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I am told by [ profile] mr_kurt and [ profile] mdlbear that I have to provide a link to the recipe for Bacon Henge in my Lj. Who am I to argue?
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I had long planned to spend this Sunday inworld for the first monthly Market Day on Renaissance Island. We had a wonderful jousting tournament and I did fireworks (pix on flickr). We didn't have very many attendees from outside our core library folks. *sigh* Well, it is a first time.

My sister-in-law, Annette, was in town for the last few weeks on business and we had dinner together at Maltby's in Los Altos. I eat there fairly regularly for lunch... but I had never before been there on a Sunday between 5:30-8:30 when the "Sunday Roast" is available. As you can see, I forwent using jousting pictures to illustrate this post in favour of posting food. It is to yum - prime rib, veg, choice of potato and Yorkshire pudding ($21). Moaningly tasty. Evil, meat-eating companions sought for Sunday dinners there in future.
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Tuesday I continued my pattern of sleeping in whilst Rayna takes the boys to school. We had just had a chance from some adult time when the school called to say that Cy had hurt himself in PE and we rushed off and took him to the children's hospital ER where he had 14 stitches, the poor kid! After the ER we grabbed a late lunch since none of us had eaten. We grabbed a couple of caches near the school waiting for it to be time to pick up Mo. Then the four of us caught another couple caches before we went home.

After a bit of calm down time, Rayna and I went out to a Haitian restaurant called "Tap Tap" that had lovely murals one the walls of Orixa celebrations and an amazing metal Ossain sculture that looked kind of like a medieval mandrake root drawing. I had grilled conch, a flavor I hadn't had the pleasure of in a really long time. Rayna had grouper which was nice too. I drank rum punch with Barbancourt rhum. The standout for me though was the deserts - fried bananas called benyen and a blanc manger au coco. Oh my. I wouldn't mind the recipe for the latter (that isn't in French - I'm just not certain of my translations.) I did find this interesting history of the term but none of the recipes resembles what we ate. It was crunchy (almonds?), creamy and very coconutty. Rich and yummy! It may have had gelatin in it as most of the recipes I've found do though it didn't have a jello-like feel... but my gut wasn't very happy with me after dinner. I wonder if there is another binder one could use. Tapioca or corn starch or something. I'm thinking - almonds, coconut flakes, coconut milk, condensed milk and a binder. Hmm. Perhaps I shall experiment. It was awfully tasty!

I didn't sleep very well last night, but not because I was kept awake by Cy being up most of the night feeling nauseated by his stressful day. I didn't hear anything from the rest of the house, I just tossed and turned on my own. *sigh* I feel like I've been beaten about the head and shoulders. I wonder if my incision is healed enough to let me have a massage. It looks pretty good but there is still bruising. *sigh* Whoever said there was a long tail to the healing process was correct!

Cy is home from school today and we need to make the key lime pies for the MerryMeet key lime dessert tasting. I expect we'll stick fairly close to home. And then go over to the hotel and see folks coming into MM. The Leadership Institute starts at 9am tomorrow. So soon it will be all work for me.
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It has been a bit of a topsy-turvy week what with the water being off at work and all. No bathrooms, nothing to drink (the coffee drinkers were going bonkers.) I worked from home from Tuesday lunch and all day Wednesday.

I left work after a morning of no toilets and the arrival of a complex search which I could perfectly well work on at home. I got home and decided that since it was a beautiful day I would harvest some compost from the wormies as I had been meaning to do since we got back from England and I found they had pretty much reduced everything I had left them. I set up a table under the ash tree. The bin was too heavy to carry to the back yard! The bottom was entirely full of water and the drain spigot was blocked which is why my periodic attempts to drain it failed. It was interesting to get a chance to paw through the colony and see that yes, there are individuals from about 1/4 inch up to about 3 inches long. I think I even saved some eggs. There were also lots of roly polies and some other bugs. I killed the bad ones and dropped the rollies down into the plants. I really wonder where they all came from. My suspicion is the bag of shredded paper that spent too long on the ground by the side of the house. I harvested one bin and put compost by the pomegranate tree and one of the kiwi vines. I dumped the water on the former and also the rosemary. The lower bin was too moist to easily separate worms out so I just put it on top of the new, food-seeded bin and hope the worms will migrate down where the food is, the dirt will dry out and I can harvest it next week.

Tuesday evening we had an amazing Tuesday dinner. [ profile] mr_kurt and [ profile] saffronrose had offered to do the September dinner since we were just back from England and I am leaving again so soon. I was just feeling burnt out and cranky about it. It was soooo nice to have a month off! And the food was truly stunning. Entrée crepes were available with either cinnamon/curry lamb, turkey in saffron cream sauce or spinach and ricotta fillings (or a combination thereof and with assorted vegetables for adding as well). I ate one of each and then back for more turkey. *mouthgasm* And then for desert there were sweeter crepes with fruit (peaches and raspberries), nutella and freshly whipped cream. Did I say *mouthgasm* !!!! Oh my. I ate three. They have set a very high standard for Tuesday dinners! Now we just need to find someone who will do the dishes. Poor Russell (with some help) is still always stuck with the clean-up.
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My it has been a busy weekend. Saturday I helped get ready for a couple of initiations. It was wonderful to have a large cross-section of the NROOGD Elder community gathered in my home. We had a wonderful kick-ass couple of rites (but please no more doubles... lots of energy expended). And then we feasted. And oooooh my, the food! There was a "Low Carb Beefed-Up Meat Loaf" with a layer of proscuitto in the middle that was incredibly tasty. Plus two kinds of lasagna, goat meatballs, pine nut and veggie balls, homemade cheesecake, chocolate cake, an amazing fruit salad, a green salad and lots more that I'm just not remembering. [Hmm. I think there is one more left over serving of meatloaf. I'm making myself hungry!] Folks left around 1:30am Sunday. I fell into bed by about 2am (even I had to tidy just a little just so as to not face it in the morning). And got up by about 7am because my body is just used to getting up at 5am or earlier and thinks 7am is incredibly late. *yawn*

I puttered around, cleaned up, played Snood, read more of the 4th Obernewtyn book, The Keeping Place, and was ready to head off to Sacramento at 1pm when Gremlin arrived. We got to Hukilau Island Grill at 16th & "O" Sts just on time at 3pm. The traffic was fairly heavy but we allowed plenty of time. When we got there R.J. and Diane were already there. We were joined by Todd, Rogue Noir, Wendy Sue, Edna, California Girl, Ratster and George-celeb guest, Holly by Golly (HbG) from Oregon. Holly was the first person to host a George gathering back in about 2000 or 2001. We had a great time. Our waiter, Sean, had never heard of the site through he thought he had probably seen marked bills before. We had a back room space and were able to be loud, move around the table and generally revel. The pulled pork was very good. I had some leftovers for breakfast this morning. Oh happy me! This has been a great eating weekend... and there is neighborhood BBQ yet to come!

This morning has been really lovely. [ profile] mr_kurt came over early. We did an interview via Skype with [ profile] polyweekly. Which reminds me, someone asked for the link to the list of sexy podcasts and since I don't remember who that was I'll just post it. I have been having fun listening to folks. The world is probably really glad I don't have time to take up podcasting! I'm not sure what my topic would be. Probably something magical/interfaith rather than sex. But the whole be-your-own-radio-producer thing is just sooooo cool!

[ profile] gwebbyhead and [ profile] spidernette came by and visited and I got to give Gwen my favorite outgrown cowgirls shirts that I had been agonizing over giving to Goodwill. *happy dance* I am so glad to have thought of that. And she is even moving to Texas in a month so probably having a few more western shirts in her wardrobe is all to the good. *laugh*

In another couple of hours it will be off to the BBQ and then on to fireworks tonight. I love fireworks.

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