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We had a patent meeting today and I got a play a bit of bookworm during the votes. Uh-huh, honest! *grin* Anyway, I scored!

Thank you for submitting your high score!
Your previous high score (Bookworm) was 501850, ranked 24.
The Bookworm high score table has been updated with your new score of 535760.
You're now at ranked 20 in the high score table!
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New high score at Palm OS Bookworm 653,470 which gave me the title "Word Hoarder" which seems really nuts. It is bad enough having archivists and then vocabulists be above librarians but what is a "Word Hoarder". Honestly. This does, however, make me 13th on the Palm OS high score board (down from 12th in February). The current top score is 1,860,560 (as it was in February) so the goal is still far ahead!

The other day in [ profile] wtf_inc someone posted The story of OEDIPUS, in 8 minutes, performed by vegetables (A sword and salad epic) which is truly amazing and played at Sundance in 2004 so is probably old news. But I loved it, esp. the cauliflower sheep and so I'm making a note here.
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When we left our diarist, she was going home to bed at a reasonable hour on Saturday. more )

And on to today - those who hang out with me in realspace know... I play a lot of the game Bookworm on my palm device. I have even posted my high score to the Astraware site over the years, though it doesn't look like my previous high score was really my highest which was in the 540,000 range. Today I found out that above 600,000 one goes from Grand Archivist to Vocabulist. I assume that above 650,000 one will be a Grand Vocabulist. Perhaps I'll find out sometime.

Your previous high score (Bookworm) was 501850, ranked 20.
The Bookworm high score table has been updated with your new score of 632580.
You're now at ranked 12 in the high score table!

Of course the highest scorer is at 1,860,560 so I potentially have quite a way to go!

Saw a variation of this limerick in a sig line of fellow cacher Phoenix Rose, Kurt & I cleaned up the scansion a bit but we just loved it so I'm putting it here to remember.

An amorous Vampire, Von Stroom
Had a Succubus in his bedroom,
They argued all night
Over who had the right
To drain away what
And from whom
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I'm back. I know I have lots to write about my road trip and the badness of the King Tut exhibit. I promise I'll find time... soon! In the meantime, some things I just have to note!

Back in December I wrote that I had hit #12 in the all time high score list for Bookworm with 439080. How times have changed! I just made #17 with 501850. They seem to have lost my old score... it would put me at #21. Still, I am *so* jazzed to have broken 500,000!

Speaking of milestones, there is a good chance I'll have a George Score of 1,000 tomorrow. Today it is 999.79 and I've been getting about a .25 point a day. I've dipped down into being in the top 1,000 Georgers, but quickly bounced back over 1,000 (1,002 today). And today I'm #70 in California which is the highest I've gotten. Maybe I'll break into the 60's!

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