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Russell and I had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend in the City. We didn't have a traditional Thanksgiving feast. I spent the day playing WoW with Song and Russell went to see Interstellar. Then I made nikomaki for dinner (think sliced beef wrapped around green onion stalks under the broiler). It was yummy. I'm kinda missing the whole turkey thing though.

Friday we headed on up to the Prescott Hotel which is about a block and a half east of Union Square. We checked in and wandered around the square checking out all the crazy people camping out at 3pm for the 6pm tree lighting ceremony. I've come up for it for years but I could tell this wouldn't be my scene - between the campers and the "reserved VIP" area - it was just too much of a crush. The decoration in the Westin was new this year and I took lots of bad cell phone pix of individual snowmen on the confection. There was a beach bum snowman that just cracked me up. We stopped in the bar there. I didn't do any shopping on Black Friday but I admit - I had a cocktail and later ate a tuna salad at a diner.

Russell went back to the tree lighting and evidently just missed a huge group of protesters. I wish I'd known about the protest (about the Ferguson GJ decision), I'd've looked for them and joined. The media is, of course, mostly reporting on some vandalism. Srsly, a guy with a sledge hammer hits a jewelry store window... think he really came downtown for a peaceful protest? *sigh*

Saturday we headed off to the Dickens Fair. We got there about 10:30 and they were just opening (half an hour late). No idea what was up with that! The Fair was mad crowded but we waded in and headed for Mad Sal's to hear the singing and then wandered a bit before the sing along see shanties at Paddy Wests and then I got my hair braided and we ate lunch (lamb lollipops ftw) and by then it was four hours later and we decided to head back to the hotel to rest a bit before dinner.

We had dinner at Bitters, Bock & Rye with Chris & Tracey and Tina. Tina's friend, Fuego, had to back out due to illness. We were looking forward to meeting him. The food was good and I drank Rowan's Creek Bourbon. I really would like to have a bottle of that. LOL They had "Rowan's Creek" and "Russell's Choice" bourbons on the menu which I thought was pretty funny. The BBQ was good and the conversation was better. Sometimes being in the South Bay far from the City and the East Bay doings feels harder than others.

Sunday we had tickets to the Cirque du Soleil traveling show, Kurios. Very typical traveling show - acrobats, aerialists, contortionists, great music and crazy clowns. We got there kinda early since check-out from the hotel was noon so we had about a 15 min queue after I got the tickets from will call. But our queue mates were hilarious and we had a fun conversation for the whole 15. Grin and also yay! Russell bought me a Cirque t-shirt for Yule (is it Yule yet?) and we enjoyed the show. Got home about 5pm... a very long, full and loving weekend.

And just by the bye, it has been thirty years this weekend since we moved into our home in San Jose. I really love all the work that we have put into it. I know I whinge about moving (and eventually I would like to) but this house is a home and a lovely one at that.

Date: 2014-12-01 04:25 pm (UTC)
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Glad you had a great Thanksgiving and mine was WoW intensive as well :) I am grooving on the Garrison

Date: 2014-12-02 04:27 am (UTC)
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I'm loving the garrisons -- but my internet at home has been very flaky and I haven't been able to play seriously. And then the one time I tried with the hotel internet there was another DDOS against Blizz. Very frustrating!! Also I had planned on a Horde main this expansion but I just can't stand the ice and snow so my Belf Paladin & Troll Hunter are languishing at 92. So I have no idea who to be. I have a 95 Human Paladin and a 94 Draenei Hunter and my Pandaria main, is an about to ding 93 Holy Priest. I am carefully not dinging so she can queue at 92 for a dungeon... but then my internet started dropping packets again and I am NOT healing dungeons with that much lag. :( (And yes, about a dozen of my 22 90s are in Draenor. I is altoholic.)
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