Jan. 12th, 2015

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I didn't want to leave my down post as the most recent but, as usual, getting something written is being hard. I actually had a wonderful New Year's Eve party. Small but with some of my very best friends. And AMAZING food. My moussaka was wonderful as was the saffron seafood lasagna and the lamb roast. The whole holiday feast was amazing.

I had a good visit with my doctor, taking him much documentation. He is dealing with the insurance company. *fingers crossed*

My birthday came and went. I had two dinners out - one at Mayuri with Russell where I had lamb pasanda and cauliflower pakoras and one at Nemea with Kurt where I had calamari and a lamb shank with spinach. Both meals were fabulous and the company first rate as always.

I have been spending crazy amounts of time playing WoW trying to get the anniversary pet, Hatespark the Tiny. After an insane number of runs through Molten Core, I finally did get one. *flails* But I felt like a total nerd queuing and running repeatedly. I think Blizz was reminding us how very bad 40 person raids are. Srsly. I'm convinced!

There is a lot of interfaith stuff coming up. I'm doing a panel on Nonviolence in World Faiths next Saturday. Not looking forward to saying my piece amongst a bunch of scriptural types. But I do think it is important that Paganfolk be represented. Then World Interfaith Harmony Week is the week before PantheaCon. We're planning a special Compassion Games segment for the week. Not sure how much I'll work with that, P'Con after all! I laugh at the Valentines decorations in the stores already, but I am equally forward looking because... P'Con!

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