May. 31st, 2015

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Wow, I see I haven't posted in ages. I did write a post back in April when I went to San Antonio to help my parents celebrate their 65th anniversary... I just never posted it (I keep my Lj in a flat text file so I know I wrote it ;) I had a great time and met most of the great-grand nieces and nephews.

Life goes on with quite a bit of pain from the hip. They took x-rays and suggested hip replacement. I admit that as a first plan of attack that seems overkill. OTOH, it is interfering with walking and sleeping and sex and life in general. I will see the orthopedic guys in July (yeah, long wait). But with WorldCon in August and the Parliament of the World's Religions in October I don't know when I'd have three months off for surgery in the near term anyway. Leo is helping with extra massage and Bowen treatments and I'm getting by. And I did manage to make a trip with Russell up to Yosemite in early May although I couldn't really walk at all. And it rained/snowed so the open air tram tour we had scheduled was in a closed bus. But we took the convertible and it was fun anyway.

In the meantime, I got on here to write about this weekend. Saturday, Russell and I finally got to the San Jose Greek Festival. I say I'll go every year but never do. Got to eat roast lamb, listen to Greek music and watch people dance... and spend too much money on amazing jewelry. There was an artist there who had made a pendant in bronze of Our Lady of the Beasts with a cat and an owl as her beasts. It is really amazing.

Sunday Russell drove us up to the City to see a play called Cable Car Nymphomaniac, which was really quite fun. I miss live theatre now that the Rep has gone so far downhill and I let my season tickets lapse. And driving up to Theatre Rhino in SF as I used to do is just too far. This production reminded me of something that Rhino would do.

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