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So for the last few weeks I have been reading books on a Kindle that belongs to work and I thought I'd write a little about the experience.

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Stolen from [ profile] rutemple who got it from [ profile] magentamn who got it from [ profile] truepenny Or so Ruth says. :-)

Hmmm. I think it is clear that my reading has dropped off the last decade, eh?

books I've read in bold
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Well, I'm almost caught up on my two weeks of magazines to check in and other piled up work. I had a lovely lunch with Russell, who gave himself an extra two days of vacation to recover from the trip (and work on his photos). He came and picked me up and we went for a tub at Watercourse Way. We were pleased to find that they are having a 25% special for the month of September to celebrate their 25th year in business. We had a nice soak in Trillium. And then he got a milkshake and I got a hot dog from the Peninsula Creamery. That was a really yummy milkshake. I am tempted to risk my sugar sensitivity and go get a vanilla malted.

Russell and I had planned to see Constant Gardener last night but since [ profile] liveavatar had told me Terry Pratchett was in Mountain View it seemed silly to wait until Thursday and drive all the way to the City. So I braved the crazy drivers out in the first rain of the season and arrived at Books, Inc. by about 7:05. (I hadn't counted on the traffic! I always forget how the first rain just brings traffic to its knees.) There were probably 60-80 people there ahead of me, with all the chairs already taken and the signing line almost out the door. I had brought the Witches trilogy omnibus volume to get signed and decided to jump in the signing line without buying a new book. I got almost to the front of the line when 7:30 rolled around and he was scheduled to speak (and it said he would read but he didn't). I sat down on the floor where I was (and as I was now #4 in the signing line this was fairly close) and had an excellent view of him as he talked about his work, his heart surgery and his book tour all in the most humorous of terms. Afterward, [ profile] rutemple, Lise and [ profile] liveavatar were standing right in the front chatting with him about Les Barker's music as I got my book signed. The signing line behind me was even longer than when I arrived so I decided to forego buying a new book at all. Mr. Pratchett has quite unreadable handwriting and I have no idea what he wished me in his inscription. *laugh* The four of us friends wandered outside and ran into other friends. Z! showed us that he got a book (a Pratchett festschrift I hadn't known about) signed to Z! from T! which was quite cool. I was practically asleep on my feet, so I said goodnight and got myself home to bed.

Evidently the Discworld followed me into my dreams though. When I awoke at 4am I realized I had just said (to whom I don't know), "Oh no! Cuddling with The Librarian is wonderful. Those long arms just wrap right 'round you and his chest rumbles under my ear when he says Ook." Do I want to know what *that* was all about?!

URLs to remember from the trip
I got several postcards that had an old photograph paired with a modern photo from

These folks had some great Goth gear. I esp. Like the BOS with roses on it.

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