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Since Lj isn't gatewaying tweets anymore, I just need to share this video. My former bellydance troupe did an amazing Descent of Inanna at Tribal Fest last year and it is finally up on Youtube.

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I haven't had much to write about lately - I've been lying around moaning about how yucky I feel. I have missed parties and work and bellydancing and even Second Life events that I just couldn't concentrate on a computer to do. *sigh*

Today I was planning on going to work, but just couldn't get out of bed despite my strategy of getting up at 5am (my alarm) and taking meds and going back to bed until 5:45 (Russell's alarm) to give them time to work. I slept in until about 10am when E&R came by to pick up some stuff. Then I slept some more. When I woke up I finally felt like I have a brain again. Wow.

I did manage to briefly go by [ profile] elimloth's regatta inworld. But I was too sick to stay. He built some beautiful boats and lots of folks turned out though.

In bellydancing news, House of Inanna is December in the Big Beautiful Belly Dancer Wall Calendar available at Cafe Press. Not that I use paper calendars, but it is a bit of fun. Perhaps my relations need them, eh?

I think I'll try and do some actual work now. It is nice to have a brain.
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As promised, here is on of the pictures Russell took of House of Innana at Rakassah. My troupe sister Stacy posted some in her Tribe gallery. I think hers were by the official photographer. I like Russell's better. *grin*.

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Here it is Tuesday already. My shoulder pain is, I think, finally beginning to subside. *sigh* It has been a hard week and a half. Kurt gave me a ride again this morning because holding a steering wheel is one of the hard things on my shoulder.

Our set at Rakkasah went off just as planned. I don't know if the audience twigged to the fact that we danced to five different versions of Miserlou or not *grin* I bought yet another red and black Gypsy skirt but didn't do a lot of shopping. I watched some good dancers, enjoyed our troupe. It was such a blessing to leave the venue and go change at Amy's place. Just being out of the craziness for an hour was nice. I enjoy the festival but the noise level and the frenzy are wearing, esp. when one is under the weather. Russell took pictures, so hopefully I'll be able to post something later.

Monday I worked hard and then went home, took meds and fell over. I woke up and spent a little time inworld but mostly just touring. I have finding a lot of interesting sacred spaces. There is a temple sponsored by Free Tibet that offers free thangkas and meditation supplies. It is interesting that there are replicas of various places like the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris and then there are working sacred spaces that are actually meant to be used by devotees of whatever faith. There is an site where a guy is making sacred spaces but it is just an architectural exercise rather than a holy one. He has Notre Dame, a mosque, a kiva, a Hindu temple, a synagogue and a Buddhist temple so far. I had an interesting conversation with him but I admit to being slightly baffled by the impulse to build holy places that you don't expect to be used. I did get his calling card though as a potential person to help with building interfaith sacred space if the competition decides to go that way.

Duquette is working on taking down the fireplace. Yay! Our livingroom will feel bigger and that awful fieldstone facade more suited to a Ramada Inn than a 1901 home will be gone! Of course the big tv set takes up a fair bit and is hardly period. *laugh* But it will be different anyway.

I didn't manage to go to any of the candlelight vigils last night, obviously, but I would like to post the interfaith Universal Declaration on Non-Violence here as a statement of solidarity with those who managed to protest the Iraq war.
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I left my thumb drive at home these last few days and since that is where my Lj actually resides, I haven't updated in a few days. Hey, at least it is a new excuse!

Saturday we had a 9am rehearsal of House of Innana. Our set for Rakkasah is coming together. I see I haven't mentioned that we are finally doing the all Miserlou set we've been talking about for awhile. Five different versions from Middle Eastern to Spanish to Klezmer to Surf to Jazz. We have more, of course, but these are the one's we've strung together. It will be interesting to see how the audience reacts. *grin* Our slot is on the cabaret stage at like 5:45 on Sunday. I don't know how many people will be around... I certainly don't usually stay that late on Sunday at Rakkasah!

In the evening I joined Stephanie, Patti, Kurt & Marina at Writer's with Drinks. Stephanie has been trying to get me there for a couple of years and I finally made it. We went to dinner at the Bahia Seafood restaurant down the block and had really amazing food. I ordered a salad with crab & shrimp but the crab was spiced and Kurt kindly traded me his salad with scallops which was lovely. The bread was a wonderful crusty toast smeared with black beans and drizzled with a chili sour cream. Oh my. And for desert the table shared one of each - flan, tres leches and sweet empanadas. We all agreed that whilst they were all good next time everyone would order their own empanadas and not share them. *laugh* So much for my diet.

The line up for WWD was a poet who isn't on the website, Polly Frost (Deep Inside, Sex Scenes) who had a cast of folks read from her sex soap opera which was great fun. Diana Paxson (The Chronicles of Westria) read a scene from the latest Westria book. Rob Brezsny (Free Will Astrology, Pronoia) got us all admitting we were geniuses and was his usual funny self. Marga Gomez (Los Big Names, The 12 Days of Cochina) and T. Cooper (Lipshitz Six, Or Two Angry Blondes) had some interesting moments as I faded in and out of dozing but I can't really characterize them. It was interesting but the venue has a severe shortage of seats and it starts at 8pm. Not Rowan-friendly. If I had driven myself I'd've been in real trouble but luckily Kurt got me home safely and I fell straight asleep upon arrival.

Sunday I headed to Kurt's early before the NCLC meeting so I could get inworld to the Spring Fete on Port Luskan and get to the talk at the science fiction library by Steve Miller and Sharon Lee, authors of the Liaden Universe novels. But the grid was acting up badly and I made a few minutes of the former and gave up on the latter.

The NCLC meeting was long and contentious. This is not the best year for being a CoG officer but I think Kurt & I have risen to our First Officerhood with grace and dedication. I am very, very upset at the National Membership Officer and if there were impeachment proceedings available I would initiate them. I am not looking forward to Merrymeet. However, since the meeting was at Kurt & Marina's house there was a hot tub to jump into after the meeting and we had a nice visit with Don & Michelle in the tub. Don talked to us about doing the next Interfaith Design Competition in the lead up to the Parliament in 2009. We talked about whether creating some of the winning entries in Second Life so people could walk through them would be a meaningful thing. It is an interesting idea and I'm going to go touring various stupas and cathedrals and synagogues inworld and see what kinds of sacred spaces having been created to show examples. How cool would it be to do this!?

Monday was work (I'm still swamped) and more rehearsing for Rakkasah. Tuesday was work and a focus group in the evening which was pitching a very Novica-like web product and paid me $100 which I can use. And here I am, back at work. *sigh* I am very tired of deadlines and crunches. And I pulled my shoulder yesterday and it hurts someting fierce (despite the meds I've taken). It is not shaping up to be a great week.
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I am really busy at work and I've been away alot, so I'm very behind on journaling. Let's see... last Thursday I decided against going to the workshop I had planned to attend because I was just feeling too crazy. I lay around and hung out in Second Life. Friday Russell and I headed off to Harbin for a HAI workshop on Sex, Love & Intimacy. We caught a couple of caches in Napa on the way up (and DNF'd two). We spent the weekend in workshop space and, although it was very basic for us, had a good experience and were quite impressed by the facilitator's skill. We got home quite late on Sunday night. A weekend of sitting on the floor (with backjack or not) and sleeping on a futon has my back unhappy with me. I only dance a bit on Monday night before heading to bed with meds. This morning things aren't quite as bad but no fast moves for me today. *sigh* Our costume pieces came for our elemental dance at Tribal Fest. I really like the skirts we got... they just happen to come in elemental colors. You can see them at Mine is the green one. [ profile] saffronrose has the saffron colored one... and the flower panels really are roses which I hadn't quite realized so that is very cool.

There was a note in the current Ancestry newsletter about a pennypostcard site. I enjoyed the Penny postcards from Santa Clara County, CA, esp. the pictures from 1906 and the historic pix of downtown San Jose. I wish they had dates and/or commentary!

We're coming up on the Season of Nonviolence. Here is a link I want to remember as I swing into mindfulness: 64 Ways in 64 Days: Daily Commitments to Live By. I miss the yahoo list that used to send them to me daily.

my weekend

Jan. 16th, 2007 02:11 pm
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Saturday morning I headed out to the post office and picked up a package which turned out to be my birthday present from my mother and another volume of her journal. I stand in awe of her constancy. She has kept a journal since high school and I'm not even sure how many volumes we're up to at this point (I don't have the book with me, it undoubtably says *grin*). The lastest volume is 2001-2004. From there I headed to Fry's and found they didnt' open until 9am. Bah. At 9am I was at the Geocaching Fifty is Nifty birthday event for Marky and all the other January birthday folks. There was a really nice turn out and I had some great chats with fellow cachers and picked up a couple of travel bugs. I left early, hit Fry's for a 2gig SD card for my flash recorder and headed off to the Gard gathering. It was just as well attended as the geocaching breakfast and I had some great schmoozing there too. I got home in the early evening and had a quiet evening. I probably went into SL and spent too much time working on the land. I'm trying to learn how to build waterfalls. I can't say I'm taking to it particularly.

Sunday I read and took myself out to lunch (and fell off my diet and regretted it mightily). Petra and I got the music finished for Rakkasah (well, except that since last night I have a couple more edits to do... as always happens!) I went to a gallery opening in Second Life. The art of Kris Shanks is being showcased in a gallery Caledon VictoriaCity sponsored by the library branch there. It was very well attended and quite laggy so I was soon back at my waterfall wrestling. Russell got home and we hung out some and went to sleep.

Monday [ profile] mr_kurt & I found a couple of caches at lunch. Yay! My caching is soooo far behind my previous cache-a-day goal! I stand at 656 finds. Monday night we blocked out some ideas for Rakassah and chose costumes. This will be my first time dancing at Rakassah. I never really thought I'd be dancing out again after becoming disabled so this is portentious in a way that may not seem obvious from outside my skin. A hafla here or there just isn't the same at dancing at a big festival. Eeep!

1/12 - a carabiner with a pocket knife in it from Brigid
1/13 - a relief carving of a lighthouse by/from my Mum
1/14 - a puzzle from one of my siblings (no card and I've forgotten whose box it came in) of a bridge from a photograph probably taken by the person who sent it. I'm so bad!

And that is the end of my presents. A whole month's worth! Well, I got another very special one in the mail yesterday, but I won't need a note to remind me of what that is. Now I just need to write some thank you notes!
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Friday I spent out caching with a guy named Shadow. We went up to Fremont and got about 11 and 8 caches respectively (he'd cached up there before and I hadn't). We plan to do it again next Friday if the weather continues fair. I admit I have mixed feeling on the topic... we're very far behind rainfall for the year and may be facing a drought if we don't get some rain. Friday night Owl Moon used our circle to invoke rain.

Saturday, of course, was my birthday. I had a lot of fun. In the morning I went into Second Life and did WorldQuest, which was a game sponsored by a new art gallery opening. The first prize (which I won!) was L$2,500 (about US$10) and five pieces of art. It was a blast! And it took me to parts of the world I definitely plan to visit again - Scotland and New Paris, esp. Then Russell and I went to see the CIA movie, The Good Shepherd which was good but kind of depressing. I am *so* glad I don't live like that. Actually, I think that about movies I see fairly often. *grin* Russell and Kurt took me out to dinner at a local sushi place, Kubota, and we have an excellent meal and a wonderful night together.

Sunday Russell and I decided to try to see The Queen. We had seen that it was sold out the other times we'd been to the theater so we went early and got our tickets and then went to luck at the Rock Bottom Brewery. Despite getting in line in about the middle of the pack, we didn't get seats! Bah humbug. Onto the netflix list it goes. I'm not going through *that* again!

Monday we started planning our costumes for Rakkasah and Tribal Fest. We have been working on music for Tribal Fest and we knew what we'd do if we got into Rakkasah... I foresee much rehearsing in my future. *grin*

Today in Second Life I did my first "Getting Your Avatar Together" tour. I had three attendees, all at least 15 minutes late. One gal couldn't get her browser to stablize and left. We lost another after the first location and then SL went down repeatedly (I had to relog 4 times in 10 minutes) and the final tourist and I gave up. *sigh* I know that it wasn't anything I did or could have done different... but I feel like a failure. I spent soooo much time preparing for the tour and I hope I'll get a chance to help folks. I hope tomorrow's goes better. We're starting after the sceduled downtime and new software release... so I'm not actually really hopeful.

1/6 - chowder from [ profile] saffronrose and an Order of the Phoenix necklace from Russell and a seahorse necklace made by Kurt's Mom.
1/7 - a necklace from Russell's sister, Holly.
1/8 - a needlepoint pillow with two owls by Brigid
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One of the women I dance with went to a Goth dance show last week and passed along some galleries and such of dancers and dances. I thought the video of Unmata's Controversial Fire Performance / Shadow Dance was pretty cool. I'm not sure about the jump rope sequence at the end as dance... but very fun anyway. I love the beginning correography and the fire whip that shows up after about minute eight. Fun show!
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Saturday morning I awoke to torrential rain. It hadn't slept at all well... it took me until 1am to figure out I should unplug the refrigerator in my room. And hotel was between two very busy highways. So I packed and got ready to head off to the breakfast. By the time I actually left the hotel it was down to a sprinkle. I was the fourth to arrive at the Veranda Cafe in Tres Pinos which turned out to have a wonderful bakery. I had an omelet and a cranberry scone for breakfast whilst meeting all sorts of South County cachers (and seeing a few I know from up my way), about 25 people in all. The day looked like it might clear but the paths were going to be incredibly muddy and I decided to give the hike a miss and just do some San Benito County caches. A fellow called FlyDog said that was his plan and I suggested we team up. I got fourteen caches and he got twelve (having been that way before) and we had a great time. I dropped him back at the Veranda about 12:30 and saw they had their smoker going and went in and had a tri tip BBQ sandwich and bought some cookies to take home. Yum!

I wended my way back home via three more caches in Gilroy and go home about 4pm. Erika and Russell arrived soon after and we all took a nap and then went to [ profile] mr_kurt and [ profile] saffronrose's place for a gourmet dinner prepared by [ profile] mr_kurt. It is to yum! Russell and Erika took off for a party and I hung out in the hot tub with K&M and Margaret and Erich who came by around 8pm. About 10pm I headed home and keeled over.

Sunday Russell and Erika and I headed to Rakkasah. We watched some dancing, ate some mediterranean food and shopped. I got a burgundy and green Gypsy skirt and Erika bought some beautiful transluscent purple Isis wings. We couldn't stay late because Erika had to drive back to Santa Barbara and they wanted to go caching with me. We hit two caches on the waterfront dedicated to those who worked in the shipyards in WWII. The day had turned sunny and beautiful and the Bay views were lovely. We got Erika home and on the road not too long thereafter. Petra was setting up for her 4:30 yoga class and I went out and bent my body along with the rest. Ow. It is been a few months since our last class and it shows. Chris & Petra came in after class so she could nurse Sophie and we sat around and visited. Russell and I had sausages and corn for dinner and I really should have gone out to shop for Tuesday dinner but I was just too tired and keeled over again. I almost have my energy back from being sick, but not quite. *sigh*

Monday at lunch Kurt & I did the dinner shopping and went by a park to get my 300th cache! I ordered myself a milestone coin. I am such a geek. But I'm really jazzed at having 300 finds in the 176 days since October 2, 2005. And Coin Quest II has started and I'm madly figuring out caches that meet the requirements for this quest. Bwahaha! I shall find the Mad Hermit's treasure! Oh, and speaking of milestones - I got a Where's George hit in Wyoming meaning I only need Delaware and Kentucky for 50 state bingo! Go me.

At dancing we worked on our leading/following and on the choreography for the songs we're doing with Fontaine on the 13th. She is doing a benefit for Code Pink. It should be fun.
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Life flies along at its usual breakneck pace.

Saturday I went to Concord for the Umbanda House At Home to help plan House Anniversary later this month. Had an interesting chat with Bruce about the Tinker Ogum he has been talking to. His is a Pygmy, mine may well be a Gypsy. I had had a flash of that and Herself came through and said as much whilst we were talking about it. I said I had been looking for an African path. She just glared at me and said I never listen to her except through the cards. I've been listening! I haven't heard a thing. Well, except the usual murmer of commentary on my life and what I'm up to and "why don't I buy that for her?". *laugh*

After that I headed over to Berkeley and had dinner with Don & Anna at a Bistro they like up in the gourmet ghetto. We've been there once before but I forget the name. We didn't spend the whole time talking business. I mentioned my plan to start an interfaith podcast and Don had ideas about local folks I could network with. This whole podcast thing is spiraling... I think the universe approves. In telling Don & Anna, I remembered I had meant to mention an interview with Elana Rozenman of Jeruselum (who is one of the URI folks we know) on a podcast on women making a difference to the rest of the URI. So I mentioned on the uri-contacts list Monday that I have been researching podcasting...and so now I'm signed up to talk about podcasting at the NAIN-URI conference this weekend.

And speaking of being signed up for things! I got home last night and found out Don & I are planning the opening ritual for this meeting. It had been designated for the Native Americans and Earth Religionists and none of the NA's showed up! Luckily we were taking the Waters of the World anyway and we will have Rachael and [ profile] witchabroad and one local Pagan woman for help.

Okay, back to my narrative of my weekend! Sunday Gremlin had arranged a Where's George mini-gather in Santa Cruz for Pam from Corvalis who was visiting the area with her two daughters. I went down and joined them and one other Georger in lunch at Kianti Pizza & Pasta Restaurant, shopping at Logos followed by ice cream at Marianne's. A quintessential Santa Cruz experience. *laugh* I came back over the hill (bearing ice cream) and had dinner with [ profile] mr_kurt and family by the pool. This summer has reallly been hot enough to appreciate a pool! (Though I'm a wimp and prefer the hot tub.)

Monday was the usual busy day at work followed by a nice bellydance session with Petra & Stacey. We danced to songs from Fontain's MUSE as Petra wants us to do troupe stuff with them esp. as her pregnancy advances. She isn't sure what her energy level will be like when she gets close to term.

Tuesday we had a patent meeting at work which is always a nice culmination of the work I do. Tuesday night I hung out for hours whilst the movers figured out (very slowly) how to take the wardrobe apart. It is gone and over at Kurt & Marina's now. The mover was nice, someone Marina found on Craig's list. He does fine furniture moving and also demolition clean up. I think I'll save his card.

And now I need to go off and do a fasting blood draw for my annual physical. Oh joy. Sometimes I wish I had nice tough, easily pierced veins. But no, I have slippery, invisible veins in my arms and they have to use the backs of my hands. And there are a *lot* of tests on this lab sheet. I bet the phlebotomist won't be happy to see me.

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