned 129

Obviously caching hasn't been the obsession in 2007 that it was in 2005-2006. But I think it is picking up again. I'm looking forward to looking for caches in New Zealand.

I'm not sure what metrics one would use for Second Life. Falkenrath has 5,958M of land (between Scar & I) plus I have the 512M Ros' Mermaid Grotto on Vargas (which is for sale since I never visit). I am on more hours a week than I care to count. Ninetails doesn't wear a tracker so my inworld stats aren't up-to-date. I have almost 2500 images on flickr of which over 2,000 are of SL. Anything else you'd like to know?
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Saturday evening was Kat's Pombagira dance. There were about a dozen people and lots of wonderful food and music. (Kat said this was Boomer Pomba - lots of great oldies were played. LOL) I had been afraid it would be too hot to dance but Oya had sent cooling breezes (erm, winds really - I had such a headwind driving up there that my mileage was terrible... and we prius drivers watch that sort of thing!) I went in and out of trance and didn't have any particularly profound experiences. I did have a nice conversation or two with some people and some Pombas. *grin* I managed to stay awake for the whole 9-midnight dance but was very grateful that I had carpooled and could be less than attentive on the way home. And 2am is a time I seldom see. *yawn*

Sunday Russell and I headed up to San Francisco for an afternoon of the SF Mime Troupe's political theatrics in Dolores Park. It was good, though not their best. The day was amazingly warm for San Francisco, no sign of Saturday's wind. Russell asked the guy who played an amazing Dick Cheney afterwards how long he had been with SFMT and he said 21 years. We have been coming long enough that we recognize him and several of the other longtime folks. My first SFMT show was one of Hotel Universe with Beth in 1977, though I remember the Fact Wino shows of the early 1980's more clearly. They have done some great theatre over the years.

Whilst we were in the Park I grabbed a cache and got rid of a travel bug I have had for way too long. I haven't been caching much at all lately. Partly I'm busy in SL but also Google Earth isn't working with the geocaching kml file and I find that a big barrier. One gets so spoiled! I was nice to find a nice big cache in such a busy place!
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Sunday morning my Dad & I hung out and visited. We went to breakfast at El Mercado Norte and had great food. At 12:30 Martha & I pickec up Rayna from her hotel and we had a bite to eat at Paradise (I just had a small dinner salad being stuffed from breakfast hours earlier). We then went down to the Barton Creek greenbelt area and started hiking in the woods, mostly not finding caches. So we did some edge-of-greenbelt and urban caching and then headed back to north Austin and did my mother's three caches and one on the trail nearby. Then the whole crew - Martha's family, Dad, me & Rayna converged on Kerbey Lane for a yummy dinner. Rayna & I got the cache in their parking lot, bringing us up to nine caches for the day. Go us! It was really nice. Rayna & I went back to Dad's place and shared stories for about an hour before he took us back to the hotel.

Monday we slept in and then headed back to north Austin to meet Gordon & Ellen (from local CoG) at a restaurant called Madras Pavillion where we had excellent South Indian vegetarian buffett for lunch. Our friend David from Alburqueque (CoG) joined us. He had also been here for the SAA meetings. We had a great visit. Then David gave us a lift to Tesoros Trading Company where we spent almost an hour browsing an amazing collection of folk art. Then we came back to the hotel and chilled for a couple of hours before heading back out to Ellen & Jim's wonderful home in South Austin where they and David and Rayna & I had a wonderful dinner (thanks to the Central Market) and hot tubbing and visiting. I am so happy to have had this chance to meet Ellen & Jim and to enjoy this great evening of conversation!


Mar. 9th, 2007 10:03 pm
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This morning I had my annual appointment with my back doc. It went pretty well and afterward I made another try for a cache I looked for last year when I saw this doc. *grin* There was a worker near the cache when I came by and so I headed along the trail and found it flew over the freeway and ended up in the Los Gatos Creek trail (Oka Lane Recharge Area). It was a beautiful day! Geese and ducks honked, swam and flew. Poppies and other wildflowers graced the banks. I found two caches there and then headed back and made the find on the one near the doc. Go me. I need to remember to see if I got any interesting pictures in my creek trail walking.

All this had taken me to after noon and I took myself to the Mini Gourmet for lunch. I am reading Elaine Cunningham's Starlight & Shadows trilogy to get a better handle on Drow (since I'm playing on in SL). I read the first of R. A. Salvatore's Drizzt books but found it plodding. I find Ms. Cunningham a much more engaging author. My character is becoming clearer in my mind even as I am uncertain if I want to be involved in this role playing sim. There are so many things going on! Last night I went to a meeting with some librarian -- we have been gifted with a sim that is to be, for the next year at least, dedicated to Elizabethan England. We're talking about building Southwark so we have the Globe Theatre and other interesting venues. I want to work on that, I want to try machinima. Do I really have time to be a dark Elf? I'm not quite ready to give it up on it, but I admit to misgivings about how best to use my time. Esp. given that the RP schema they use requires a lot of "meditation" rather than actual role play. What's up with that?!

Our land is right next to the John Edwards campaign headquarters inworld and we get spillover from griefers and hecklers. *sigh* Today I had my own griefers after asking several young men not to fire weapons in my garden. I banned them but they sent several nasty attacks. My neighbor Alexie didn't have autoreturn on on her land so several things persisted longer than one might wish. I really don't want to be one of those people who closes off their land. But these guys were obviously alts set up for griefing. No-one who is really only two days inworld knows how to run particle griefer systems. I really don't understand getting off on making trouble for other folks.

Last night I saw Ghost Rider with Kurt & Arthur. It was not too bad a rendition of the comic book... but it was definitely aimed at 13 year old boys. And I'm sorry, but Nicholas Cage is not Johnny Blaze. Nice special effects. Tonight Russell and I saw Bridge to Terabithia. Oh my. I thought they did a wonderful job of realizing that rather difficult book. And I think I may have to buy the soundtrack. It was a three (or maybe four) hankie film.
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Friday I went up to the McDonald windows exhibit again. I really wish they'd get some more publicity out. After the NPR spot we got lots of traffic but it has really slowed down. It is such an amazing exhibit and it should be seen. I only have one more day of docenting (3/23) and I'm glad about that. But I am really happy that I have gone up each week and done my part to make it happen.

Between docenting and the initiation I went to on Friday night I had totally overdone it for my health. So Saturday I mostly vegged. Russell and I went out to see The Lives of Others. Wow, this is a must-see IMHO. The film is set in the East Germany of 1984 through about 1995. We follow the fortunes of playwright Georg Dreyman and of Capt. Gert Wiesler, the Stasi surveillance specialist who watches him. The film is a chilling cautionary tale of bureaucracy unbridled. It rightly won the best foreign film Oscar last week.

Sunday was the NROOGD ingathering and Kurt & I went up a little early and caught a couple of caches around Lake Merritt. I took Kurt to [ profile] slackerstalker's Delight of Flower (GCQ8E4) cache which showcases the amazing Oakland auditorium's art deco niches sculpted in 1915 by Alexander Stirling Calder. Wow. That is just what public art ought to be like. It was nice to have an excuse to come back.

The ingather spent a lot of time talking about the 2008 40th anniversary gathering. The place has been chosen (a deposit made) and the dates set for a weekend gather. That will be so cool.

I let Kurt drive home because I was pretty darn tired. I do feel better, but I would really like to have my energy back! Rakkasah is only two weeks away! Eeek!
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Okay, time for an almost weekly update, I guess. I just haven't been in journal writing mode!
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Oh! I forgot to say that yesterday at lunch [ profile] mr_kurt and I went out and got two caches that we have looked for at least four times each and FOUND THEM! Woo hoo! The Forgotten Flying Redwoods (GCGKEH) and Electric Lizard (GCQCPV) are finally off our list. The story of the Forgotten Flying Redwoods is very cool - it is a grove of redwoods grown from seeds that had been on board the Shuttle Challenger and spent 190 hours in space.

my weekend

Jan. 16th, 2007 02:11 pm
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Saturday morning I headed out to the post office and picked up a package which turned out to be my birthday present from my mother and another volume of her journal. I stand in awe of her constancy. She has kept a journal since high school and I'm not even sure how many volumes we're up to at this point (I don't have the book with me, it undoubtably says *grin*). The lastest volume is 2001-2004. From there I headed to Fry's and found they didnt' open until 9am. Bah. At 9am I was at the Geocaching Fifty is Nifty birthday event for Marky and all the other January birthday folks. There was a really nice turn out and I had some great chats with fellow cachers and picked up a couple of travel bugs. I left early, hit Fry's for a 2gig SD card for my flash recorder and headed off to the Gard gathering. It was just as well attended as the geocaching breakfast and I had some great schmoozing there too. I got home in the early evening and had a quiet evening. I probably went into SL and spent too much time working on the land. I'm trying to learn how to build waterfalls. I can't say I'm taking to it particularly.

Sunday I read and took myself out to lunch (and fell off my diet and regretted it mightily). Petra and I got the music finished for Rakkasah (well, except that since last night I have a couple more edits to do... as always happens!) I went to a gallery opening in Second Life. The art of Kris Shanks is being showcased in a gallery Caledon VictoriaCity sponsored by the library branch there. It was very well attended and quite laggy so I was soon back at my waterfall wrestling. Russell got home and we hung out some and went to sleep.

Monday [ profile] mr_kurt & I found a couple of caches at lunch. Yay! My caching is soooo far behind my previous cache-a-day goal! I stand at 656 finds. Monday night we blocked out some ideas for Rakassah and chose costumes. This will be my first time dancing at Rakassah. I never really thought I'd be dancing out again after becoming disabled so this is portentious in a way that may not seem obvious from outside my skin. A hafla here or there just isn't the same at dancing at a big festival. Eeep!

1/12 - a carabiner with a pocket knife in it from Brigid
1/13 - a relief carving of a lighthouse by/from my Mum
1/14 - a puzzle from one of my siblings (no card and I've forgotten whose box it came in) of a bridge from a photograph probably taken by the person who sent it. I'm so bad!

And that is the end of my presents. A whole month's worth! Well, I got another very special one in the mail yesterday, but I won't need a note to remind me of what that is. Now I just need to write some thank you notes!
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Here it is, Wednesday already. Can I just say again that I am really, really grateful that headaches aren't a part of my body's normal antics? Tuesday I finally started to have a brain again. I got work done without feeling like I was wading through treacle. This is a great goodness.

Sunday I mostly lay around with a lightening caching expedition to drop the jeep travel bug I had had for way too long.

Monday at lunch we had a staff meeting for the Health Library. It was in this cool VR room we have that will eventually be used for 3D representations of being inside a body part. Right now it is set to a nice nature scene. I am busily working on things for the health library. I am about finished with my note card of thyroid diseases for Thyroid Awareness Month (January).

the staff meeting )

Monday evening I had planned to dance but it was just me and Petra and she was starving so she and I and Chris went out to Casa Vicky's for dinner. Not that I should have had Mexican on top of the various stomach joys of taking all the ibuprofen I've been taking but it was to yum anyway.

And Tuesday I compounded the deadly eats thing by having our annual holiday fondue and champagne feast. Also to yum. Fiona is home from college and we had a cool discussion of American history and other such topics. I was pleased to hear the emphasis her prof put on reading and analyzing original documents from the period. I need to get her a copy of Lies My Teacher Told Me (I think we've given ours away) and find my copy of To Be a Slave to pass along.

Today I hope to have a meeting in Second Life with Patricia Paris. I am thinking of starting a "Special Librarians of Second Life" group now that there are three of us with Rhiannon Latynina joining the office. Now we can really figure out what to offer and how best to provide services.
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Friday I had a pretty quiet day. I went to lunch at Original Joe's and saw Happy Feet at the IMAX theatre. Did some grocery shopping. Nothing much. Saturday much the same except Russell and I saw Shut Up & Sing.

As we were heading out to my office holiday party on Saturday night the skies opened up and the rain poured down. I drove very carefully but it was not enough. About three blocks short of Flea St. Cafe where the party was held, an SUV cut in front of me and the car behind me rearended me when I stopped to avoid the SUV. All three of us stopped and exchanged insurance information in the pouring rain. I hit my head so hard on the headrest that my hairclip popped. My car's bumper will probably have to be replaced (or at least the bumper supports). I hate to lose all my bumperstickers!!! The car of the guy who hit me was in much worse shape. His airbags deployed and the windscreen shattered.

I was very shocky and soaking wet when we got to the party. The staff kindly gave me a class of wine and a place to sit whilst I wrote up my account so I'd remember the details even after the stress hormones dissapated. [ profile] saffronrose sat by me and supported me. ([ profile] mr_kurt was feeling too poorly to make the party.) I eventually managed to circulate a bit and we had a very lovely dinner with Marina and a couple of co-workers.

Today, despite my aches and pains, I drove up to Walnut Creek to the Northern California Where's George Assn holiday party at Tiki Tom's. I had a nice time. We had folks from all over Northern California and also 88*keys from Oregon and Hank from Massachusetts (the founder of the hobby). I grabbed a couple of caches before heading home. I found myself unwilling to be out driving after dark today and definitely a bit overly sensitive to lane changers and other folks coming at me with their cars. Bah. I hope I get over *that* soon!

So though I feel like I didn't get all that much *done* this weekend it feels like it was very eventful nonetheless.

my weekend

Dec. 3rd, 2006 10:00 pm
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Friday was a strange day. I had planned to take an animation class in Second Life but the instructor never showed. This threw my whole day off, I only got about half of the grocery shopping done before I needed to meet with the head of the medical library (combined skype call and tour in SL). I got off in time for circle, which was very nice. We did work for success in all our endeavors since everyone has something needing a bit of a boost on their plate.

Saturday morning Rusell and Erika and I went to the Original Pancake House for breakfast and then grabbed a cache in Japantown. It was a multicache that took you around to the history info stand on four corner of an intersection. It was cool to remind myself about the local history. And there was a Hawaiian flavor Japanese shop where I bought some holiday cards. I love Hawaiian holiday cards -- these have a hibicus along with a couple of ornaments. Saturday night we all went to Jim's 60th birthday party which was really fun and I knew everyone there. I really like the way they can decorate cakes with pictures these days.

Sunday I was up by 6am and up in the Almaden Quicksilver Park by 8am to join 10 cachers going after a many-stage multicache cache and some others along the trail. We did over 3 miles with 1,000 feet of elevation (each way). Wow, that was a steep trail. I almost gave up but everyone was so nice and encouraged me and I did it. We were all standing around afterwards talking about other caches versus going out to a meal together. I don't think anyone went to eat -- the lure of caching was just too great. I went with three other people to hit some on a much gentler trail at the other end of the park. All in all I got 16 caches and walked over 7 miles. My feet, ankles and knees are not entirely happy with me but I held up pretty well considering. Go me.

I got home in time to go into Second Life and staff the Health Info Island booth at the equivalent of a street fair. Very like working for any health non-profit. There were way too many people at the fair for the system to handle so it was very hard to teleport in. I'd hate to be a resident of that sim. I wonder if landholders get teleport preference? It was a nice fair though and I had fun evangelizing our library.

Tonight Erika and Russell and I went downtown and rode the ferris wheel and looked at Christmas in the Park. I really love ferris wheels! I also had a churro whilst we walked around. Yum. It must be the holiday season. Churros and roasted sugary nuts scent the air. Double yum!
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Russell and I had a nice Thanksgiving. He took some more portraits of me (I really want to capture my hair). I think I'll have a good photo to send out in my holiday cards this year. Assuming I *manage* holiday cards this year which I am planning to but have been very lame about in the last couple. *grin*

We went downtown to see Casino Royale which was a very good Bond film despite the new actor not looking like a James Bond. I liked the prequel aspects and Judy Dench rocks as M. We also grabbed a new cache that had appeared (7th to find) which brings me to 600 caches found. Go me.

I got a terrible headache (possibly a migraine based on the tunnel vision preceding it, but I don't have a history of migraines) and took a bit of a nap. Russell woke me up and we went off to an amazing dinner at Denise & TC's. Denise is a truly wonderful cook. During Casino Royale, James Bond keeps eating these wonderful meals and I was filled with a desire to go forth and eat amazing food wearying fancy clothes. And then I realized that was what my weekend plans basically entail. Thanksgiving by Denise and then dinner at Cityscape tonight. And unlike Mr. Bond I expect to be able to enjoy my food without poison or mayhem. Life is good!

So we're off to Dickens and a stay at the Saint Francis on Union Square. I don't think I'll be paying $15 for internet at the hotel so I probably won't post. (I don't expect the weather to allow sitting in Union Square using the free wifi.) I hope my fellow Americans are having a wonderful holiday weekend and that everyone else is having a great time too.
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It has been a fairly quiet week at work in the run-up to the holiday. So I have had time to obssess about buying a new GPSr and balance the phone vs pda vs gps equation a dozen different ways in my head. The amazing and wonderful [ profile] mr_kurt had abetted me in my distress by making sure I get coin quest caches at lunch each day. Today the office let us go at 3pm so we skipped lunch and went caching at 2pm. We got four, all quest-related. Only one more cache and I'll be at 600! And big shout out congrats to [ profile] rubibees on hitting 50! Milestones are fun. *grin*

The wonderful Workerofwood lent me a Garmin 60CSx for the weekend and lo-and-behold it can talk to my mac. I had thought the later models didn't have serial ports, but evidently they do. This is their top of the line sirf3 model. I am in lust. It lists for $540. *eek* We'll see if I can find a used one.

My Second life moves apace. I have an office in Cybrary City but I really don't see myself keeping it. It is a huge space! Lorelei said they'd be moving someone else into half of it, but we'll see. If [ profile] spikeiowa had a better machine at work it would be really fun to have an office together and see what kind of presence would make sense for special librarians in that environment. SL is still getting mega-publicity - a big centerfold in this week's Business Week. And I really like this clip of Second Life via a BBC new item on YouTube. *shakes head in wonder*
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I'm going totally crazy. I don't remember where I put my GPSr. We didn't go for any caches after the Japanese Gardens in Hayward. My GPSr is not in my caching bag, not in my car, not in my jacket pocket. Wah! I found this out heading over to get a cache for the Coin Quest and finding I had no handheld (I got to the parking area on my car's GPS). Luckily I ran into some caching friends at the site and was able to grab that one. But wah! How can I quest without a GPSr? No caching!!! Say it isn't so! And yes, I texted Rayna and it isn't in her bag either And I was doing so well with the quest.
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Saturday [ profile] rubibees and I were moving a bit slowly, thanks to the big night Friday. But we headed out to the tech museum gift shop and caching by a bit after 10am and then on up to Hayward where we had lunch with my friend Beth and caught another cache (and DNF'd one) that will fulfill coin quest requirements. Then we headed up to Oakland and the Ancient Ways store and making Pomba necklaces at the House. It was nice to hang out and bead with folks and just have a chance to be at an At Home. My life has kept me away from Umbanda alot this year it seems.

We had dinner with Rayna's friend & colleague, Scott, at Cafe de la Paz where our waiter was just hopeless. The food was good and we weren't in a hurry but my goodness! He took 20% of the bill and comped my plaintains which never came (I got them to go). Sheesh! I expect better!

The cat allergy-ness of House K had made my eyes swell shut a bit and I missed our exit heading home. That was really weird for me, I never do that! I am the navigatrix, how can I miss my home exit!

This morning Rayna & I met [ profile] mr_kurt for breakfast at the Mini Gourmet and found we had enough time to swing by the airport TB hotel so they could do a travel bug swap. I am just back from dropping her at the aiport and deciding what to do with my day. I'm signed up for PodCamp West up in the City and I could zoom up and listen to folks talk about podcasting. Or I could actually work on my next podcast and get it out. Or I could go look for caches that meet the coin quest requirements. Or I could do grocery shopping and other life maintenance kinds of tasks. Or I could hang out in Second Life and catch the Talis SciFi and Fantasy Gallery Grand Opening on Info Island. Ooops, no that was yesterday. Well, I have no idea what I'm doing today. I really just wrote this entry to have a place to put pictures.
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As planned I got my hair done in a salon Thursday. Dang, the price has gone up about 25% since the last time I did such a thing a decade ago. My hair looks really amazing though. Of course, my face is still disfigured with poison oak and I have found myself reluctant to take pictures. *sigh*

Thursday night [ profile] rubibees and I joined some of her colleagues for dinner at the Indian restaurant that took over Shalimar's old location. The pasanda was too spicy for me, so whilst not bad, definitely a place I'll have to stick to koorma and pasanda and ask for mild. It seems like the Indian restaurants in the area are getting spicier in the last couple of years. Or maybe my taste is getting wimpier. *grin* It was interesting talking to a women's studies professor from Tulane about post-Katrina life and the politics of academic life.

Friday Rayna had a bunch more meetings and spent the morning mostly taking prim classes in Second Life. I have accepted a storefront in Cybrary City and I'm trying to figure out how to set up a presence there. The screen hanger came by and tried out our new custom window screens and carried them off for painting. My meeting tradesperson job for this Friday. If I hadn't been waiting for him I might have gone caching. A new Coin Quest starts tomorrow, so hopefully I'll manage some big time caching soon. Why do they do this in the winter?!

Just after the tradesperson left, Rayna called and I picked her up. We had a nice afternoon together and then headed off to a tribute celebration for her friend George who had won some sort of award. We had drinks and appetizers at The Loft downtown from 6:30-8. (I had never been there and don't feel a particular need to return. It was adequate for not exciting.) I am really enjoying being amongst archaeologists and hearing about the work they are doing. And the challenges in getting grants and permits and, y'know, I don't really mind that I am a librarian instead these days. I did talk to some folks who remembered some of the digs I was on in Florida, and I think I held up my end of conversations. After the loft we went to the Penn Party (?) at the Hilton where there was lots of fruit and crudities and excellent cheeses. I ate too much blue cheese just beause it was so yummy!

I hit my "she's no fun, she feel right over" limit about 10:30 and sat down by the elevators to wait for Rayna to make her goodbyes. It was an awfully fun evening.
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A trip to the doc on Tuesday got me oral prednesone and an H2 blocker antihistamine which are clearing up my poison oak. It is still ugly but nothing like it was on Monday, I'm happy to say. I wish I knew if I could use moisturizer. My skin is so dry and flaky but I'd hate to slow down the drying out that *needs* to happen. *sigh*

[ profile] rubibees arrived safely on Tuesday afternoon and between her jet lag and my knockout antihistamine we spent most of the afternoon napping. *laugh* At least she didn't run away in horror at my monsterous looks. We had thought we might go to the Interfaith Center potluck but we slept through the decision point and spent a quiet evening sharing dinner and chocolate martinis and watching the Buffy musical which she had never seen.

Wednesday we hung out until UPS arrived with her cell phone which had been inadvertently left behind in Florida. The intrepid [ profile] greenwapiti had dispatched it forthwith. We had planned a day of caching and went to Mountain View to do the geobead caches along the Stevens Creek trail (plus other caches along the way). I have been wanting to walk this trail for awhile. It has some nice tree lined parts but it surely does go right by freeways and such. A very urban trail with some nice caches. I got seven caches which brought me to 589 and Rayna got 10 caches because she had to get geobeads #1 (which I already had) and we couldn't resist a cache that we were passing by that had particularly cool camo I wanted to show her. The Bay Area has such a lot of great cache containers. We also dropped by NASA Ames to drop a travel bug she had in BJ's Space Cowgirls.

Wednesday night [ profile] mr_kurt created a wonderful dinner of Saffron Seafood Lasagne for me and Rayna and Russell. We broke bread together and then had a lovely soak in the hot tub (except for my left arm with the worst poison oak as the doc said heat was bad for healing *pout*)

Today I am at work and [ profile] rubibees is doing meetings at her conference. I'm taking off early to go have my hair done. *fingers crossed* Hopefully pictures later!
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First thing Saturday morning I picked up [ profile] mr_kurt and we headed to the "Bald Mountain Shampoo", a CITO clean-up at the end of Mt. Umunhum road up in the hills. It was a misty morning and had rained much of the night. However lots of amazingly cheerful geocachers showed up on the mountain and started collecting bags of beers cans, motor oil bottles, gas cylinders, tires, a dishwasher, four computer monitors, a volkwagen bug and various other trash that people had dumped off the side of the mountain. Why do people *do* that!? Kurt & I go three bags and a tire each and helped haul the dishwasher. It had been in a thicket of poison oak and between that and my back deciding enough crawling under bushes for the day, we left by about 9:30. And yes, we used Technu on the site and took showers when we got to our respective homes. Nonetheless, he has a little patch on one arm and I am freaking covered in poison oak. It could be a lot worse, I am so *glad* it isn't a lot worse. It is bad enough. I decided I couldn't face wearing clothes today and worked from home. I thought about walking around the corner to get a burrito for lunch but I was afraid I'd scare the counter help. I have sores and calamine all over my face. I am so icky and sore and itchy at the moment (Monday afternoon).

(but back to my narrative)

Saturday afternoon Russell and I and *lots* of our friends headed over to Ms. Sophia's first birthday party. Petra & Chris had set up the backyard with a lovely party canopy and excellent munchies. We did a nice blessing and I was having a great time visiting with folks. But it go a bit cold (as afternoons in San Jose often do) and folks moved inside. After about 10 minutes I could no longer breathe (cats) and headed for home. I didn't even get to see the presents opened. I love watching people open presents! *sniff* I really, really don't want to be allergic to cats.

Saturday night Russell and I watched the film adaptation of Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. The book is Dickinsian story of love and betrayal and pickpockets and pornographers and ladies in madhouses. Like Tipping the Velvet it does Victorian but with plotlines that the Victorians wouldn't have talked about. I liked it alot!

Sunday my poison oak was really starting to get uncomfortable. I have used Technu, Technu Extreme scrub and Zanfel scrub and I know it would have been horrific without those things. But yuck!

At 2pm we started the NCLC Cog Meeting - [ profile] mr_kurt and I are co-First Officers this year and I meant to start right on time. And we did have a quorum. But having started with chatted whilst we waited for a few more people to arrived (which they did promptly). *laugh* It was *not* a very well run meeting but we had a very small amount of agenda and the rambling discussions were ones we really did need to have. Nevertheless, I *know* we shall need to do better in future!

After the meeting several friends stayed on and ate munchies and visited. Russell got home from his day of photography and we watched the movie reviews. We are way behind in our film viewing!

This bring me to today. I got up and more poison oak was starting to come up on my stomach. Oh please! I had one long, thick leggings and a trenchcoat... how did i get urusiol on my stomach? *sigh* The idea of wearing clothes and going to work was right out. So here I am, just finished a day's work punctuated with scrubs and calamine. [ profile] rubibees gets here for a visit tomorrow and I look like Frankenstein's monster. Or a demon off Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This can stop any time. I want to be an invincible super hero. Wouldn't that be nice? No rashes, no aching backs. Sign me up.
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Back on Wednesday, the last day of my conference, I awoke bright and early and packed up. I had about half an hour before the keynote so I walked down and got the Harbor View cache. I think I've managed to get at least one a day since my cacheversary. I went to the double session on wikis in libraries. I thought the Biz Wiki was a pretty interesting example. - a best practices wiki - this conference has a wiki

List of wiki engines -

compare wikis - (including comparing syntax!)

I had lunch with Lise on the wharf and then headed off to Moss Landing and grabbed a couple of caches and stopped at Phil's where I had intended to get some lobster fettucine to-go for me and [ profile] saffronrose but alas, they didn't have any. I had hoped to grab a couple of caches in Gilroy on the way home but my pocket query didn't seem to have them and all a had was a map... no coords. *sigh*

I met Russell, Kurt & Marina at Spiedo to have dinner before K&M and I went to Moonlight & Magnolias at San Jose Rep. The play is about the writing of Gone with the Wind and there is a special show of GwtW Saturday & Sunday at noon at Camera 12. It is a nice tie in. The play was very funny and the guy who played David O. Selznick was great.

Thursday I was back at work getting caught up. At lunch [ profile] mr_kurt and I grabbed a couple of caches, getting me to 575. Russell was out visiting Pismo Beach with Erika and I sat around trying to get the hang of Second Life. I went to a talk on Tsunamis but it wasn't really very interesting and I find the chat format hard to follow. I overlapped with Scarlotti for a bit and we tried out a dance club. It is strangely fun to see your avatar waltzing around.

Friday I ran errands and watched a bunch of Buffy episodes. I am trying to be as lazy as possible in anticipation of possibly being crazy busy if I get the URI position.

Kurt & I went up to the Skylab party and played blackjack and saw a number of friends. The party seating was very game-oriented and there wasn't any place to sit and visit. I would have liked to talk to some of the folks a good bit more. I haven't played blackjack in ages and that was pretty fun.

Today I'm getting ready for tonight's Samhain ritual. I hope to see some friends there too!
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This is another update... but I have been off on a retreat and that is a much better excuse than usual. *laugh* Thursday [ profile] mr_kurt and I started north at about 8:30am to caching from San Rafael to Ukiah. We got 13 caches between about 9:30 and 4:30 (and DNF'd 2). Our favorite was Nimrod’s Nemesis by Bkip (GCXA0K) which is just north of Novato. It is fun caches like that which keep me coming back to this sport. Thirteen is the most I've gotten in a day, I think. So we were feeling quite triumphant when we arrived at the Sacred Connections retreat.

I can't talk alot about the retreat, but I will say that I had much less trouble with transitions going in (a bit of trouble on the leaving side). I am not sure why transitions make me so anxious! It was a great weekend with wonderful weather, lots of good friends and really excellent food. Saratoga Springs has put in wifi since the last time (a satellite dish) so I was able to log caches on site instead of having to find a place in Ukiah on the way in. And yes, that is a quality of life issue for me! *laugh*

Saturday Kurt & I skipped one of the optional sessions and went caching in Upper Lake to get the five caches he needed to get to his 200th find. We got the Fruit Exchange cache that I DNF'd last year. I can totally understand how I missed it in the pouring rain. I'm glad to have found it (and he liked having it for his 200th cache).

On Sunday, with the additional of Russell and his gear to the car it was pretty tight. We only stopped for a few caches (found 2, DNF'd 2) and mostly just stuck with the back Sunday afternoon on 101 traffic jam. *sigh* I did get over 50 miles to the gallon from being forced to go so slow. A least Prius drivers have that consolation.

Monday I was busy catching up at work from taking Thursday off and then at lunch we took Kurt's mother to lunch to give her a break as she waited at the VA hospital for her husband to get multiple stents. What a scary thing... and what amazing things medicine is doing these days.

We had a nice bellydance session with all four of us there for a change. I am not holding up as well as I'd like. My shoulders really didn't like sleeping on regular mattresses over the weekend and holding my arms up for dancing was more of a pain than usual. And we were doing some moves that reminded me of a few years ago when I had frozen shoulder. I am so glad that resolved!

The old South Park icon generator has been gone for awhile but there is one at -- I made myself a Goth South Park icon... be very afraid!

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