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I pretty much had a terrible week. Tuesday night Russell and I had planned to go to the movie, which we actually did ("Finding Vivian Maier" and it was a good film) but I was having auras and suspected a migraine was on the way. It was. So I spent all of Wednesday in the throes of pain, blurred, double vision and nausea. Oh joy. Now it is Friday and I am still aftermathy. Bah. My sister was diagnosed with migraines in like 2004 and they hit me regularly starting in like 2006. So even though it feels like a new thing, I guess it is almost a decade. At least they don't seem to hit very often. And I did have a handful of migraines in my earlier life. But mostly I was one of those "I never get headaches" people. Wouldn't mind being able to say that again!!

Anyway, today I was super low energy and kinda mono-maniacal. In World of Warcraft there is an achievement called "Raiding with Leashes" where you get various pets from classic dungeons. The last one I needed was from the Viscidus boss in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. I can easily solo the first half dozen bosses in AQ, but not Viscidus and I get stuck at Twin Emperors because you really need someone to take each Emperor. Viscidus is hard because he is a slime boss that can only be killed by freezing and the two classes I mostly play - hunters and paladins - have no sufficiently frosty attacks (traps don't work on bosses). So after proving to myself that, yes, Viscidus still requires frost to kill... I went looking for a hunter pet with a frost attack. I have five max level hunters, four of whom now have Chimaera pets (two of them the rare purple Chimaera). I ran AQ on all four of them and FINALLY the stupid pet dropped. Otherwise I'd be learning a Chimaera on #5 and running them all again in four days when the lock-out expires. I know this is a crazy thing to be so over the moon about, but dammit I have been working on this achieve for MONTHS if not over a year. On to Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition which collects pets from BC dungeons (and I have 3 of 10).

Also this week I finally finished Beasts of Fable. So I may not have a job or a brain or whatever. But I am a mad pet battler in WoW. At least on the days I could actually stand the light of a computer. During the migraine light wasn't in my repertoire. *sigh*
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