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A friend pointed out I hadn't posted to Lj since November. I have written a couple of unposted entries for my own ranting purposes but decided not to share them. I admit it is partly facebook. I feel like the bar for a FB post is much lower than an Lj post so it is easier to pop off a sentence or two rather than making a thoughtful post. Another part is being unemployed and often feeling disabled. There isn't a lot to report.... and I don't want to whine.

I have been doing some interesting things. Since December I've been volunteering at Abilities United in Palo Alto one day a week. I'm helping organize their 30K+ photo collection using Lightroom. I'm not madly crazy about Lightroom but that was their choice and someone else had done a lot of work adding things to it before my tenure. It is nice to have one "professional" thing going beyond Adocentyn.

I'm working with Pat Fish on the phoenix tattoo on my back that I have dreamed of for 15 years. It is coming along. Another session in a couple of weeks. Probably 4 sessions to finish it. It turned out to be an owl-based phoenix which makes me wildly happy whilst also making it harder to envision how to proceed with the design. The face is a great horned owl but the body/tail is more firebird-like.

I'm back in Second Life a bit. Went to a few library things and got introduced to KittyCats breedable cats. I don't know how long I'll have SL kitties, but I'm enjoying it. Flickr is still madly broken and won't share to Lj. I hate their new look and their diminished functionality. But there are kitty pictures there.
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