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Thanks everyone for the well wishing for my birthday! I was touched and amazed by the volume of Lj PMs.

I had a great birthday week. We went out for Russell's on 12/30 to Kubota, our fave restaurant in Japantown. We stayed in for 12/31. We had planned to go to Mike & Karen's NYE party but we were watching the newly released Star Wars blu-ray and just didn't feel like venturing out into the cold. Our neighborhood had way too many firecrackers and fireworks this year.

On Tuesday we had a birthday dinner with Brigid & Fiona at Chantilly. I wished I had taken a camera (or remembered my Droid that day... I didn't actually manage to remember to carry it all week) because the plating was so beautiful. And the food was amazing. I had fois gras, of course, followed by the day's special which was veal scallopini with chanterelles. We shared a bottle of champagne and I had a glass of Armagnac with berries & cream for desert. Soooo yummy. B&F were heading out to tour The Galapagos on Thursday so we had to feast in advance of the day. But hey, it made for a great week of celebration! And it was a really lovely dinner to share. I could get used to eating there more often. Oh, and I asked Russell if I could open the dress he had bought me for my birthday so that I could wear it to dinner. It is purple with a leopard print ballet top and long purple skirt and the rainbow jewel-tone scarf he gave me for Yule set it off perfctly. I wore my stone & pearl necklace inherited from Beki too. I *really* wish I'd remembered the camera!

On Thursday we had a nice singing group. Lisa stayed afterward and we chatted for an hour about her plans to head off for six months of backpacking through South and Central America. I hear the wild geese calling. I so admire how she manages her life so that she can take off every couple of years and go adventuring. Her last trip to Turkey sounded amazing too. I gave her one of the Daymakers packs so a little bit of me will be going along too.

On my birthday I spent a very lazy day mostly playing Warcraft. I have 50+ toons to get through the Dark Moon Faire at the beginning of each month now. Gah. I don't know whether to blame Blizzard for the irressistable profession quests or myself for my abject altoholism. Probably both. LOL

For a birthday dinner Kurt took me to the Grill on the Alley. A salad and a petite filet mignon (with roquefort herb crust) paired with a lovely champagne and ... a glass of Armagnac with berries & cream for desert. I can totally get behind making that a birthday tradition! They brought a single strawberry in whipped cream with a candle in it, so I actually got to make a wish. And then the strawberry & blackberry dessert had a side of creme fraiche so I sort of alternated between the sweet cream and the creme fraiche. *rolls eyes at remembered foodgasm* Yes, birthdays are all about eating and I had amazing meals totally observing my low carb boundaries.

I still have a touch of sinus ick (I see an ENT on Monday) and I have unaacountably sore left elbow and right shoulder joints. To the point of waking up in agony and having a hard time finding positions I can sleep in. So this whole getting old business does have it's downsides. *wry grin* But hey, I'm still willing to take it over the alternative.

Oh, and in the absence of pictures, recycling one from our anniversary in Sept. I need a me+Armagnac snifter picture.
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I really meant to do a birthday post. And I see I never actually wrote about Owl Moon doing Yule. It is very strange not to be able to recruit the mental energy to do things. I am reading the same book for perhaps the 20th time in the last three months because I haven't the energy to read a new one. (Tanya Huff's _Enchantment Emporium_ - a perfectly nice fluffy read but I really don't imagine I'd've re-read it this many times if I wasn't sick.)

So... Owl Moon did a public Yule on the December 19th at the Humanist Hall. It was well attended and well received. We had pulled in Kurt & Tracey to help our small coven pull the sabbat together so it had the added pleasure of working with good friends. Russell was too sick to go and if I hadn't been doing it I probably would have stayed home too. I made some almond cookies that were sugar and gluten free and quite nice really.

Russell took some fab pictures of the Solstice lunar eclipse which he posted to his facebook. I didn't manage to stay up until totality but went to bed at about 11pm when it was just over half way.

I missed my friend Stephanie's Christmas Eve dinner this year because of sinus headaches and reactions to the fourth round of antibiotics (I'm now on the 5th). I sent along some cauliflower salad which all came home because there was just so much food. I miss having had a chance to visit with that crew of folks.

Kurt & Marina's Christmas dinner was fabulous. Stephanie was one of the guests so I got to see her after all. It was a lovely table with good conversation and amazing food. I got to eat elk for the first time. There were two of us low carb diners on the guest list and they made sure we were well taken care of... right down to splenda cheesecake for dessert.

Erika was in town for Russell's birthday and we took him out to dinner at Bella Mia and basically had a lovely quiet weekend at home. Brigid & Fiona came to dinner on the 4th for a yule/birthday fondue feast that is our tradition. Fiona is looking great and the food, conversation and host of presents was amazing. Russell gave me a beautiful filigree bracelet and Brigid & Fiona without consulting each other went for red/black glass confections... all of which totally go together. LOL

My birthday was Thursday which is our Pagansing night. We had a fairly small crew but we sang, we ate the fab low carb cheesecake that Kurt had made for my birthday "cake" and it was a lovely way to spend a birthday. Kurt couldn't come sing because of Marina's heel spur operation. She is laid up for the next couple of months. I've been by to visit once but my own health has been sucky.

And speaking of that. I'm on my fifth course of antibiotics - two weeks of Clarithromycin this time. The last course of Clarithromycin was vey hard on my body. Looking at the side effects I see that headache is among them. Here was I blaming my fairly constant headache on the swelling from the sinus stuff. Hmm. So I have experience most of the minor side effects mentioned. Also a great lack of energy, which again, I was blaming on the sinuses rather than the antibiotic. Hmm.

I was supposed to go to Portland this weekend for a F2F gathering of some of my Aphrodite friends. We have been on a mailing list together since 1992 and the West Coasters decided to get together. But I really just couldn't imagine taking these sinuses on a plane. And I don't have the energy for a gathering really. I missed work yesterday and today. But I was going to see my friend Sia who moved to Portland a couple years ago and I'm really bummed. OTOH, now I have a credit with Southwest for the price of a trip to Portland that has to be taken sometime this year. So I am definitely going up there sometime! Maybe I'll hit the Gard gather there this summer.
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Okay, so on the radio this morning they mention it is Rowan Atkinson's birthday. I'm cool with that, better than my old birthday buddy Richard Nixon. But, but then they said HE IS A YEAR YOUNGER THAN ME!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I mean, really, how can Mr. Bean be a year younger than me? I think I'm cancelling my birthday this year.

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